“You are not your problems.”

It truly seems that no matter what else is changed, or eliminated from our consciousness, we always have an unending supply of problems.  Our problems may be small, if we compare them to others, but they never seem minuscule to us when we are dealing with them.

We are trained to think we can solve all of the problems life has to offer and we feel guilty if we don’t manage this.  All of the challenges and dilemmas of life, however, do not have a quick fix.  Many times we must learn to live with them, work around them, and do the best we can each day.

When we suffer confusion we lose acceptance, we become worried, fearful, and unhappy.  The first step to rid ourselves of this burden is to remember who we really are. “I am a beloved child of Great Spirit.”

The second step is faith; it is knowing that we can be guided: “I accept Divine Guidance in all life’s difficulties.”

The third step is awareness.  This is looking at, and deciding for the spirit truths of love, joy and peace-   “I allow myself to choose joy, love, peace, right now, this hour, this day, this minute.”

“We are not a Spiritual Masters because we have no problems we become a Master because problems are no longer an obstacle.”


Great Spirit, help me to accept
what I cannot change.
Give me your guidance that I may
change what I can.

Today I will remember
that all problems are temporary.
I will remember that You
are not testing or challenging me
to see if I am worthy of your Love.

I will remember that it is Your Love
that sustains me in times of
pain, sadness and anger.

Great Spirit, I promise
to let go of problem solving-
Just for today-
I will laugh more
smile more
and allow some time
to be wasted in play.

Just for today I give my problems
into your hands, Great Spirit.
Thank you for helping me
until I am strong enough
to carry my burdens again.

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