Creating Tribe

Tribal Values
The energy of tribal being-ness, family, and community is based upon shared and common values.  For thousands of years it was the common values of tribal cultures that contributed to their survival as a people. Their common goal was life, abundant life, the continuation of their people through their children. When a people truly become a tribe or community, there is a common understanding of values. What do tribes or communities value? Men?   Women?   War?   Peace?  Their superiority? Land?  Sacred sites?  Children?  A way of life?  Elders?   The Past?  The Earth?

Dongria-Kondh-tribe-membe-006Most tribes named themselves THE People which usually amounts to “us” and “them” which often results in domination, war, and control. So, it is time to come to a place of creating a new spiritual pathway that is not THE Way, but A Way of understanding values as energy and living a life of wholeness.

Core Values
A core value is a way in which we make decisions in our lives. Core values might shift or evolve but the underlying foundation does not change. Maybe at one time in your life you declared- “I am giving my life to Jesus.” Maybe you still do. But perhaps at some point the religious leadership of your community did not make positive demonstrations of authenticity so you lost faith in that church, but the core values you acquired remained. What are the core values of the Great Master, Jesus? To love one another and do good for others even if they hate you. His message said “Leave the desires of the world and follow the greater good of the Spirit. Optimized-Core-ValuesYour core values did not change if you left a church community but where and how you now express those values may have transformed. Perhaps you have even begun to seek a community that appears to make a greater demonstration of your core values.

Surface Values
There is a whole set of surface values that come into play within communities- dress codes, types of music, who is tithing and who isn’t, declaring what is sacred and what is not, fitting in or being weird, I like you or I don’t like you, socializing or being alone, etc. These values often change. Relationships change: in families, spiritual paths, organizations, and interactions. In our world, one person or group usually needs to be right and another needs to wrong so that we can feel righteous. This is what political parties, sports teams, nations, and various religious dogmas are all about.

A New TribeSS_97340837_Kids3_200_200_all_100_c1
The Path of Spirit (Christ nature, Buddha nature, Light nature, Great Beingness) is beyond right or wrong.  Each of us at some time must choose for the highest values we understand and wish to practice in order to give our lives meaning.  What might we do to create a post-modern tribe?

A tribe needs to have certain core ethics, values, and understandings. Here are a few possibilities upon which we could build a tribe, a community, a new more humane world.

What if-
We remembered we are born from the Mother and are grateful for our gift of life?
We responded to suffering with true compassion instead of pity or sympathy?
We work so every being can have clean water, fresh air, food, and a safe home?
Children have lots of hugs and kisses so they know they are loved?
Women saw themselves and each other as sacred beings?
Men sought for a place to belong and contribute to all life on earth?
LGBT people discovered and celebrated their unique inner beauty in order to create peace for all beings?
Adults listened to children so they could understand and nurture the beauty of their potential and abilities?
Women understood they can only flourish in unity with their sisters?
Men expected themselves to rise to and act from their noble nature?
LGBT let go of the rebellious child to unify as one heart, as one people, for sacred purpose?
We learn to nurture, protect and honor all life as precious?
We remembered that we are spirit beings with the power to make things better for others through our prayers?