Tranquility is a state of mind cultivated by fully entering into and enjoying what we are doing in the moment.  It can be restful to read, watch television, cook, talk with friends, or go for a walk with the dog.  Those same activities can just as easily be stressful if we are engaging in them unwillingly. Image Most days seem filled with clamoring voices even when we’re alone.  They speak of desire for this or angry tirades that life is unfair.  Sometimes the voices are sad with longing for what used to be or filled with scorn for the choices of others.

Often our mind is engaged in storytelling, a litany of past events, memories, and even fearful imaginings of the future.  So even though most people wish for serenity it remains an elusive, rare event in our lives.  Maybe that happens because we are unwilling to do the things that lead us to equanimity.  In order to have this uncommon treasure we need to do everything with a mind that lets go.

This is a release of clinging: to past stories, future fears, opinions, judgments, desires, attractions and aversions.  So then do we sit around with a blank stare on our faces?   No!  We fill up all the places those things occupy with Great Spirit’s words, creations, and gifts.  We watch carefully what we say and do, intending to please Great Spirit rather than others.  We desire only union with the Beloved Spirit and discard all other desires.  We drop our judgments and cease to meddle in things that do not concern us.  In this way we shall have inner stillness and composure.


May I cultivate your peace Beloved
that my soul may radiate stillness.
May I cultivate your peace, Beloved
that I may think, act, and speak harmoniously.
May I cultivate your peace, Beloved
that I may be content and thankful for your bountiful gifts.
May I cultivate your peace, Beloved
that amidst worldly strife I may still find joy.
May I cultivate your peace, Beloved
that I may endure all, tolerate all,
with compassion and mercy.
May I cultivate your peace, Beloved
that I may become a channel of hope
that the pain of others may vanish.
And may I cultivate your peace
so that my struggles within the world can come to an end.

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