The Monastic Journey

The secret to spiritual mastery is to become more of who we already are as spiritual beings.  We did not become who we are today in a year, or two years, or even in ten years.  It took a lifetime to be ourselves.  IMAG0820Who is this self?   To be human is to long for an unfettered union with the divine although we often strive to meet that need, that goal, through friendships, companions, and lovers eventually our soul will turn to the Maker of All Things and rejoice in the possibility of that unconditional, loving union.

We can never eliminate our ego, or personality self, but we can be aware of the voices inside that do not speak to us of love, compassion, forgiveness, and grace.  We can let go of guilt, anger, and self-pity and take the journey of awakened consciousness.  The only thing standing between us and our highest spiritual good is our fear and an acute sense of our own unworthiness.

Monasticism is a joyful journey toward Great Spirit and the sublime heights of spiritual love but it is also an arduous climb out of the shadowed valleys of self-hatred, despair, and childhood psychosis so that we can touch the sublime heights of spiritual love.  taktshang2But if effort were unnecessary we would not need courage, determination, and a passionate, even obsessive love for The Master, for Her or His Grace, or for the ultimate goal of knowing the Self, which is called Enlightenment.

To free ourselves it is necessary to change the past and our story of the past by reviewing the emotional decisions connected with earlier unhappy events.  We do this by redefining what those things mean to us now.  What did we learn?  What treasures did we find?  What do we need to leave in the ashes?  And what shall we carry with us into our future?

On the monastic path we spend a great deal of time noticing our thoughts, our arisings or mental images, emotional reactions, and bodily sensations.  We become so familiar with our inner landscape that we finally wish to release it, forgive it, and find some new adventure on which to embark.  However, our old self has to go with us.  We can’t run.  We can’t hide.  And we can’t destroy any part of us.  starangeAnd why should we?  We are a beautiful, unique, divine spark of the All Spirit Energy.  There has never been anyone just like us…and there never will be again.  Shouldn’t we try to enfold all of our beingness in the loving arms of compassion?  Great Spirit doesn’t make mistakes…and the Eternal Spirit of All Life doesn’t make junk.

So from what are we trying to free ourselves?  Simply put it is the deep seated belief that we are intrinsically bad, wrong, unworthy, and wrong-headed.  When we free ourselves from this misconception into the possibility that somehow we need all of our qualities and the wisdom of all our experiences in order to serve Great Spirit… we will be free indeed.  The monastic life gives us an opportunity to practice accepting ourselves, as we are, right now…and maybe even more importantly to accept others as they are right now.  This is a daily practice because we will be living in intimate community with people we don’t know very well, who have habits we don’t always approve of, and who may be individuals we almost certainly would avoid if we were living in the world.   And yet there they are day after day being themselves… as we continually express being ourselves.  Oh, boy, what a recipe for suffering!  So in monasticism we practice accepting others as they are and continually strive to accept ourselves as we are.11537595-bells-inside-the-buddhist-monastery-square-composition

Acceptance is not approval.  It is ALLOWING.  In allowing we find concern and kindness for others who are also on a great journey to enlightenment, and are struggling with their own doubts, challenges, and suffering.  We find care and compassion for ourselves because we are suffering.  And softly, with great gentleness we surrender to Great Spirit in prayer, pohwas, and the mighty nectar of mantra.  Slowly, bit-by-bit, prayer-by-prayer Enlightenment brightens up the world around us until we are Holy and we are Free!

The Blessing Way

The potential for delivering blessings to the people around us is everywhere.  It’s easy enough to bless others when we feel happy, full and prosperous, but what about the times we are sad, mad, anxious, or upset?  If we are not blessing the people in our lives are we cursing them instead?  upset-womanLike the guy who cut us off in traffic, or the rude woman at the checkout stand, or when a family member says something unkind to us?  Our tendency is to react with anger, or maybe mutter a curse word or two under our breath.  What if we practiced blessing everyone instead?

So, what is a blessing?  A blessing could be time, money, energy, possessions, kind thoughts, hopeful wishes almost anything that we appreciate about being alive.  We could bless others with the hope that they will enjoy the sunshine, have a pleasant day, be filled with joy, take time to play or wish them well in all they do that day…our possibilities are limited only by our imagination.  343448-2000x1407

When we give away a blessing even if it’s our time, money, or possessions those things come back to us multiplied.  Remember the last time you moved out of a house or apartment and gave away a bunch of stuff because you didn’t want so much clutter?  How long did it take for you to accumulate the same amount of clutter again?  The universe abhors a void…if we give away something will come to fill up that hole.  That’s another reason to give away blessings, scattering them throughout the lives of those around us like flowers at a wedding….for if we give away all those good wishes surely they will return to us again.  This might also be a good reason not to think or shout curse words at the world…because what we give away always comes back to us.

And while we are busy blessing others with good…rather they deserve it or not…how about we bless the mean voices in our heads that tell us we are stupid, wrongheaded, and there’s obviously something wrong with us.  We could bless those voices of self-hate…maybe…if we try.

What are you grateful for in your life?   


Great Spirit, may I be a true human being.
May I care about others,
giving and receiving what is needed,
instead of focusing on what I want and think I need.
May I make the world a better place than when I arrived.
May I listen more than I speak.
May I see each day as an opportunity to celebrate life,
And share my blessings with everyone!

May I accept others as they are,
and have the compassion to stand with them in love,
and not run away from their pain.
O Sacred Ancestors
You who have gone before me on this journey
Help me to remember that the only thing that matters
is giving, sharing, and creating love!