Beginner’s Mind

It appears easy for children to learn. One of the advantages they have that an adult loses is the knowledge of, and expectation that, they will make mistakes before learning what they wish to master.children-learning

What do you wish to master?
Can you allow yourself to try again and again and get it wrong?
What is the time frame in which you expect to experience this mastery?
Is that really do-able?
How teachable do you think you are?

Almost every day we have the opportunity to learn something new.  This can be very simple such as  tasting  a food we’ve not tried before, driving to work down a different street, or getting new software for our electronic devices.   Life in the physical world is a process of growing, changing, and learning. When we cease to learn we cease to be truly alive.  dogAs we grow older some individuals find it hard to learn. This is because true learning means practicing a skill until we make it our own.  It means making mistakes and trying again. An old dog can be taught new tricks because an old dog is willing. A human, no matter what age, can’t be taught anything they are unwilling to learn.

True ignorance is believing we already know all of the answers.  Many times we might feel stupid, ignorant, or slow because we cannot put into practice the truths of spirit, or some spiritual teaching we’ve received in meditation. What this lack of understanding means is that we are still teachable.

Our cultural and religious belief systems tell us that we must strive to be perfect in all ways, mentally, emotionally, and physically.   It behooves a person to attain such a state or at least pretend to attain perfection in order to be thought of as spiritual. What all the great masters and saints have known, however, is that they were ignorant and in need of Divine Guidance. Let us joyfully accept that we do not know so that we may continue to learn, to grow, and to become more.


I open myself to Great Spirit’s Purpose
Let the dust and mud of painful thoughts be washed away in the joyful grace of love
I will remember that nothing can be totally eliminated
If I melt something, it just becomes something else.
Let me melt into something else!
I am open to melting into love
I am obedient to Spirit’s grace
I am clay with your hands, Beloved!
Make me into something you will be proud to call your own.

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