Most of the time we react to life.  We react to others, then we think about whether that was a good idea or not.  Reaction is not always wrong.  Sometimes we need to react.  But wisdom is thinking before the action takes place.  It is deciding after we know the answer instead of before we ask the question.

  •  Wisdom happens when joy, peace, and abundance are more important than fear, grief, anger, and pain.
  •  Wisdom means being filled with divine grace.
  •  Wisdom means conscious awareness of what you are thinking.
  •  Wisdom means deciding how to feel.

Forgive yourself errors and understand that you will probably make more mistakes.  This is the path of growth and change.

The Masters have told us that the secret to enlightenment is a playful, loving heart.  The child within each of us is in truth our guide to the fields of light.  When we heal our inner child of the disappointments, disillusionment, and the pain of unmet desires we can follow that child to the place of trust, innocence, and delighted wonder that is the home of all the Great Souls.


Divine Child Within where did you go?
Somehow I lost you
amid the rocky paths of life.
I miss your smile, your laughter,
and your magical heart.
Come and be with me now
as I sit in quiet wonder
admiring the forest and the joyous birds.

Awaken for me once more
The enchanted world
of fairy charm that used to linger
Within the iris patch
or behind the knotholes
in the contented trees of my youth.

Divine Child guide my weary thoughts
to the still, quiet places
where dreams are true.
May we discover together
the ancient, pristine wisdom
that allows heaven’s gate
to open into the loving embrace
of our Divine Mother.

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