What we decide today creates our experiences of tomorrow. Today is a by-product of yesterday. Empowerment is knowing we have what it takes to make our life work- to create more love, more joy, more peace, and more light- for ourselves and for others.

The one constant in life is the necessity to make decisions. Therefore the more consistently we choose Love, Joy, and Peace the brighter and more exciting our future will be.  How can we decide for love, joy, or peace in the midst of chaos and confusion, pain, unhappiness, and criticism?   Most of that answer lies in knowing who we truly are- not what we do, not where we live, not what we own- BUT who we are!

Are you: Creative?
Kind & thoughtful?
Generous and concerned?
Adventurous & Bold?
Curious and intuitive?

When we know the True Creative Self we can begin to use that self to create our today, our tomorrows, and our future.

Contemplate these possibilities: All the love that is possible- is possible today.
All the sorrow that is possible- is possible today.
If we let circumstances rule us we are letting go of our ability to choose our destiny.

Remember that only dead fish go with the flow. Let us pray each day-Great Spirit help me keep what is worth keeping and with your breath of kindness blow the rest away.


The only thing blocking our expression of our Greater Self is our self. Often we are only aware of, or even look for, limitations, blockages, and barriers to the creation of our desires and dreams.  We think and speak in terms of “I cannot because…”

The first step to eliminating limitations is to recognize that the limitation is a challenge to be overcome.  It is important as a means to test our resolve, our courage, and our ingenuity.
The second step is a change of attitude:- instead of “I can’t because…” WE DECLARE- “I can… I will … I shall!”

We need to be filled with possibilities instead of excuses and limitations!  If we are unwilling to do anything different our lives will always remain the same.


Sometimes we search for a truth or a cause we would be willing to die for.  Wouldn’t it be better to find a truth we are willing to LIVE for?

We rarely perform an action unless we are motivated to do so.
Would you work at your current job if you were not being offered a motivation to do so?
Passion is the great motivator of all important change. What are you doing today that awakens that passion?

What motivated you to get out of bed today?

Is that a good enough reason to be alive or do you need a better one?


Great Spirit did not make human beings truly helpless.
Perhaps it is time for us to say
Perhaps it is time to rediscover our Divine Nature
The Gifts the Great Mother, the Great Father, and
the Great Weaver have given us-
Willingness to Serve
If we are the sons and daughters of
The Great Mother, Father, and Weaver
maybe we need to claim our heritage-
And stop Whining!

Today I shall do what I can
to make this so!


When we observe a problem in someone’s life we often react by trying to fix it through advice or suggestions.  We call this response, compassion when actually it is sympathy.  One of the important qualities necessary to a worker of the light is detachment about our needs, our desires, and our contribution. Detachment is the ability to see another in pain and ask them if they want or need our help.  Detachment is accepting the answer- “No!” Detachment is also letting go of what we cannot change and working to change what we can- about ourselves.

A gift given grudgingly or with the expectation of how it will be used or received is no gift at all.  When we are kind to people we believe are inferior, or less than ourselves, what we offer is condescension, not compassion.  We are taught that there is merit in serving the poor, the downtrodden, the helpless, and the hopeless.  But if we perform  those same acts of kindness, assistance, and service because we see others as our brothers and sisters such service becomes an Act of Grace.

Perhaps the greatest wrong of our culture is to see people in pain, and throw money at them to make them go away.

May we remember that we were sent here to make the world a better place than it has ever been before. At the center of the Spirit Path is a loving heart that wants the best for every person. Anything we can do to help foster the intellect, spirit, and emotional growth for our fellow human beings, that is our job. Those of us who hold this great vision must continue against all odds. Our life does not belong to us…it is given to us to make of it a gift to all beings.


May we become at all times:
A protector for those without protection-
A guide for those who have lost their way-
A ship for those with oceans to cross-
A bridge for those with rivers to ford-
A sanctuary for those in danger-
A lamp for those without light-
A place of refuge for those who lack shelter-
And a servant to all in need.

Your heart is calling…Great Spirit is calling…will you answer the call?

ImageGreat Spirit, may I learn to go about my ordinary activities
sowing the seeds of happiness.
If others don’t seem to appreciate my heartfelt sharing,
let me release those seeds to the Winds of Spirit
trusting that they will eventually find a place to grow.

My heart hurts when I see the pain of the world,
And I want to do something to make it go away.
Teach me how to drown my pain
in the joy of Great Mother’s song.
Teach me to accept with grace the things
I cannot change.
Help me to understand what I truly need,
and what others truly need.
Help me to humbly serve You in those around me.
Show me my job
and assist me to do it fully.

Great Spirit, help me to be the best worker of the Light
You have ever seen!


More About The Path

Remember our true nature is Divine Light. Our true nature demands sharing, love, joy, laughter, healing, knowledge, and understanding. When we do not have these things we become miserable. We want to hide from or lash out at the world around us.

It is our true nature to be compassionate and loving.
It is our true nature to create beauty.
We are the beloved children of Great Spirit.
Children always partake of the nature of their parents.


Remember this when you think there is something wrong with you. Say, I am beauty. I am loved.  I am creative.  I am healing.  I am laughter.  I am the beloved child of Mama and Poppa Light- there is nothing wrong with me!


Nothing that has taken place in our life is wasted. We can learn from any experience but it is helpful to remember that Great Spirit is not experimenting on us, testing us, or doing something to us, or making us pay back our karma.  Bad things happen to even good and innocent people as well as evil, destructive people. 

It is our purpose as the children of Great Spirit to remember that love, joy, peace, and abundant life are always possible. We can learn from unpleasant challenging circumstances and then let them go.  We can transform our anger and hatred into peace and love.  We can transform our pain and grief into joy and peace.

Whatever we deny, whatever we cannot accept grows stronger every day.  Acceptance starts with the ability to know what we do not want and gracefully deal with it if it comes our way. Denial  means going to extraordinary lengths to justify clinging to pain, anger, grief, disapproval, and persecution. Let us decide to use denial to remove pain, grief, fear, and anger in our lives. Let us instead claim our true heritage of love, compassion, healing, wholeness, magic, joy, kindness, and beauty.

There is a divine purpose for our existence.
Nothing is impossible for a loving soul.


Blessed are they who hear The Master
speaking in their souls.
Blessed are they who take from her mouth
words of comfort.
Blessed are those ears that hear
the secret whisperings of spirit
and heed not the deceitful whining of the world.
Blessed are those eyes closed
to the distracting desires of the material world.
Blessed are those who daily perform
works of compassion, service, and sacrifice for others.
Blessed are those who seek to discover
and manifest only the Divine Will
of love, joy, and peace.
Blessed are those wholly committed to this service! 

May I do likewise,
this day and all the days that I shall live!


The Path

The path of spirit is something that you are; not something that you do.


We were born to walk the path of spirit because we are spirit. Everyone has a destiny because we are born with a unique spark of the Great Spirit Life.  We only need to take a journey inside to find it.  The Path of Spirit is such a journey. Our destiny is to be the beloved children of Great Spirit…and to act like it.

Are you a child of love?
Are you an entity of peace?
Are you a person of joy?
Is enthusiasm, and abundance a part of your life?
Do you seek knowledge in order to know things or do you seek the wisdom to experience things?

This is the core of Beingness.  It is our destiny. To live out this destiny it is necessary to question our motives, to make new beginnings, to end outworn ideas, to transform ourselves until we become an expression of our heroic possibilities. Walking the path of spirit requires questioning, judgment, change, transformations, and deaths.  In order to truly do these things we need a teacher, a mentor, a guide who has traveled this path before us.  How will we know the questions to ask, the discernments that are real, the changes  and transformation that will be necessary, or what truly needs to die in order for us to live more fully. Reading a book won’t do it.  Reading this blog won’t do it.  In order to have Wisdom we must have true and personal experiences guided by one who has been there before us.

The formula for walking the path of spirit is determination, commitment, and responsibility.  Determination is the ability to continue when continuing requires death and sacrifice.  Commitment is an attitude of sharing, of willing cooperation with the needs of the many and not just the needs of the few or the One.
Responsibility means being accountable for our every thought, word, feeling, and deed.


The Journey of Spirit

The first lesson, the on-going lesson, of the journey is what to take and what to leave behind. When we begin a trip of any kind we usually try to imagine what we will experience, and what we will need for those experiences and so we begin our spiritual journey with an amazing amount of baggage.  As we travel the inward road we have to either lighten the load or give up on the journey.  Whenever the demands of life seems to interfere with commitment Spirit, it is time to lighten our load.  Whenever we are overburdened with pain or stress it is time to lighten our load.

Great Spirit help me to have a willing heart.
May I be willing to accept the joy of commitment,
The peace of determination,
And the love of responsibility.
I wish to heroically become Your worker of Light.

Great Spirit, it often seems that I am striving,
Trying, seeking, learning, grasping, and working
To be good, loving, kind, successful, and abundant.
Life seems exhausting when I fall into places
Where I don’t really believe you can,
or will help me.


Teach me to have Faith, Beloved!
Help me to know you are there for me.
Help me to cease striving and let you take care of me,
the way you do the birds of the air
and the lilies of the field.
I surrender to you now!
There is nothing for me to control!