More About The Path

Remember our true nature is Divine Light. Our true nature demands sharing, love, joy, laughter, healing, knowledge, and understanding. When we do not have these things we become miserable. We want to hide from or lash out at the world around us.

It is our true nature to be compassionate and loving.
It is our true nature to create beauty.
We are the beloved children of Great Spirit.
Children always partake of the nature of their parents.


Remember this when you think there is something wrong with you. Say, I am beauty. I am loved.  I am creative.  I am healing.  I am laughter.  I am the beloved child of Mama and Poppa Light- there is nothing wrong with me!


Nothing that has taken place in our life is wasted. We can learn from any experience but it is helpful to remember that Great Spirit is not experimenting on us, testing us, or doing something to us, or making us pay back our karma.  Bad things happen to even good and innocent people as well as evil, destructive people. 

It is our purpose as the children of Great Spirit to remember that love, joy, peace, and abundant life are always possible. We can learn from unpleasant challenging circumstances and then let them go.  We can transform our anger and hatred into peace and love.  We can transform our pain and grief into joy and peace.

Whatever we deny, whatever we cannot accept grows stronger every day.  Acceptance starts with the ability to know what we do not want and gracefully deal with it if it comes our way. Denial  means going to extraordinary lengths to justify clinging to pain, anger, grief, disapproval, and persecution. Let us decide to use denial to remove pain, grief, fear, and anger in our lives. Let us instead claim our true heritage of love, compassion, healing, wholeness, magic, joy, kindness, and beauty.

There is a divine purpose for our existence.
Nothing is impossible for a loving soul.


Blessed are they who hear The Master
speaking in their souls.
Blessed are they who take from her mouth
words of comfort.
Blessed are those ears that hear
the secret whisperings of spirit
and heed not the deceitful whining of the world.
Blessed are those eyes closed
to the distracting desires of the material world.
Blessed are those who daily perform
works of compassion, service, and sacrifice for others.
Blessed are those who seek to discover
and manifest only the Divine Will
of love, joy, and peace.
Blessed are those wholly committed to this service! 

May I do likewise,
this day and all the days that I shall live!


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