faceEverything I have experienced is a part of me.  Nothing is ended because it remains in memory.

What memories do you choose to focus on?  This will be the sum total and the story of your life.

When a relationship ends can you say:

I remember the good in you-
I remember the love-
I remember laughing with you-
I remember the peace.

We carry the genetic seeds of our ancestors.  What they felt emotionally and believed absolutely is part of us.  To walk in the grace of Divine Presence it’s important to forgive our ancestors.  And perhaps, it is even more important to thank our ancestors.

memoriesOur future depends on our memories of today.  What we choose to remember will be woven into the wholeness of our lives.   So, remembering even things that were painful or created deep unhappiness are still worth keeping.  Even a drab or ugly piece of cloth can be combined with other colors so that what is created is finished in beauty.



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