Spirit Centered

We are never powerless!

It is very easy to feel, and even become powerless, or victimized in our thoughts or in our lives.   We are surrounded with stories of abuse, pain, and even hatred.  Some of these experiences may come into our lives personally or happen to people we know and love.  In times of great stress we can empower ourselves by allowing our feelings to be validated, and then expressing our pain in a non-harm way.  We can take back our love, joy, peace, laughter, freedom, and self-worth.  These truths belong to us and can only be taken from us if we give the power over these energies to another believing we can only experience them with permission from the other.

The reason we keep forgetting our Divine Inheritance of love, joy, peace, abundant life, and light is due to our continued focus on external events.  We keep expecting circumstances, situations, and relationships to mirror back to us Great Spirit Truth.  What they tend to mirror back to us is- frustration, challenge, depression, and anger.

Only when we focus on living Spirit Truth, and recognizing the possibilities of love, joy, peace, laughter, wholeness, and self-worth inside  can we understand that our external experiences are usually petty, finite, and impermanent.

Anything we decide to believe becomes our truth, so where is reality and where is truth?  Opinions can be argued, our truth can be argued or defended…but Spirit Truth needs no defense.

You were born to leave the world a better place than it was when you arrived.  Find your heart dream and hold it, cherish it, love it, nurture it in laughter.  Express it with enthusiastic passion and the darkness of selfishness, greed, and powerlessness will be defeated forever.

If you discover you have given away your power, remember to take it back again. It is yours after all…so why not center your life in Spirit Truth.


May I arise today through a mighty strength.
Spirit’s power shall guide me.
Great Mother’s heart will uphold me.
Great Father’s eyes will watch over me.
Great Mother’s ears will hear me.
And their words shall rule my speech.
Great Father’s hand will guard me.
Spirit’s way lies be fore me.
Great Mother’s love will shelter me.
Great Father’s joy will surround me.

I will live at Your service-
And in Your Truths of Love, Joy, and Peace.
I shall come and go,
Speak and remain silent,
Do and refrain from doing,
All as you direct me.
Spirit’s Truth is my Truth
I need no other truth!

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