Karma or Grace?

The Law of Karma is the law of cause and effect.  Everything we do has an effect on everything else, even not doing has its consequences.

The Law of Spirit is forgiveness and Grace.  The Law of Grace means forgiving others and forgetting our pain and grievances even as Great Spirit forgives us- “I do not remember that you have ever offended me.”

Many times it seems easier to choose the Law of Karma rather than the Law of Grace.  When we are in pain, when it is clear that someone has facilitated putting us there, we want justice.  We want retribution.  We want to even the score.

The Law of Grace is forgiveness.  Forgiveness brings freedom to everyone involved.  Forgiveness recognized our pain, and allows for an expression of that pain in a non-harm and non-returnable form.  Forgiveness is taking back our ability to be happy from a damaging situation, or person.  Forgiveness is saying it doesn’t matter if the other apologizes or not, I am still okay.

Karma is created from attachments.

My Spiritual Master has shared that karma is present only when spirit is absent.  She has shared that when spirit is real– forgiveness is available.  She has told us that grace comes to those who accept the forgiveness of spirit and begin their life anew.

A worker of the light is one who lives consciously.  This means having a reason for what we do and knowing what that reason is before we take action.  In this way we will have little need for regrets and apologies.

The Sacred Hoop of life is happening all around us in the natural world.  In the human world, the Sacred Hoop often seems to be broken.  It is broken when we cling to thoughts of pain, betrayal, and anger.  It is broken when we think more of ourselves, and our needs than is strictly necessary for survival.  Freedom comes through detachment to the one thousand and one things.


Beloved, help me to forgive others.
Assist me to see that they
are striving to be comfortable, safe, and happy
just like me.

Today, Beloved Masters,
I ask your help in remembering the Rules of Spirit:
Prayer as the road.
Good deeds as the vehicle.
Meditation as the food.
Mantra as the conversation.
Your heart my destination.

When I remember the rules,
I easily cultivate an attitude of
faith, peace, trust, and confidence.

May I remember to let go of all my attitudes
that prevent the miracle
of my life from unfolding in grace.
May I remember that-
Nothing is impossible
of a beloved child
of Great Spirit.

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