“Unchanging, absolute, static manifestation means no creativity is possible.”

Masters and saints tell us that perfection is over-rated and mostly boring.  They ask us to look at the natural world which has an infinite variety of possibilities in the formation of a single rose bush, stone, or tree.


Today consider rejoicing in all of your imperfections.   Every day is filled with opportunities to be disappointed in ourselves and others. What if we decide to celebrate our imperfections because they give us the chance to practice laughter.


When things go wrong we often feel the need to fix them.  When we are angry we might believe we are no longer in spirit grace. When we feel sick we may believe we have lost abundant life. When we are in pain we may believe we are being punished for past transgressions.  Spirit Truth is NEVER missing. We might misplace our love, our joy, our peace, or our ability to appreciate life…but they are never really gone.  The energy of Spirit belongs to us forever. We can remember that Spirit grace, Spirit energy is inside our heart, so it is always possible to reclaim it again.

When we create anything in the world we usually find that it is necessary to work from a pattern. There are basic patterns for clothing, automobiles, airplanes, radios, televisions, and anything else we can name. In order for something new, or different to happen, the basic pattern (which was perfectly fine as it was) has to be changed.  So although our personal basic pattern was good to begin with, by now we have discovered  a need for improvement or remodeling, or redecorating…because we are growing and changing.


Perfection as most understand it means: always being right, never making mistakes, and never needing to be healed or changed. Perfection of Spirit, however, is the joyful surrender to the infinite possibilities of Great Spirit’s manifestation in every circumstance, situation, and relationship of our lives.

Perfection of Spirit is rejoicing in the opportunities to grow, to change, and to be changed. 

Spiritual mastery is claiming our Divine Inheritance of love, joy, and peace: “To the best of our ability, day by day.”  The wise person remembers that some days are better than others.  We are not perfect.  Our friends are not perfect.  Our leaders are not perfect.  Our children are not perfect.  No one is really perfect.

But even so each day is worth living to the best of our ability.

ImageGreat Spirit,
May I find joy in each moment.
May I find humor in my difficulties
and laughter at my mistakes.

Today, let me remember spirit’s blessings.
Everything can be forgiven
and forgotten
so that all is restored in beauty.

Help me to laugh at life’s irritations,
to be patient with others
as You are patient with me.
Great Spirit,
I will remember
that amazing things can happen
if I live my life with laughter, courage, and joy.

More About Love

“It is possible to love everyone.”

The path of love is service for and to the Light. When we practice love as a spiritual path we must cultivate the impersonal as well as the personal.  Impersonal love means non-attachment to the gifts, services, and possible devotions we will offer to our loved one or the gifts, devotions and services offered to us. It means knowing that love is working even when we do not see immediate results.

Personal love smiles and is hurt when the other does not smile back.  Impersonal love smiles, shares and smiles, and offers over and over and over again. It is necessary to learn to be loving rather than to simply act in loving ways.


Love is Habit Forming.  It does not take long to make anything a habit. We are told that it takes 21 days to make something a habit.  We are also told that it might take years to break ourselves of old habits. Today, let us to decide to make spiritual love a habit.  If love is the center of our life, how will we act around others?  How will we think about others?  If love is the center of our lives how will we treat ourselves?  How will we speak internally to ourselves? How will we think about ourselves?

Guilt is totally worthless if we are seeking to BECOME SPIRIT LOVE. Looking at ourselves with contempt and constantly worrying over our difficulties or mistakes leads to self- absorption.  Being worthless gives us an excuse not to try. Acceptance of our mistakes and ownership of the responsibility of having adopted bad habits allows us to find a way around, over, under, or through these obstacles.  Guilt and self-loathing stop us from imagining that life could be different.  Self-acceptance is the first step to self-improvement.  Self-improvement is the first step to becoming a being of love.


How to create true love

  1. Acceptance of self
  2. Acceptance of others as they currently are
  3. Willingness to understand another’s ways of expressing love
  4. Commitment to Compassionate Communication
  5. Being honest with yourself
  6. The ability to forgive
  7. The ability to appreciate
  8. The ability to take responsibility for your mistakes
  9. The ability to laugh at yourself and life


Great Spirit, with your help,
Your Blessing, and with your Grace-
I will become powerful with Love.
Through this power, which is Your power
Lives are healed-
Differences are forgotten-
Life becomes abundant-
Peace can truly have a chance to grow-
In the Power of Love
Children come to know Great Spirit as Real-
With Love Faith is easy-
In the power of love
All things seem possible.

Great Spirit make me a vessel of Healing Love.
May I see with the eyes of love-
Hear with the ears of love-
Give with the hands of love.
May I be a source of Your Love
in the lives of those around me.

Love Is!

Love is a community working together to create kindness, compassion, acceptance, listening, and appreciation.  Love is sharing the Path of Spirit and Our Lives with another. It is forgiveness, sacrifice, openness, willingness of heart, and devotion. It is the awakening of Great Spirit in our hearts, in our relationships, and in our world


Love is the willingness to merge our thoughts and emotions with another. Love is the willingness to do this even when it hurts. The path of spirit calls for us to blend our minds and hearts so thoroughly with Great Father and Great Mother that we are no a longer separate melody but  One Loving Eternal Symphony.

The first criteria of true love is acceptance, the second is giving. When we are filled with love we demonstrate that love by seeing the needs of the loved one and doing what we can to fulfill that need.  This can be as simple as supplying a drink of water to someone who is thirsty.  Love is giving freely and generously to others.  It does not have to be accompanied with aroused emotions.

Receiving is often harder than giving.  Sometimes it is because we don’t recognize what is being offered as a demonstration of love.  Someone might ask us to chop wood with them because they want to share with us.  We might see this as a chore not a gift and do it grudgingly, if at all.

Everyone desires to love and be loved.  Stories, songs, poems, and world events are based on some version of this eternal truth.  The Masters have often told us that love can never be wrong.  For this to be true, our love must be based in non-harm.  We cannot harm another and claim that we are really beings of love. Our love must also be anchored in acceptance of others as they are.

Unconditional love, Ama Marai, has to be both personal and impersonal.  It must be inclusive.  It is the greatest treasure of the path of spirit to discover the capacity to love everyone. True acceptance is to imagine the worst person you can and then to know that entity can be forgiven, accepted and honored with love. When this is possible, then unconditional love is possible.


Beloved Spirit Mother and Father
Help us to be open to the people around us.
Show us the paths of loving kindness
and assist us to walk those paths in joy.

Teach us the ways of love
that we might learn to exchange ourselves
for another in true sacrifice.
We accept the touch of your love upon our minds-
our hearts and our lives.
Change us into beings of love.

Let my heart be a vessel of love
Le my thoughts be a blossom of love.
Let my words be an expression of love.
Let my actions be the fulfillment of Love.

Together may we merge
into the infinite possibilities of love.


The first law of Ahimsa is non-harm to self.  The second is non-harm to all living creatures.

Non-harm is using Great Spirit’s tools of love, compassion, forgiveness, and kindness to function in everyday life.  The usual reaction to uncomfortable interactions is anger, grief, pain, or fear.  Sometimes we recognize these emotions as symptoms and warning signs but mostly we just react based on those feelings. Rarely are the reactions of fear, anger, grief and pain expressed in a non-harm way.


The key to a life of non-harm is balance.  Balance is always appropriate. Even love and joy can be overdone and become harmful.  Moderation and common sense are as helpful on the spirit path as they are on the path of life.

Non-harm begins with the self.  What you feel about yourself is what you feel about other entities. What you believe is happening to you is what you perceive as the intent of others. Develop compassion and self-respect for yourself and it will be easier to accept and and respond compassionately to others.

Non-harm is a space of thanksgiving and appreciation for all life. When what we experience from our decisions is a sense of flourishing- comfort, safety, joy, compassion, love, and acceptance we can trust that our decisions are based in Ahimsa.  We know our decisions are harmful when we experience the need for secrecy, resentment, guilt, fear of disapproval, discomfort, and/or shame.

Peace is the active expression of non-harm. When we feel full of life we feel safe. There is no need to react to, with, for, or against the behavior of others.  We become centered in a place of life and have no need for either approval or disapproval.

On the path of spirit we come to understand, and have name for our longings.  We name them love, joy, peace, abundance, and enlightenment.  We know these things are desirable.  We feel it is only right to strive to make them happen.  Sometimes in this striving for what we know as good we may forget that Spirit Truth can only remain Spirit Truth if it is allowed to be true for everyone around us.  Does this mean we must become a martyr to the desires of others? Of course not.  It only means that a true child of Spirit will consider the needs and feelings of others as well as pursue good things for themselves.


As this new days dawns
May I know the desire to unfold in beauty.
It is my true wish to know love and share that with others.
May I be a light in the world
That will bring peace to all the hours of the day.
Nothing can keep me from my good!

I know that other beings love their life
May I refrain from harming them.
All creatures desire to live, not to die
Therefore I shall cause harm to no other being.
In this way I shall also be free of harm to myself.
I shall look upon all others
With the same love the Great Spirit looks upon all of us.
May this road lead me to enlightenment!