What we decide today creates our experiences of tomorrow. Today is a by-product of yesterday. Empowerment is knowing we have what it takes to make our life work- to create more love, more joy, more peace, and more light- for ourselves and for others.

The one constant in life is the necessity to make decisions. Therefore the more consistently we choose Love, Joy, and Peace the brighter and more exciting our future will be.  How can we decide for love, joy, or peace in the midst of chaos and confusion, pain, unhappiness, and criticism?   Most of that answer lies in knowing who we truly are- not what we do, not where we live, not what we own- BUT who we are!

Are you: Creative?
Kind & thoughtful?
Generous and concerned?
Adventurous & Bold?
Curious and intuitive?

When we know the True Creative Self we can begin to use that self to create our today, our tomorrows, and our future.

Contemplate these possibilities: All the love that is possible- is possible today.
All the sorrow that is possible- is possible today.
If we let circumstances rule us we are letting go of our ability to choose our destiny.

Remember that only dead fish go with the flow. Let us pray each day-Great Spirit help me keep what is worth keeping and with your breath of kindness blow the rest away.


The only thing blocking our expression of our Greater Self is our self. Often we are only aware of, or even look for, limitations, blockages, and barriers to the creation of our desires and dreams.  We think and speak in terms of “I cannot because…”

The first step to eliminating limitations is to recognize that the limitation is a challenge to be overcome.  It is important as a means to test our resolve, our courage, and our ingenuity.
The second step is a change of attitude:- instead of “I can’t because…” WE DECLARE- “I can… I will … I shall!”

We need to be filled with possibilities instead of excuses and limitations!  If we are unwilling to do anything different our lives will always remain the same.


Sometimes we search for a truth or a cause we would be willing to die for.  Wouldn’t it be better to find a truth we are willing to LIVE for?

We rarely perform an action unless we are motivated to do so.
Would you work at your current job if you were not being offered a motivation to do so?
Passion is the great motivator of all important change. What are you doing today that awakens that passion?

What motivated you to get out of bed today?

Is that a good enough reason to be alive or do you need a better one?


Great Spirit did not make human beings truly helpless.
Perhaps it is time for us to say
Perhaps it is time to rediscover our Divine Nature
The Gifts the Great Mother, the Great Father, and
the Great Weaver have given us-
Willingness to Serve
If we are the sons and daughters of
The Great Mother, Father, and Weaver
maybe we need to claim our heritage-
And stop Whining!

Today I shall do what I can
to make this so!

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