A Christmas Story

Once upon a time Mama and Papa Light and the angels were getting ready for the birth of the baby Jesus.  Everyone was very excited.  Everyone wanted to participate, and everyone wanted to help.  There were many jobs to be done, but there were also many, many angels who wanted to do those jobs.  So Mama and Papa Light decided to hold auditions to see who would be best suited for each job.

angels-artwork-christmasThe first auditions were for those angels who would sing in the Hallelujah choir. These angels would announce the baby’s birth to the shepherds near Bethlehem, singing Hallelujah! Glory to God in the highest! Peace on earth! Good will to all!

Many angels applied for the job and were accepted. But one angel couldn’t sing quite as well as the others.  One little angel was rejected because he had a scratchy voice.  Angels were also needed to keep the Christmas star bright.  Many angels applied and were accepted. Each angel smiled brightly at getting such an important job.  But our little scratchy-voiced angel was also a little sloppy.  Although his smile was bright, he always had cookie crumbs on his face and his robe didn’t fit right.  All those things got in the way of his brightness.

anime-boy-angel-with-brown-hair-images-pictures-becuo-3500685Soon after Jesus’ birth, an angel was needed to help the holy family to get safely to Egypt and away from King Herod of Judea.  This angel would need to protect the family on their long journey. Our little scratchy-voiced, sloppy angel applied for that job, too, but he was too fat to fit into the armor. So our scratchy-voiced, sloppy, fat angel did not get any of the jobs needed for Jesus’ mission – not the messenger job to tell the 12-year-old Jesus to stay behind at the temple and learn from the rabbis, while his parents waited for him; not the job of being with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane; nor the job of guarding Jesus’ tomb after the crucifixion and telling of his resurrection.

The little angel participated as best he could from afar during Jesus’ lifetime and during the annual birthday of the Christ child and of course all the celebrations of the resurrection.  But our little angel did spend most of his time playing and eating cookies.

lluu8Many years went by and the annual birthday celebration seemed to lose its meaning.  People no longer shared love and joy. They just thought about what to buy and how to be safe in their own houses.  It seemed that the world was becoming dark again.  Mama and Papa Light decided they needed to do something to bring the light back. They opened a job position for an angel who could bring love, joy, and the spirit of the giveaway back to Christmas.  Many angels applied and many were rejected.

The scratchy-voiced, sloppy, fat angel, looking at the many angels who were applying for the job, decided not to apply.  Instead he took his cookies and went to sit in a corner. After all the angels had applied for the job and been turned down, Mama Light said, “This is a very special job that will take a very special angel.  Where’s the scratchy-voice, sloppy, fat little angel?

“Santa Claus come here.  This job is for you.” Mama Light said.

Santa Claus’ mouth fell open. “Who me?”

santa-claus-04Mama Light handed the angel a red, furry suit, just his size, saying, “I have made you a special furry suit to wear for this job.  It is bright red for joy, and soft and furry for love.”

Papa Light then said, “You will need helpers in order to create the millions of toys that you will be taking to the children of the world.  Here are some elves that will assist you.”

Then He said, “I have created a special home of light for you at the North Pole.  It can only be seen by children who have pure hearts.  From there you will be taking presents to children all over the world, and so you will need transportation.  Here is a sleigh and reindeer to pull it.”

Santa Claus was so happy to have found his special job that he laughed out loud, deep and clear.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

And to this day Santa Claus brings love and joy to all the children at Christmas time.  The children, knowing his love of cookies, are always sure to leave him a plate of on Christmas Eve.  And on Christmas morning, all that are left of those cookies are the crumbs he has brushed from his wonderful red suit of love.

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Story

  1. What a precious story! With patience we find our true purpose. To quote Margaret Mead, “always remember that you are absolutely unique, just like everyone else.”

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