Being The Light

Light is always stronger than the darkness.  Our inner darkness wins when we are too afraid to choose from rightness.  Dwelling on failures, anger, betrayal, and challenges creates negativity.  Recognizing these things can be helpful, but exaggerating them and constantly thinking about them is self-indulgent.  Seeing them as compost for the soul allows us to return to being light.

  • Being the light we smile
  • Being the light we laugh
  • Being the light we forgive
  • Being the light we comfort those in need

It is important to remember that duality is a physical reality. There is day and night, cold and hot, soft and hard, etc.  So no matter how dark, ugly, and awful the circumstances of life seems right now – light, beauty, and grace reside on the other side.  Of course to get there we know there is work that must be done in order to make the shift.  Sometimes it is hard, dangerous work that requires all of our courage, endurance, and strength.

BUT- Darkness cannot overcome the light. It can temporarily block it, but it cannot eliminate light. Even a small amount of light, even one candle, dispels the deepest dark.

“Darkness and negativity are never imposed upon you.”

yoga-sunriseGreat Spirit Within
Help me to see what I can do to change
some of the world’s darkness.
Give me the courage to take action
and the wisdom to clearly see
what action to take.

As the sun rises,
I bask in the light of my Holy Spirit Within.
In fullness, may my light bring comfort.
May my laughter lift up hearts.
May I do the work of Love
wherever there is need.

May I learn to appreciate
instead of fear my shadows
and the shadows of others.
For not all shadows are evil.
Help me see that beauty is enhanced
when the world is more than one color.

Today I will practice letting go of fear
And instead look for the blessings
in all of the people, places
and things within my life.

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