An enlightened being is one who is eternally a student, eternally ready to begin again.  Such a one understands her ignorance and is willing to learn.

Enlightenment: The act of becoming; the art of knowing; the joy of being.

Being teachable is coming to the understanding that we do not know, and that there is a limit to all knowing.  It is understanding that listening and hearing are not necessarily the same as knowing.

“No one can be enlightened if they are not teachable.”  Mother Iowan

When we are enlightened we do not live in terror of making a mistake.  We understand that mistakes can, and probably will happen.  We know that if a mistake occurs it will be possible to discover the error and correct it.  It will be possible to learn wisdom from those blunders.

“A True Seeker seeks enlightenment.”


Great Spirit-help me to see myself as I truly am.
Assist me to see the goodness,
and inner truths of my being.
But help me, also, Great Spirit
to accept my limitations, my negativity,
my judgments, and my angers.
Bring me to a place where I can forgive
even as You are always willing to forgive.

In that place of eternal grace
I will be able to see
that all of my challenges, burdens, and faults
are just dust and imperfections
that can be wiped away, cleaned up,
and thrown out.

Help me clean the house of my soul
so I can allow more
of the true nature You have given me
to shine for all to see.

1 thought on “Enlightenment

  1. Right on time…just like with the one before.
    Pleasure in knowing that the light and dark of my beingness is alright.
    I accept this in me more and more.

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