Small children naturally practice awareness.  They pay attention to light, color, sound, textures, and taste.  They investigate every aspect of their environment.  They are curious about everything.  As we grow up we are taught to consider if a thing is desirable, worthwhile, or necessary.  Curiosity begins to have boundaries.  Life decisions become an avoidance of mistakes.  Awareness assumes a structure.  The Great Adventure of discovery begins to fade.

The path of spirit is a re-awakening of that Great Adventure.

Become like a small child in curiosity and awareness.

Reawaken the ability to see and hear everything.

Experience each physical movement and re-learn what it takes to walk, sit, or run.

Practice touching things, seeing things, and hearing the sounds of daily life.


May I remember that my body is a Temple.
May I be aware that every cell is filled
with light and radiance.
I am thankful for health, energy, and life.
May my mouth speak
only what brings comfort and healing.

I am aware of my thoughts
And I keep them focused on Compassion.
My legs walk only in the directions
that take me closer to Great Spirit.
My hands carry forth Spirit’s Work
as I serve those who are suffering and wounded.

May I become like a little child
eager to explore,
curious about everything
and open to experience what life brings
for me

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