Spiritual Insight


Spiritual insight, or enlightenment, as called by many, seems like a big task; a job for the likes of a Siddhartha, a Jesus, a Krishna, or a Francis of Assisi.  How can we even dare strive to be such a one?  It seems so full of ego somehow.

Many masters have told us that the secret to this nirvana perceptiveness lies in cultivating a playful, loving heart.  They have assured us that the tools needed are music, chanting, singing, and even dancing. emberadruadancing (1) It is suggested that we first bring our thoughts and emotions into the eternal song of Great Spirit and then celebrate the fullness of life through “making a joyful noise.”

But for most of us enlightenment and fun don’t seem to belong in the same sentence.  The very idea of spiritual attainment conjures up visions of hard work, fasting, endless, painful sacrifices, and austerities.  Siddhartha became the Buddha only after he gave us the hard road and decided on a middle way.  Jesus’ first public miracle was to turn water into wine for a wedding feast.  Krishna is almost always shown with his flute, and Saint Francis thought of himself as God’s troubadour gifting us with the canticle of the sun

Perhaps the reason we have so much struggle with “making a joyful noise” is because we focus on our mistakes, fears, projections, and the unpredictable upsets that life sends our way.  Another secret of spiritual illumination is allowing ourselves to forgive and forget our mistakes…and those of others as well.  forgivenessWhat if we laughed more, especially when we make foolish mistakes?  What if we let go of needing those around us to be perfect, happy, content, and at ease?  Perhaps we will have true wisdom when creating and sharing love, joy and peace is more important to us than perfection.

Great Spirit, bless me with your gift of laughter.
Teach me to let go of shame and guilt about my mistakes,
so I can allow more of my true nature to shine.
Help me release the past so I may
enjoy the beauty of this present moment
You have provided for me.


May I remember that problems
are a part of daily life.
May I ask for help when I need it,
and give help when I see the needs of others.
To all my unruly and difficult thoughts
I shall say:


Tranquility is a state of mind cultivated by fully entering into and enjoying what we are doing in the moment.  It can be restful to read, watch television, cook, talk with friends, or go for a walk with the dog.  Those same activities can just as easily be stressful if we are engaging in them unwillingly. Image Most days seem filled with clamoring voices even when we’re alone.  They speak of desire for this or angry tirades that life is unfair.  Sometimes the voices are sad with longing for what used to be or filled with scorn for the choices of others.

Often our mind is engaged in storytelling, a litany of past events, memories, and even fearful imaginings of the future.  So even though most people wish for serenity it remains an elusive, rare event in our lives.  Maybe that happens because we are unwilling to do the things that lead us to equanimity.  In order to have this uncommon treasure we need to do everything with a mind that lets go.

This is a release of clinging: to past stories, future fears, opinions, judgments, desires, attractions and aversions.  So then do we sit around with a blank stare on our faces?   No!  We fill up all the places those things occupy with Great Spirit’s words, creations, and gifts.  We watch carefully what we say and do, intending to please Great Spirit rather than others.  We desire only union with the Beloved Spirit and discard all other desires.  We drop our judgments and cease to meddle in things that do not concern us.  In this way we shall have inner stillness and composure.


May I cultivate your peace Beloved
that my soul may radiate stillness.
May I cultivate your peace, Beloved
that I may think, act, and speak harmoniously.
May I cultivate your peace, Beloved
that I may be content and thankful for your bountiful gifts.
May I cultivate your peace, Beloved
that amidst worldly strife I may still find joy.
May I cultivate your peace, Beloved
that I may endure all, tolerate all,
with compassion and mercy.
May I cultivate your peace, Beloved
that I may become a channel of hope
that the pain of others may vanish.
And may I cultivate your peace
so that my struggles within the world can come to an end.


Patience is a spiritual discipline.  It is the ability to move forward wen when we appear to be going backward.  Patience is trusting in Great Spirit even when things change. secret_of_shamballa_by_myxxo-d4jh6pa It is releasing the way things have always been or the expectation of what should have been.  Patience is kindness to yourself and others when mistakes are made.  Patience is what Great Mother and Great Father give to all of their children.

Everyday we look for, and expect, to receive gifts from Great Spirit.  Waiting in patience means honoring the truth that we are the Beloved Children of the Great Mother and Father…and they will give to us everything we need…even if they don’t give us everything we demand or want.

We often hear that anything we can imagine we can create.  Of course, we also know that it is important to have a plan.  What are those plans being based in?  strategic-plan-cycleAre we spending our energy in avoidance of pain, fear, or disapproval?  Are we trying to get everything everyone else appears to have?  Maybe it’s time to spend time planing how to create more joy, love, peace, and compassion in the world around us.

What does Great Spirit want for my life?  What saint or great being do I wish to emulate?  How can I be strong in love and forgiveness?
How can I make choices that lead to a joyful life of service and loving kindness to others?

In order to work successfully with the Great Spirit of All Life we must practice the art of detachment.  The more attached we are to the manifestation of something we want…the harder it is to allow it to happen.  Detachment is the non-emotional and compassionate ability to see through our little self desires to something worthy of a Beloved Child of Life.
So if we pray, affirm, and know love is ours …there is nothing else we need to do.  There is no need to get so excited about seeing if it has happened yet…and how it has happened.  That puts us in a state of “doubt”…”Are we there yet?”   Instead we practice saying, “Great Mother and Father help me to plant my seeds and learn to wait patiently, with detachment, until they grow to harvest time.

Manual_harvest_in_TirumayamGreat Mother,
Help me to be understanding with all the people in my life.
Teach me to listen instead of trying to be heard.
Show me how to merge myself into the wholeness of life
So I do not become puffed up and think of myself as unduly important.
Great Lady, grant me your loving patience that I may understand others
even as I desire to be understood.


Great Father,
I bow to your wisdom.
Help me for I am prone to trust myself instead of You.
Many times I have tried to leave behind old habits.
Many times I have failed.
Let me take your hand, Great Father
for with you there can be no failure.
Together with you miracles shall unfold.
Together with you I shall learn to be patient
with myself and others when mistakes are made.


Great Weaver,
I recognize and accept the good, the beautiful
and the loving gift of life within me.
Help me so that
When my inner self is hungry I can feed it with love-
When my inner self is angry I can find a way
to return to peace and safety-
When my inner self is sad, help me
find comfort and assurance-
When my inner self sees lack
show me my blessings-
And when my inner self sees failure-
show me my successes.
And. Great Weaver, above all help me
remember to share these good things
with the people around me.