A Passionate Love

The Master Speaks-

Children of spirit, come and dream with me.
The flowers are opening, a new day begins.
Let us laugh together and rejoice.
Come dance with me.  Image
Sing our song and the listen to the whispers of the wind.
Come follow me and together we will see eternity.
Together we will fly to the stars.
I am waiting.
Rise up now!

Let me lift you in my arms and fill your heart with passionate love.
May my peace be within you, and may you trust that you are where you were meant to be.
Do not forget the possibilities that are born of faith.
Use my gifts wisely.
May you be content as who you are!


I open my heart to you and stand in your presence.  I bow to you who have attained self-realization, self-control, and self-sacrifice.  I bow to you who attained perfect knowledge and liberated yourself and many others from the sufferings of karma.  To you I offer myself as a sacrifice.  No other desire is mine but to fulfill your will.  Teach me how to pray, and how to be the prayer I would pray, my heart is open to your teachings and your grace.

Show me the suffering of the most miserable so I will know my people’s plight.   I will pray for these others for you are present in every person.  I will be responsible for helping each suffering individual that I can, that I may do your work here on earth.  May I truly learn to serve others for in service there is true life.  Give me honesty and patience so Your Spirit will be alive among us.

I am a child of the Earth and I am your child, Beloved, and I would bring a gift to you.

May I weave a bright garment of prayer and service so that is as beautiful as the earth mornings.  May the border be made of rainbows of loving kindness gifted to those most in need.  May I sing your praises, as the birds sing.  May we walk in this earth garden together bringing gifts wherever we go.


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