Karma or Grace?

The Law of Karma is the law of cause and effect.  Everything we do has an effect on everything else, even not doing has its consequences.

The Law of Spirit is forgiveness and Grace.  The Law of Grace means forgiving others and forgetting our pain and grievances even as Great Spirit forgives us- “I do not remember that you have ever offended me.”

Many times it seems easier to choose the Law of Karma rather than the Law of Grace.  When we are in pain, when it is clear that someone has facilitated putting us there, we want justice.  We want retribution.  We want to even the score.

The Law of Grace is forgiveness.  Forgiveness brings freedom to everyone involved.  Forgiveness recognized our pain, and allows for an expression of that pain in a non-harm and non-returnable form.  Forgiveness is taking back our ability to be happy from a damaging situation, or person.  Forgiveness is saying it doesn’t matter if the other apologizes or not, I am still okay.

Karma is created from attachments.

My Spiritual Master has shared that karma is present only when spirit is absent.  She has shared that when spirit is real– forgiveness is available.  She has told us that grace comes to those who accept the forgiveness of spirit and begin their life anew.

A worker of the light is one who lives consciously.  This means having a reason for what we do and knowing what that reason is before we take action.  In this way we will have little need for regrets and apologies.

The Sacred Hoop of life is happening all around us in the natural world.  In the human world, the Sacred Hoop often seems to be broken.  It is broken when we cling to thoughts of pain, betrayal, and anger.  It is broken when we think more of ourselves, and our needs than is strictly necessary for survival.  Freedom comes through detachment to the one thousand and one things.


Beloved, help me to forgive others.
Assist me to see that they
are striving to be comfortable, safe, and happy
just like me.

Today, Beloved Masters,
I ask your help in remembering the Rules of Spirit:
Prayer as the road.
Good deeds as the vehicle.
Meditation as the food.
Mantra as the conversation.
Your heart my destination.

When I remember the rules,
I easily cultivate an attitude of
faith, peace, trust, and confidence.

May I remember to let go of all my attitudes
that prevent the miracle
of my life from unfolding in grace.
May I remember that-
Nothing is impossible
of a beloved child
of Great Spirit.


“Thoughts are an illusion, but the earth and its beauty is not an illusion.”

 The secret to happiness, love, peace, and joy is our connection to Great Spirit’s Wisdom.  This is the space of divine creative energy.

When we think about the future we use memory and imagination. One example: “Because I had an unpleasant experience vacationing with my parents last summer, I will have to be especially on guard this year.  

“Memory and imagination equals a projection of the future.”

It is possible to have a different experience of current events by focusing on what is happening now, and who people are in this now.  When we experience life through our interpretation of events.  THIS IS ILLUSION!

Reality can be found in the natural world which expresses itself without need for human interpretation.  Fire burns, wind blows, water flows over the land – this is reality.  Earth magic becomes illusion when people decide natural events mean something-“the fire was sent by God to punish us.”

When we discover the core truth of our being, that we just are – like the sky, the song of birds, or the falling rain.  Then the core of truth of our divine nature love, joy, peace, abundance, or light can shine through in all we say and do.  We allow ourselves to become the beloved children of the Creator, not just a creature made for the pleasure of a deity somewhere.

“Look for reasons to be happy. Look for reasons to be loved and you will find them.”


Beloved Mother and Father Spirit
Even as the light of the sun changes the sky,
So it is that your light changes me.
May your great illumination
Free me from darkness, stress, and anger.
May I learn to see clearly my virtues
as well as my faults.
May I learn to fill myself with the warmth
of your Light.

Today I allow myself to forget my past.
I shall concentrate on creating a bright new future.
I am awakening from illusions.
May I learn to choose from love
And not from fear.

I allow myself to feel compassion towards myself.
May I then practice compassion toward all beings.
I open my heart and soul
To the strength and power of faith.
I invite healing light to illumine my mind,
My body and my life!


“If you are fearful you will become angry.”

There are two kinds of fear: authentic fear, and imaginary fear.  Authentic fear means something is happening to arouse an instinctual reaction. This could be seeing a poisonous snake, being attacked by a bear, or falling into an icy river. These fears call for a reaction, a decision, and an engagement.

The most common fear, for most of us, is the fear of the unknown or imaginary fear. With this fear we project imaginings into a possible future and react as though what we have imagined is the reality that will actually happen.

It seems to be a part of our consciousness to be afraid.  If we are not afraid because we don’t have something, then we are afraid because we do have something.
I’m afraid I won’t have enough money for___!
I’m afraid of having too much time on my hands!

We are fearful of the future. We are fearful of the past. We fear what we don’t know. We fear what we do know.

For a worker of the light, true freedom comes when we let go of anything we cannot immediately change.  We refuse to think of a thing if all we can do is worry.  We replace fear thoughts with creative thoughts, with grateful thoughts, with generous thoughts.  We do what we can in the moment and let Great Spirit take care of the rest.

“Fear teaches wisdom.”

Fear allows us to remain safe, healthy, and whole in a sometimes dangerous world.  Of course, we know that too much fear is bad for us, but, since it is also a tool, let us examine fear’s role in our lives by asking it a few questions.

  • Is this fear helping me or harming me?
  • What lesson does this fear have for me?
  • Since fear is wisdom’s voice, how may I grow in wisdom from this fear?
  • No one enjoys being afraid, but courage only comes to those who embrace fear, and then get on with the task at hand.
  • Fear means it is time for self-examination, questioning, and decisive action.


I hate fear!
Yes, Great Spirit, I know that fear
is supposed to be helpful
That it is a protective instinct,
And Makes survival possible.
But I still hate it!
When I feel fear the only question
I have is, “Why me?”

Beloved, bless me with the courage
to get through my fear
so I can walk in joy and peace
with you again.
Today, I will surrender my fears to you.
Just for today-
I will let you do my worrying for me.
Just for today-
I will allow you to bless me with peace.
Just for today-
I will allow my imagination
to inspire me
instead of frightening me.
Just for today, Beloved, Just for today.


“Allow yourself to find the courage to be who you truly are – a beloved child of Great Spirit.”

Courage is the fearless pursuit of Divine Will and Divine Way. Courage is the ability to look unflinchingly at the thoughts, attitudes, and barriers that separate us from the full acceptance of Great Spirit’s grace. Courage arises from faith. Faith arises from knowledge. Knowledge arises from practice.

To live with courage is to simply live.  To express spirit courageously is to live a life of meaning and service.  Fear is irrelevant to our existence for life continues if we live in fear or not.  Fear is unnecessary to the soul who loves, for love gives us courage to bear all things, endure all things, and hope for all things.  Courage is the fearless pursuit of Spirit’s love, joy, and peace.  Fear arises from not knowing or understanding.  Courage arises from certain knowledge of spirit truth.


Great Spirit, today may I recognize
that I always do the best I know how to do.
Yes, after the event
I can always think of ways
I could have done better-
said something wiser-
or been kinder somehow.

But I did do the best I knew how
to do at the time.

May I learn to forgive myself
for what I did not know.
May I learn to forgive others
for what they did not know or do.

I can learn to do better.
Help me find the courage to make that happen!

Beloved Teachers-
You have shown me the road of fearlessness.
You have demonstrated a life of courageous love.
Help me to follow in your footsteps.
May I awaken to Divine Grace.