Sometimes change is our friend.  Sometimes change is an enemy.

Change seems to be our friend when it comes when we call, allows us to be in control of our destiny, and when it brings us positive reinforcement.

Change appears to be our enemy when it shows up unexpectedly, when it is hard work to make even a little progress, and when it means having more work to do.

Past facts cannot be changed.  For example- the sun rose or set at a certain time on a certain day, or a leaf fell from a tree, or one’s house burned to the ground, or one’s car was totaled, or someone we love died.  We can’t change the fact that these things happened- BUT we can change how we feel, think, and act about those facts.

When an image arises that we find difficult or unpleasant we can take time to recreate our reaction to that experience- instead of revisiting all of the trauma and emotion connected to it.  Revisiting the story puts us back into the past emotions and sends us to hell.

It is a gift of human beings to be able to make things happen.  The hardest part of this creative gift, is changing things that have become habitual.  If we create mental and emotional dependence on something or someone then over time this becomes an addiction. Addiction is walking the same path so many times it becomes unconscious.

We can allow our lives to happen differently by practicing awareness over and over again.  Today- I will do something different, think something different, and practice forgetting my old stories!  I will make some New Stories!

Imagine the kind of changes you could create in your life.  Observe the addictions you are preserving in your life.  Focus on what you really want, instead of what you don’t want.

Earth changes and personal changes are often destructive in the beginning.  Being a creator means knowing some things may need to be eliminated in order for something new to grow. The path of spirit is perfecting your skills as a creator of love, joy, and peace in vast abundance.


 Great Spirit
You have demonstrated magic
in the creations of the universe.
You have made great, majestic, awe-inspiring beauty
on thought at a time.

Teach me to recognize You
in the most unlikely of places.
If I see You everywhere-
what magics of mighty love might I be
capable of expressing?
Show me how to change my world
one beautiful thought at a time.

Angels of Creation- may I be as excited
about my new potentials and possibilities
as you were at helping create the universe.
When there are challenges and problems
help me to see them as adventures.

Beloved Spirit, if I refuse
to know any truth but Yours
what might be possible today?
May I fear not the darkness of the past
or the possible darkness to come-
for even in darkness I can still find You!

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