Attitude is Everything

Attitude is the external expression of inner beliefs.  If we are afraid of being hurt, we will demonstrate timidity or anger.  If we are filled with confidence there will be nothing we are unwilling to try.  What would you do with your life if you knew you could not fail?

Remember that human beings always have the gift of divine creative decision but even the universe has laws that must be followed.

Some of the rules to remember are:

  • Maybe means NO
  • Try three times and then wait before trying again

Some questions to help clarify decisions are:

  • Will this be harmful to me or to others?
  • How will Great Spirit be served if this comes to pass?
  • Will I still want this in a week, a month, or a year?
  • How is this in alignment with my vows and promises?

Immovable, stationary, permanent objects tend to present humans with the desire to challenge them.  This is especially true if we did not put them into place.  This is the nature of human beings, that there should be no mountain unclimbed, no land unexplored, no river untraveled, and no law unquestioned.

So why, in our personal lives do we attempt to create permanent unchanging ideas, structures, and plans?  The next time we realize we are becoming hidebound, in our relationships, work, family, ideas, etc., let’s stop, take a deep breath and leave some room for change: growing room.

Get an attitude!  Where your attitude (thought) is, there is your life. What is your attitude? What thoughts occupy most of your time? Is it concern over abundance? Lack of opportunity? Your place of employment or lack thereof? Your health, prosperity, adventure, relationships? What thoughts occupy most of your time?  This is your attitude.

Attitudes can be changed.  Attitudes can be enhanced. Get an attitude this day.  Create an attitude of joy, love, freedom, healing, and peace.  Express this attitude fully. Decide what you want to manifest. Think accordingly, behave accordingly, and act accordingly.


Thank you Great Spirit for bringing challenges to my life
so I can grow, be adaptable
and develop my creativity.

Help me to live enthusiastically
and joyfully each day.
May I let go of my fear of change
that I may welcome divine inspiration.
May I let go of pain that I may feel the love of others.
May I let go of separation that I may establish belonging.

Great Spirit help me remember
that in all the emptying and filling up
I am improving, becoming more beautiful
and more spirit filled every day.

I declare this to be true:
The world above me is restored in beauty.
The world below me is restored in beauty.
The world behind me is restored in beauty.
The world before me is restored in beauty.
All things around me are restored in beauty.
It is so!  It is so!  It is so!

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