Dealing With Pain

Pain is a sign that something is out of balance in our lives.  Mostly this imbalance is something we created, such as holding on to unmet expectations in a relationship, feelings of rejection, betrayal, depression, guilt and shame.   Sometimes our life is out of balance due to circumstances outside of our control, such as a death in the family, loss of employment, fire, flood, or accident.

Whatever the source of the pain, it can be healed.  In order to be healed we have to release our hold on the pain.  Our Master has taught that the only true “sin” on the spiritual path is keeping unpleasant, painful emotions constantly alive in our mind and in our hearts.

Who do you believe is the cause of your troubles? 

  1. Our experiences and the thoughts we create around those experiences are the ultimate cause of our pain.
  2. There is a power in the Universe greater than we are.
  3. That power is within us, as us, and arises from our connection to Life.

The source of all life is Great Spirit.  It is our access to the Great Mind of Life that allows us to create.  This Source, however, only exists.  It is neither good nor bad.  Great Mind has no attachments so we can use that Power any way we want to.  The wise person aligns the inner self with the Light and makes choices to create love, joy, and peace.

Holding onto thoughts when we do not need those thoughts creates burdens and confusion.  But with time and true effort we can jerk our mind away from it’s pain focus back onto the paths that lead to Spirit’s Compassionate and Healing Hear

prayer-on-my-knees4 Great Spirit, I am very good at being confused and in pain.

I have lots of desires
and lots of thoughts
and lots of plans-
And I get very upset when they
do not turn out the way I wanted them too.

I know it would be good
if I just worked on one thing at a time.
If I could manifest what was
most important and let the rest go.

Great Spirit, I want to release to you
my pain and confusion,
my inability to get everything to turn out
the way I intended.

Today help me to start down the road
of true healing.

Help me to forgive myself
for what I did not know.
Teach me how to give and receive
love with an open heart.
And most importantly, Beloved,
give me the courage to heal!


“You are not your problems.”

It truly seems that no matter what else is changed, or eliminated from our consciousness, we always have an unending supply of problems.  Our problems may be small, if we compare them to others, but they never seem minuscule to us when we are dealing with them.

We are trained to think we can solve all of the problems life has to offer and we feel guilty if we don’t manage this.  All of the challenges and dilemmas of life, however, do not have a quick fix.  Many times we must learn to live with them, work around them, and do the best we can each day.

When we suffer confusion we lose acceptance, we become worried, fearful, and unhappy.  The first step to rid ourselves of this burden is to remember who we really are. “I am a beloved child of Great Spirit.”

The second step is faith; it is knowing that we can be guided: “I accept Divine Guidance in all life’s difficulties.”

The third step is awareness.  This is looking at, and deciding for the spirit truths of love, joy and peace-   “I allow myself to choose joy, love, peace, right now, this hour, this day, this minute.”

“We are not a Spiritual Masters because we have no problems we become a Master because problems are no longer an obstacle.”


Great Spirit, help me to accept
what I cannot change.
Give me your guidance that I may
change what I can.

Today I will remember
that all problems are temporary.
I will remember that You
are not testing or challenging me
to see if I am worthy of your Love.

I will remember that it is Your Love
that sustains me in times of
pain, sadness and anger.

Great Spirit, I promise
to let go of problem solving-
Just for today-
I will laugh more
smile more
and allow some time
to be wasted in play.

Just for today I give my problems
into your hands, Great Spirit.
Thank you for helping me
until I am strong enough
to carry my burdens again.


Meditation is the process of teaching your mind to think what you want to think.

Meditation and contemplation are two energies that we must begin over and over.  It is impossible to arrive at a place where we will no longer need to meditate.  It is even more impossible to become too enlightened to need contemplation.  There is always more to know.

The path of spirit is an endless journey into untold adventures, along often unexplored paths.

Thinking what you choose to think is the beginning of Enlightenment.
In beginning times there are two emotions: fear and enthusiasm.
Enthusiasm arises when we have an opportunity to do something
new and different.
Fear arises when we have the opportunity to do something
new and different.
Enthusiasm happens when we see the possibility of change.
Fear happens when we feel that nothings is ever going to really change..


I listen to the Voice of Spirit.
I know it is spirit’s voice because it echoes
with love, peace, and comfort.

My everyday mind is full of noise-
Full of voices from the past
who clamor for one thing or another.
Crowded with voices of the future
who demand attention
like unruly children crying for sweets.

In meditation I say to that intractable storm-
Peace, Be Still!

In that stillness, Beloved, you speak to me.
You teach me your will and your ways.
You make me a clear vessel for your Light.
You help me sing your song.

When I am still-
Peace is possible.
When I am still-
Love is true.
When I am still-
My heart is filled with Joy.

When I am Still-
When I am Still…


“Balance is a form of duality.”

Balance is often sought but seldom found. True balance comes from moving energy from one expression to another expression.

It’s important to remember that we can easily shift our emotions from joy to anger and then back to joy all within the span of a few minutes.  Balance is often discovered by moving from one extreme to the other until we see where the most effective express resides.

It is important to come to an understanding of what we really want, and need, not what we desire or feel is necessary in the moment.  The only thing worth creating is what is truly good and not just what feels good.

Agree, each day, to never think less of yourself.
Remember to act like Great Spirit’s beloved child, because you are.
Allow yourself to be open to the infinite possibilities of each day.
Balance is shifting energy- not making it stay in a stagnant position.


May I learn to become successful
in the manifestation of True Good.
May I practice being more loving, more kind,
more thoughtful and more generous.

May I remember
that the world holds delight
when I hold thoughts of love, joy and peace.
I allow balance to enter my life
without fear that I will
be disappointed in how that balance manifests.

I allow myself to reach for simplicity
and let go of the need to make my life
complex and difficult
so I know I exist.

I accept myself as I am in this now
because I know I have the power to change
and bring Balance into
this life now.

Finally, I give thanks to the Great Spirit
of All Life
for giving me the gift of change.
Balance is mine now.


Small children naturally practice awareness.  They pay attention to light, color, sound, textures, and taste.  They investigate every aspect of their environment.  They are curious about everything.  As we grow up we are taught to consider if a thing is desirable, worthwhile, or necessary.  Curiosity begins to have boundaries.  Life decisions become an avoidance of mistakes.  Awareness assumes a structure.  The Great Adventure of discovery begins to fade.

The path of spirit is a re-awakening of that Great Adventure.

Become like a small child in curiosity and awareness.

Reawaken the ability to see and hear everything.

Experience each physical movement and re-learn what it takes to walk, sit, or run.

Practice touching things, seeing things, and hearing the sounds of daily life.


May I remember that my body is a Temple.
May I be aware that every cell is filled
with light and radiance.
I am thankful for health, energy, and life.
May my mouth speak
only what brings comfort and healing.

I am aware of my thoughts
And I keep them focused on Compassion.
My legs walk only in the directions
that take me closer to Great Spirit.
My hands carry forth Spirit’s Work
as I serve those who are suffering and wounded.

May I become like a little child
eager to explore,
curious about everything
and open to experience what life brings
for me

Being The Light

Light is always stronger than the darkness.  Our inner darkness wins when we are too afraid to choose from rightness.  Dwelling on failures, anger, betrayal, and challenges creates negativity.  Recognizing these things can be helpful, but exaggerating them and constantly thinking about them is self-indulgent.  Seeing them as compost for the soul allows us to return to being light.

  • Being the light we smile
  • Being the light we laugh
  • Being the light we forgive
  • Being the light we comfort those in need

It is important to remember that duality is a physical reality. There is day and night, cold and hot, soft and hard, etc.  So no matter how dark, ugly, and awful the circumstances of life seems right now – light, beauty, and grace reside on the other side.  Of course to get there we know there is work that must be done in order to make the shift.  Sometimes it is hard, dangerous work that requires all of our courage, endurance, and strength.

BUT- Darkness cannot overcome the light. It can temporarily block it, but it cannot eliminate light. Even a small amount of light, even one candle, dispels the deepest dark.

“Darkness and negativity are never imposed upon you.”

yoga-sunriseGreat Spirit Within
Help me to see what I can do to change
some of the world’s darkness.
Give me the courage to take action
and the wisdom to clearly see
what action to take.

As the sun rises,
I bask in the light of my Holy Spirit Within.
In fullness, may my light bring comfort.
May my laughter lift up hearts.
May I do the work of Love
wherever there is need.

May I learn to appreciate
instead of fear my shadows
and the shadows of others.
For not all shadows are evil.
Help me see that beauty is enhanced
when the world is more than one color.

Today I will practice letting go of fear
And instead look for the blessings
in all of the people, places
and things within my life.


Peace does not come by withdrawing from the world.  It comes from an absolute willingness to become involved with our brothers and sisters.  Only when our heart is overflowing with love will we have peace.  No matter how many times the invisible world of spirit touches our lives with miracles we will forever feel empty until we allow our brothers and sisters to touch us as well.

  • Peace comes from caring
  • Peace comes from sharing
  • Peace comes from generosity
  • Peace comes from gratitude

It is easy to feel misunderstood, left out, alone, or overburdened.  The Masters and Saints have taught us a remedy for this very human experience.  The remedy is prayer.

Pain is a part of daily life.  Ask for help when you need it.  Give help when you are asked for it.  Open to love and you will be open to peace.

  • Peace is stillness
  • Peace is silence
  • Peace is resting
  • Peace is surrender

Bonsai Tree

Great Spirit- I surrender to your loving care.
Bring me grace that I may remember
to love others.
Help me act on my desires and passions
in an appropriate way so that
Love, Joy, and Peace
may be the result
of all that I think, say, and do.

Help me to rest in the arms of Life.
I release my strangle hold on control
so that the sacred circle of love
may bring my heart peace.

Teach me to hear the sounds of wind and rain,
the songs of water, trees, and snow.
May I hear the rustle of insects in the grass
the chatter of squirrels, birds and children.
Let my life be
a song of love
and a dance of peace.

In this moment I let go
of everything so I may dwell
in the eternal now.


An enlightened being is one who is eternally a student, eternally ready to begin again.  Such a one understands her ignorance and is willing to learn.

Enlightenment: The act of becoming; the art of knowing; the joy of being.

Being teachable is coming to the understanding that we do not know, and that there is a limit to all knowing.  It is understanding that listening and hearing are not necessarily the same as knowing.

“No one can be enlightened if they are not teachable.”  Mother Iowan

When we are enlightened we do not live in terror of making a mistake.  We understand that mistakes can, and probably will happen.  We know that if a mistake occurs it will be possible to discover the error and correct it.  It will be possible to learn wisdom from those blunders.

“A True Seeker seeks enlightenment.”


Great Spirit-help me to see myself as I truly am.
Assist me to see the goodness,
and inner truths of my being.
But help me, also, Great Spirit
to accept my limitations, my negativity,
my judgments, and my angers.
Bring me to a place where I can forgive
even as You are always willing to forgive.

In that place of eternal grace
I will be able to see
that all of my challenges, burdens, and faults
are just dust and imperfections
that can be wiped away, cleaned up,
and thrown out.

Help me clean the house of my soul
so I can allow more
of the true nature You have given me
to shine for all to see.


Most of the time we react to life.  We react to others, then we think about whether that was a good idea or not.  Reaction is not always wrong.  Sometimes we need to react.  But wisdom is thinking before the action takes place.  It is deciding after we know the answer instead of before we ask the question.

  •  Wisdom happens when joy, peace, and abundance are more important than fear, grief, anger, and pain.
  •  Wisdom means being filled with divine grace.
  •  Wisdom means conscious awareness of what you are thinking.
  •  Wisdom means deciding how to feel.

Forgive yourself errors and understand that you will probably make more mistakes.  This is the path of growth and change.

The Masters have told us that the secret to enlightenment is a playful, loving heart.  The child within each of us is in truth our guide to the fields of light.  When we heal our inner child of the disappointments, disillusionment, and the pain of unmet desires we can follow that child to the place of trust, innocence, and delighted wonder that is the home of all the Great Souls.


Divine Child Within where did you go?
Somehow I lost you
amid the rocky paths of life.
I miss your smile, your laughter,
and your magical heart.
Come and be with me now
as I sit in quiet wonder
admiring the forest and the joyous birds.

Awaken for me once more
The enchanted world
of fairy charm that used to linger
Within the iris patch
or behind the knotholes
in the contented trees of my youth.

Divine Child guide my weary thoughts
to the still, quiet places
where dreams are true.
May we discover together
the ancient, pristine wisdom
that allows heaven’s gate
to open into the loving embrace
of our Divine Mother.