A Few Thoughts About Death

cce2-234e-44a4-aa7d-3fc5a9b0af4fDeath is an episode in life.  It is not the end of life.

In autumn the plants release their seeds, before they die, so there will be flowers in the spring.

Winter is the time of resting with our seeds to allow a new dream to arise.

Extinction is when a particular life form ceases to exist.  But life itself does not cease to exist.

Everything is alive- not just people, plants, and animals…rocks, water, fire, clouds, the sun and sky- all are alive, each in their own way.

Death is an episode within life.  It is not the end of life.

When we die everything vanishes, our likes and dislikes, our attachments, our opinions, our bills, our schedules, our calendar, or fears and worries.  In that moment of perfect bless we are liberated. We could be liberated forever, but for most of us our habituated thoughts, concerns, and desires will reassert themselves.  We return to old patterns and habituated thoughts, which leads us back into the cycle of incarnation.

X8XiBKzSis11Hi6NPrMv1cToc2yXqBtTtlpj0gPbhJBWg19REODi36dcmqykZBv6XH6gEGvH5wgD0bQAyYEJp7QtdtAWASfeYYAYlv0AJ417nKah4TXAGevooOu4X5llIf we are attached, one way or another, to things, places, animals, or people we will reattach to those things and find ourselves back on earth.  So, maybe it’s important to attach ourselves to what we love rather than dislike or hate.  Maybe it’s important to attach ourselves to the qualities of compassion, kindness, and generosity, so others are happy to see us again.

Divine Father


Divine Father, You are
the brilliance of the sun,
The song in the wind,
And the beauty and strength of mountains.
You are the Protector of All Life.

Your Mind is-
Beauty and Strength
Your Heart is-
Compassion and Justice
Your Life is-
Honor and Humility.

Teach us to know how
to do what we know to do.
Teach us to know how
to be what we know to be.

Divine Spirit’s Mind is beauty and strength, may we learn to be strong enough to turn ugliness into beauty.  We can plant flowers in a slum, offer kindness to those in need, feed the hungry, visit the imprisoned, clothe the naked, care for the sick or aged, and shelter the homeless.

Divine Spirit’s Heart is Justice and compassion.  May we learn to walk and be a friend to  those who suffer.  May we treat others as we wish to be treated.   Justice is about restoring ourselves and others to wholeness.  May we not judge others until we have walked in their life experiences.

religions_2The Life of Divine Spirit is honor and humility.  Honor is respect.  Respect is the Vow of Freedom, allowing others to make their own choices without our opinion getting in the way.  May we appreciate life and the gifts life has bestowed upon us.  Remember, those who have honor do not allow evil to go unchallenged.  Humility is realizing our hard-wired conditioning and our received knowledge conditioning.  May we accept that we are not perfect and never will be. Once we have accepted we are imperfect beings who make mistakes and even cause harm we can be humble in the face of other’s challenges and mistakes.  

Divine Spirit teach us to know how to do what we know to do.  Teach us to know how to be what we know to be.



faceEverything I have experienced is a part of me.  Nothing is ended because it remains in memory.

What memories do you choose to focus on?  This will be the sum total and the story of your life.

When a relationship ends can you say:

I remember the good in you-
I remember the love-
I remember laughing with you-
I remember the peace.

We carry the genetic seeds of our ancestors.  What they felt emotionally and believed absolutely is part of us.  To walk in the grace of Divine Presence it’s important to forgive our ancestors.  And perhaps, it is even more important to thank our ancestors.

memoriesOur future depends on our memories of today.  What we choose to remember will be woven into the wholeness of our lives.   So, remembering even things that were painful or created deep unhappiness are still worth keeping.  Even a drab or ugly piece of cloth can be combined with other colors so that what is created is finished in beauty.