“If you are fearful you will become angry.”

There are two kinds of fear: authentic fear, and imaginary fear.  Authentic fear means something is happening to arouse an instinctual reaction. This could be seeing a poisonous snake, being attacked by a bear, or falling into an icy river. These fears call for a reaction, a decision, and an engagement.

The most common fear, for most of us, is the fear of the unknown or imaginary fear. With this fear we project imaginings into a possible future and react as though what we have imagined is the reality that will actually happen.

It seems to be a part of our consciousness to be afraid.  If we are not afraid because we don’t have something, then we are afraid because we do have something.
I’m afraid I won’t have enough money for___!
I’m afraid of having too much time on my hands!

We are fearful of the future. We are fearful of the past. We fear what we don’t know. We fear what we do know.

For a worker of the light, true freedom comes when we let go of anything we cannot immediately change.  We refuse to think of a thing if all we can do is worry.  We replace fear thoughts with creative thoughts, with grateful thoughts, with generous thoughts.  We do what we can in the moment and let Great Spirit take care of the rest.

“Fear teaches wisdom.”

Fear allows us to remain safe, healthy, and whole in a sometimes dangerous world.  Of course, we know that too much fear is bad for us, but, since it is also a tool, let us examine fear’s role in our lives by asking it a few questions.

  • Is this fear helping me or harming me?
  • What lesson does this fear have for me?
  • Since fear is wisdom’s voice, how may I grow in wisdom from this fear?
  • No one enjoys being afraid, but courage only comes to those who embrace fear, and then get on with the task at hand.
  • Fear means it is time for self-examination, questioning, and decisive action.


I hate fear!
Yes, Great Spirit, I know that fear
is supposed to be helpful
That it is a protective instinct,
And Makes survival possible.
But I still hate it!
When I feel fear the only question
I have is, “Why me?”

Beloved, bless me with the courage
to get through my fear
so I can walk in joy and peace
with you again.
Today, I will surrender my fears to you.
Just for today-
I will let you do my worrying for me.
Just for today-
I will allow you to bless me with peace.
Just for today-
I will allow my imagination
to inspire me
instead of frightening me.
Just for today, Beloved, Just for today.

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