Karma- Your Duty To Life

Let’s explore the energy of Great Spirit Weaver.
Weaver’s entrance into the world went something like this:
One day Great Mother said, “Oh, dear, I surely need some help with all of these wearisome earth children!”  Inspired by a meditation Great Mother came to understand that she needed a Sister, a woman who could come and help with her problem children (human beings).

may-i-meditate_meditation (1)Great Mother sat in peace and called into the Universal Void of the Marai for a Sister to come to her.  Emerging from darkness into light- shining like the moon- from the eternal deep came Chechewan- Changing Woman, She Who Knows the Pattern of All Things.

After Listening to Great Mother, her sister, Chechewan said, “I will call for some children of my own to come to me.  BirthingtheGalaxy-WillowArlenea_000Children who can weave the energies of difference into a pattern of wholeness- children who will understand compassion because they will have two spirits, not just one. They will have my Weaver Knowledge as well as the gender imperative of a female being.”

And so Chechewan called into her womb, from the Great Void, the children of the rainbow- the Hayamoni; the Two-Spirit Ones.

Then she sent these two-spirit children to the earth world as Weavers to see what they could do to bring peace and understanding to the troubled tribes of earth.  In the beginning the Weavers were all female. This helped greatly to improve things for women.  But the human males didn’t want to hear about wholeness and harmony of life from a female.  More troubles!

But Maha Chechewan only smiled.  Sitting once again in Peace she summoned the Eternal Spirit of All Life, the Marai, into her womb and brought forth in Rainbow Light- her son, Neemalaho! 

downloadLaughing, Dancing, Singing-Neemalaho, spun his spirit splendor, his hayamoni beingness into existence and sent male two-spirit ones to join their sisters in the earth world.  And so for years uncounted there was peace on earth and goodwill for all.

It didn’t last.  Separation returned.  Selfishness, greed, anger and need ruled once more. Once more the earth was in chaos.  Many turned away from the truth of their Tarai (heavenly) origin.  They sought power in domination and control of all life around them.  They rejected Great Spirit and named themselves The Others.

But the Great Story is continuing.  The questions of Great Mother, Great Father, Chechewan & Neemalaho continue- “Will the children finally remember who they truly are?  Will they remember they were born of beauty and hope? What can we do to help?”

Great Weaver is calling us to breathe in and breathe out so that we are present in the Now.  When we  are fully present, fully awake, we are capable of truly sharing love, joy and peace with others. When we are here now we can be a blessing in the world.  If we are not fully present in the here and now being a blessing we are not making a contribution to life- we have forgotten our true purpose.

As a spirit we have a karma, a duty, to life.  Being here on this earth has nothing to do with us being happy it has to do with our ability to make life better for others.  Probably we do not know what our karmic duty is.  We are muddling along just trying to share our benefactor qualities and ignore our negative personality traits.  But to prepare ourselves to be ready to learn our karmic duty it’s necessary to absolutely accept two things- Failure is inevitable.  We are here to contribute- not seek after happiness.

blessed_620When we make errors it’s necessary to atone only if the mistakes we made were deliberate. If we deliberately direct our fear, anger, pain, and unhappiness toward another and take it out on them in some way, (mentally, emotionally, or physically) then we owe atonement.  Such an action is also a mistake, which hopefully we will recognize and correct.  If we speak with kindness, love, and generosity; if we are attempting to do good, and it doesn’t work out the way we planned- are we going to stop doing good?

The best thing to do in unpleasant situations and relationships is to BLESS AND MOVE ON.  This is the way of the saints and spiritual masters throughout time.  They have always known that the purpose of their lives was to be a blessing to the best of their ability.  We will find examples of this in the lives of Master Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Yogananda.  They were not always popular- but the karma (duty) they lived was a blessing for all life.



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