“Balance is a form of duality.”

Balance is often sought but seldom found. True balance comes from moving energy from one expression to another expression.

It’s important to remember that we can easily shift our emotions from joy to anger and then back to joy all within the span of a few minutes.  Balance is often discovered by moving from one extreme to the other until we see where the most effective express resides.

It is important to come to an understanding of what we really want, and need, not what we desire or feel is necessary in the moment.  The only thing worth creating is what is truly good and not just what feels good.

Agree, each day, to never think less of yourself.
Remember to act like Great Spirit’s beloved child, because you are.
Allow yourself to be open to the infinite possibilities of each day.
Balance is shifting energy- not making it stay in a stagnant position.


May I learn to become successful
in the manifestation of True Good.
May I practice being more loving, more kind,
more thoughtful and more generous.

May I remember
that the world holds delight
when I hold thoughts of love, joy and peace.
I allow balance to enter my life
without fear that I will
be disappointed in how that balance manifests.

I allow myself to reach for simplicity
and let go of the need to make my life
complex and difficult
so I know I exist.

I accept myself as I am in this now
because I know I have the power to change
and bring Balance into
this life now.

Finally, I give thanks to the Great Spirit
of All Life
for giving me the gift of change.
Balance is mine now.

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