In the space of true prayer we have the power to bring about miracles. 

All of our lives we have heard about miracles. Maybe we always hoped to be present when a miracle occurred.  Spirit has assured us that miracles are possible. Saints tell us the beginning of miracles is the recognition of the blessings we already have in our lives and the willingness to allow more blessings to flow to us and through us.

Miracles happen when we allow them to happen. It is the allowing that is difficult. We must learn to let go of control so the natural laws of spirit can take place.


When we bring the two energies of faith and surrender together
almost anything is possible.

It seems to be a tendency of the human mind to obsess on one thing or another.  When we feel lack or limitation we constantly think about it, problem-solve it, and talk about it. What might happen if we use this tremendous power to focus on our GOOD?  Miracles occur when the good things in life are what we focus on…for what we focus on increases.

In order to make things happen, we need our egos.  In order to have desire, we need our egos.  In order to know who we are, we need our egos. When we want to be enlightened, ego is a hindrance.  When we want to be liberated, ego is a hindrance.  When we want to allow miracles, ego is a hindrance.

The only focus worth having is on joy, love, and peace.  Letting go of anything that is not love, joy, and peace takes determination.   Having the strength and wisdom to do these things requires discipline, prayer, meditation, and constant practice.

Miracles happen when we know the Laws of Spirit better than we know the material influences that prevent miracles from happening.

rocksBeloved Spirit of All Life,
Many times we come to a resolution
to leave behind old habits
and establish new and beautiful ones.
Many times we failed.
But today we shall make all things new
and with your help we shall succeed.
Through your grace we will focus on joy
and create more laughter.
Through your grace we will focus on love
and create more affection.
Through your grace we will focus on peace
and create more harmony.
Through your grace we will focus on our gratitude
and create more opportunities to share.
Together with you, Beloved, we shall touch Spirit.
Together with you, Beloved, Miracles shall unfold.




Everything in the physical world is sacred because it was created by Great Spirit.  Therefore, if we are out of alignment with the earth, we are out of alignment with the Creator.

Mother Earth lies untouched,
Barren, empty, thirsting.
She reaches up to Sky Father
Gently it begins to rain.
Together they bring forth life.
All is good.
Things Flourish.
But all too soon the children of earth
make a mess.
Mother Earth becomes barren,
Empty, Thirsting-
She reaches up to Father Sky
Gently the rain begins to fall
Together they bring forth life.


Perhaps the most important thing to remember about The Sacred is that we live in the house of our Mother and Father.  The Earth is our mother and she holds us in her arms through the strength of purpose we call gravity.  She feeds us and provides everything we need for shelter and well-being.  The Sky is our father and he gives us the breath of our lives.  He provides us with warmth and with breezes to cool us.

The Sacred begins by acknowledging that we cannot create food without our Mother’s cooperation.  We cannot breathe without our Father’s generosity.  We live in the house of our Mother and Father.  To hold things sacred is to respect and appreciate what they have given us.

The word Sacred means unassailable, inviolate, highly valued, and important.   It is something holy, a relationship that is entitled to reverence and respect. Therefore, the Sacred, is reserved for something greater than ourselves.  Who could be greater, or more worthy of reverence and respect than our Great Mother, the Earth and our Everlasting Father Sky.  God, we would say, or the angels, or the saints and bodhisattvas we might exclaim in reply.  But they are invisible, known to us only through faith.  How can we have faith in Great Beings we can’t see if we deny the sacredness of the very visible, very physical, reality of the Earth and the Sky?


Great Spirit- May I be an instrument of your Sacred Grace!
May I walk in loving service to the Bowl of Life.
Help me to live fully within the sacred cycles of life.
Teach me to hold all life as sacred.
When I am barren, empty, and thirsting,
I will remember to reach outward
To Earth Mother and Sky Father
So that together we may bring forth life.

Today I allow my soul to open
To the vastness of Eternal Spirit.
I shall see the bowl of life overflowing
With infinite possibilities of goodness.
Reaching within may I then reach out
To touch others
With the Sacred Grace
Granted to me.


Grace is Great Spirit’s interference in our lives. It is Spirit’s way of canceling out our focus on pain and suffering.

Grace is the ability to let go of the painful experiences of this now so we can accept the possibilities of Great Spirit’s gifts.  Grace is what happens when we give up trying to fix and manage things and say, “HELP!  Grace gives us the ability to visualize a new possibility. It gives us the strength to forge ahead with our vision even when we don’t see how it can happen.


When Spirit Grace  does not seem to change our situation, let us remember that the point of grace is to fill us with love, joy, and peace. When we are filled with grace we can love others even when they do not return that love.  When we react to the criticism or judgment of others, they are directing our life.  But when we choose to respond with love or peace Great Spirit is directing our life.

We may never see the sun and moon dissolve into nothingness and all the stars fall from the heavens. Yet there will be times when our world comes unhinged and the foundations of our faith cracks or dissolves.  It is then, most of all,  that we must seek grace. And through that grace we will once again find the faith, to believe that Spirit is at work in the world even through the turmoil and pain.  It is through grace that we are led to remember that Spirit’s power is greater than all evil, pain and even death.  And though our world may rock and sometimes break, it will, in time, be transformed into beauty once more by Spirit’s love.


We are the children of Grace
Love is possible for us now.
We are the children of life
Health is possible for us now.
We are the children of love
Kindness is possible for us now.
We are the children of peace
Beauty is possible for us now.
We are the children of light
Hope is possible for us now.
We are the children of joy
Laughter is possible for us now.

By Your Grace Beloved…by Your Grace!



Compassion compels us to mercy and justice.

Compassion is the ability to respond to the pain of others without becoming entangled in their pain so that we simply join them in misery and suffering.  It is the ability to listen to the story others are revealing instead of telling ourselves a story about who they are.

Compassion is the ability to wish good things for all beings without trying to decide if they are worthy or not.  It is the willingness to believe in others even if they betray our faith in them .


A gift given grudgingly is no gift at all.  When we are kind to people who we feel are inferior, or less than ourselves, what we are giving is contempt, not compassion.  We are taught that there is merit in serving the poor, the downtrodden, the helpless, and the hopeless.  The Path of Spirit tells us such service is its own reward.   But are we compelled to assist others because we see them as needy and disadvantaged, or does our desire to serve come from true Compassion?  True compassion is giving joyfully, respectfully, and whole-heartedly for the good of another.

When we observe a problem in someone’s life we often react by trying to fix it.  We call this response, “compassionate service.”  Many times it is really interference.  Interference is an attempt to give to others what we think they need, or to mend them so we won’t have to experience their pain.

Sometimes it is more appropriate to ask, “May I help you?” or “Do you need help?”   Of course if someone is in danger we must act before asking but on the whole it is more respectful to inquire if our service is needed or desired before automatically responding.  This is also compassion.


Divine Mother
You are always willing
To gather me in your loving embrace.
You are always ready
To comfort, forgive, and heal my hurts.
Teach me to accept and know
That the suffering of others is my business.

May I learn to hold others in comfort.
May I see and provide for their needs
Even as you have seen and provided for mine.

Thank you Divine Mother
For helping me to feel the touch of your grace,
For opening my eyes to beauty,
And showing me a way I cannot deny.

May I learn to be like you.
May I remember to share loving kindness.
May I focus on being compassionate

In all the situations of my life.
May I remember to be tender, loving, and forgiving
no matter what happens.
May I remember to be like you- Always.


Spirit Centered

We are never powerless!

It is very easy to feel, and even become powerless, or victimized in our thoughts or in our lives.   We are surrounded with stories of abuse, pain, and even hatred.  Some of these experiences may come into our lives personally or happen to people we know and love.  In times of great stress we can empower ourselves by allowing our feelings to be validated, and then expressing our pain in a non-harm way.  We can take back our love, joy, peace, laughter, freedom, and self-worth.  These truths belong to us and can only be taken from us if we give the power over these energies to another believing we can only experience them with permission from the other.

The reason we keep forgetting our Divine Inheritance of love, joy, peace, abundant life, and light is due to our continued focus on external events.  We keep expecting circumstances, situations, and relationships to mirror back to us Great Spirit Truth.  What they tend to mirror back to us is- frustration, challenge, depression, and anger.

Only when we focus on living Spirit Truth, and recognizing the possibilities of love, joy, peace, laughter, wholeness, and self-worth inside  can we understand that our external experiences are usually petty, finite, and impermanent.

Anything we decide to believe becomes our truth, so where is reality and where is truth?  Opinions can be argued, our truth can be argued or defended…but Spirit Truth needs no defense.

You were born to leave the world a better place than it was when you arrived.  Find your heart dream and hold it, cherish it, love it, nurture it in laughter.  Express it with enthusiastic passion and the darkness of selfishness, greed, and powerlessness will be defeated forever.

If you discover you have given away your power, remember to take it back again. It is yours after all…so why not center your life in Spirit Truth.


May I arise today through a mighty strength.
Spirit’s power shall guide me.
Great Mother’s heart will uphold me.
Great Father’s eyes will watch over me.
Great Mother’s ears will hear me.
And their words shall rule my speech.
Great Father’s hand will guard me.
Spirit’s way lies be fore me.
Great Mother’s love will shelter me.
Great Father’s joy will surround me.

I will live at Your service-
And in Your Truths of Love, Joy, and Peace.
I shall come and go,
Speak and remain silent,
Do and refrain from doing,
All as you direct me.
Spirit’s Truth is my Truth
I need no other truth!