Meditation is the process of teaching your mind to think what you want to think.

Meditation and contemplation are two energies that we must begin over and over.  It is impossible to arrive at a place where we will no longer need to meditate.  It is even more impossible to become too enlightened to need contemplation.  There is always more to know.

The path of spirit is an endless journey into untold adventures, along often unexplored paths.

Thinking what you choose to think is the beginning of Enlightenment.
In beginning times there are two emotions: fear and enthusiasm.
Enthusiasm arises when we have an opportunity to do something
new and different.
Fear arises when we have the opportunity to do something
new and different.
Enthusiasm happens when we see the possibility of change.
Fear happens when we feel that nothings is ever going to really change..


I listen to the Voice of Spirit.
I know it is spirit’s voice because it echoes
with love, peace, and comfort.

My everyday mind is full of noise-
Full of voices from the past
who clamor for one thing or another.
Crowded with voices of the future
who demand attention
like unruly children crying for sweets.

In meditation I say to that intractable storm-
Peace, Be Still!

In that stillness, Beloved, you speak to me.
You teach me your will and your ways.
You make me a clear vessel for your Light.
You help me sing your song.

When I am still-
Peace is possible.
When I am still-
Love is true.
When I am still-
My heart is filled with Joy.

When I am Still-
When I am Still…

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