Peace does not come by withdrawing from the world.  It comes from an absolute willingness to become involved with our brothers and sisters.  Only when our heart is overflowing with love will we have peace.  No matter how many times the invisible world of spirit touches our lives with miracles we will forever feel empty until we allow our brothers and sisters to touch us as well.

  • Peace comes from caring
  • Peace comes from sharing
  • Peace comes from generosity
  • Peace comes from gratitude

It is easy to feel misunderstood, left out, alone, or overburdened.  The Masters and Saints have taught us a remedy for this very human experience.  The remedy is prayer.

Pain is a part of daily life.  Ask for help when you need it.  Give help when you are asked for it.  Open to love and you will be open to peace.

  • Peace is stillness
  • Peace is silence
  • Peace is resting
  • Peace is surrender

Bonsai Tree

Great Spirit- I surrender to your loving care.
Bring me grace that I may remember
to love others.
Help me act on my desires and passions
in an appropriate way so that
Love, Joy, and Peace
may be the result
of all that I think, say, and do.

Help me to rest in the arms of Life.
I release my strangle hold on control
so that the sacred circle of love
may bring my heart peace.

Teach me to hear the sounds of wind and rain,
the songs of water, trees, and snow.
May I hear the rustle of insects in the grass
the chatter of squirrels, birds and children.
Let my life be
a song of love
and a dance of peace.

In this moment I let go
of everything so I may dwell
in the eternal now.

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