“Thoughts are an illusion, but the earth and its beauty is not an illusion.”

 The secret to happiness, love, peace, and joy is our connection to Great Spirit’s Wisdom.  This is the space of divine creative energy.

When we think about the future we use memory and imagination. One example: “Because I had an unpleasant experience vacationing with my parents last summer, I will have to be especially on guard this year.  

“Memory and imagination equals a projection of the future.”

It is possible to have a different experience of current events by focusing on what is happening now, and who people are in this now.  When we experience life through our interpretation of events.  THIS IS ILLUSION!

Reality can be found in the natural world which expresses itself without need for human interpretation.  Fire burns, wind blows, water flows over the land – this is reality.  Earth magic becomes illusion when people decide natural events mean something-“the fire was sent by God to punish us.”

When we discover the core truth of our being, that we just are – like the sky, the song of birds, or the falling rain.  Then the core of truth of our divine nature love, joy, peace, abundance, or light can shine through in all we say and do.  We allow ourselves to become the beloved children of the Creator, not just a creature made for the pleasure of a deity somewhere.

“Look for reasons to be happy. Look for reasons to be loved and you will find them.”


Beloved Mother and Father Spirit
Even as the light of the sun changes the sky,
So it is that your light changes me.
May your great illumination
Free me from darkness, stress, and anger.
May I learn to see clearly my virtues
as well as my faults.
May I learn to fill myself with the warmth
of your Light.

Today I allow myself to forget my past.
I shall concentrate on creating a bright new future.
I am awakening from illusions.
May I learn to choose from love
And not from fear.

I allow myself to feel compassion towards myself.
May I then practice compassion toward all beings.
I open my heart and soul
To the strength and power of faith.
I invite healing light to illumine my mind,
My body and my life!

2 thoughts on “Truth

  1. Great post which I really enjoyed reading, also wonderful energy around this blog so hope many more seekers of light explore the wisdom it contains. Very big thank you for sharing, sincere regards, Barry

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