A Heart-Centered Life

There are three important energies that must be expressed in order to live a heart-centered life.  They are difficult energies because they do not necessarily bring success in the world plan.

Living-a-heart-centered-lifeKnow, Understand, and Manifest a Heart Centered Life Each Day

To manifest a Heart Centered Life we consider every action, thought, or, especially, any word that comes out of our mouths we need to be asking, How is this promoting love, joy, or peace?  If is it not promoting these energies, what we are about to do, think, or say, is not from our heart center.  If what we think, say, or do won’t add positive energy then, practice silence instead.  Pointing out the faults of another does not promote love, joy, or peace.

Don’t think in terms of what others need to do in order for us to have love, joy, or peace.  What are we going to do?  We are not going to change another.  It is not Heart Centered to confront misbehavior and demand change.  Focus instead on forgiveness:  I do not remember that you have ever offended me.   If we are not ready for Divine Forgiveness then start with compassion for self and then find compassion for the another.  We don’t have to “put up with” misbehavior.  We recognize it and create positive dialogue around the possibility of change.  Heart Centered is finding more love, joy, and peace in our lives by creating beauty, hope, and wholeness.

When we share our favorite hell stories with our friends it does not help us to be heart-centered or healed.  Recognize that we have pain around an experience or a conversation and then bring compassion to that pain.  Practice the four steps of healing- acceptance, non-harm expression, release, and refocus.  Then speak, act, and think in a heart-centered way.

When we fail, and we will fail, guilt will not help us.  Guilt is just the warning beep that we have gone against our heart-center.  Recognize it, have compassion, and try again.  Don’t wallow in guilt.  Notice we have made a mistake and get on with our lives.

Consider Others Before Yourself

compassion_3224251965_1200x627To consider others before ourselves is not an invitation to martyrdom.  It’s an invitation to contribute to the lives of those around us and to make a difference in the world in which we live.  It’s the call of our soul as a human being.  However, if we override that call and make it all about us, we suffer and others suffer.

We knew when we came here what it would be like.  Our ancestor council of soul shared memories with us and hoped that we could be the one to make a difference in our karmic patterns.  But after we were born, instead of remembering selflessness, we learned to practice self-centeredness.  I need; I want; I must have.  And someone is preventing me from having it.  So we go to enemy consciousness.

We are here to make a contribution to the world.  The so-called peace talks demonstrate how people are all about getting and making demands.  True peace talks would be about what there is to share.  Often marriage counseling is simply about complaining.  He doesn’t give me what I need to be happy. / She doesn’t try to understand me.  Then the process moves into negotiations.  That is enemy consciousness.  It won’t work.  The other person would have already given what you say you need if he or she had been able to do so.

The point is to get rid of little self and make a contribution.  Think of others before we think of ourselves, be tender with self, and be tender with others.   A big part of us doesn’t want to do this.  We may start and fail miserably, but like a rock over which a bird flies, brushing it with its wings, until it is worn away- so too thinking of others in tenderness will wear away the little selfish being until only the Great Being remains.

Be Willing to Contribute without Receiving Thanks

There are two parts to this energy:

  1. There are no rewards.
  2. We are going to make mistakes.

mother_stars_sTrue humility is to recognize when we are wrong, apologize, and make atonement.  Recognize that we caused pain to another and do atonement whether they accept it or not.  The battle of light and dark goes on inside us every day.  If we are not the light, then we are causing pain and suffering.  If we are not heart-centered we are causing harm.  Do atonement.

Practice until what we offer needs no reward.  We give, let go and not concern ourselves with what others do with our gift.  The energy comes back anyway so practice having no expectation of how it will return.

It’s not about feeling good; it’s about being good.  And it’s about doing it in difficult circumstances.  Plant the seeds of eternity where they are needed.  If we have trouble with this, we need refuge and sanctuary.  Sow the seeds of eternity where they are needed.  Our purpose isn’t to save the world but to be a good person in the world.  To do that we must take sanctuary in a beautiful place.  We let nature heal us.   Sanctuary can be inside in a temple or sacred building.  Where is Divine Spirit?  Look in the mirror.  It’s you, wherever you are as long as you live from spirit heart.

Refuge is for times of darkness.  Go to the temple of your heart and fling yourself like a little child into the arms of your Spiritual Master.  Be held.  Then go back out to the world.  Refuge is instant healing.   Daily, or at least weekly, go to a space of beauty and renew your soul.  The heart-centered life is hard, but possible, one thought, one day at a time.

2 thoughts on “A Heart-Centered Life

  1. Mother, you are our mentor of selflessness and loving kindness. I honor you and the heart-centered sacrifice you make daily for our people, our world.

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