The Blessing Way

The potential for delivering blessings is everywhere. This practice is easy when we’re happy, but not so easy when we are not. If we are not blessing most likely we are cursing.

Grandchild offering small bouquet of summer wild flowers to grandmother “I will bless this person with good” This practice of blessing is not concerned with what we think another should have but giving what we have to share. Even when the situations in our lives create discomfort and pain we can still ask, “What are the blessings I still have in my life?” Remember that in true generosity there is a return that comes to us. It’s when we give more than we think we have to spare that a door opens for more blessings to come in.

Blessing Principle
Money, time, energy, possessions. When we give away our blessings, they are not gone. They may become something more or something else. When we give all that we have something comes to fill that empty place.

The Blessing Way. “I am wishing and knowing good things for you today.” This statement arises from compassion.  It leads us into grace.

girl and dogBlessing Abundance
We cannot bless another until we fill ourselves so we have something to share – this could be grace, joy, abundance, or almost anything. We move our consciousness to the place where we know gratitude. The authenticity of our knowing amounts to the power of our blessing. Otherwise it is just a wish or a fantasy.

Try this practice for a little each day. Write a word that describes your gratitude/blessing energy, on a  post-it-note. Place it where you will always see it, know it. Maybe you will write GRATITUDE – or any word that describes how you are blessed. Be with that energy. Pay special attention to how you feel. Know it then send it to another. Of course there will be days we call a bad day- on those days especially- it is important to-

  1. Remember possibilities
  2. Find your blessings
  3. Feel them strongly and share them enthusiastically


Practice the Blessing Way
Remember to bless and be bold. Maybe your Unkind inner voices say mean things. Bless your unkind voices…say “Bless you” like when someone sneezes. Do what you can. Blessings everywhere you go. Give away in kindness. See what you can do today.  I think you will enjoy it.


Surrendering means something more than to devote ourselves to a cause, or to the will of Great Spirit.  It is more than giving of ourselves to others.  It is even more than abandoning our life to Spirit.


True surrender is to die to everything and everyone.  It is to continually keep our heart and mind turned toward Great Father, Great Mother, and the Great Weaver of all Life.  We no longer seek self-satisfaction in anything but the words, the heart, and the mind of Great Spirit.

It should be added that self-surrender means following the path of detachment from people, places, things, and even from a natural desire to be noticed, appreciated, and loved by our God(dess).  It is to accept everything that happens as a gift.  It means to submit our life to being guided by a Higher Power- without argument, or exception.

Perhaps you think this is too difficult.  Do not be deceived.  There is nothing easier to do. tumblr_mmx1blnVL21s9rnz8o1_500 Nothing so sweet to practice.  The whole thing consists in saying:
“Beloved, I wish to be entirely yours.  Please accept my offering.”

Everything is an opportunity to serve the Light.
By incarnating in the physical world we decided to have an experience.  We have the power to imagine, decide, create, and change.  When we practice surrender we agree to accept life as it is.  We can always count on Great Spirit to help us have a little bit of everything.  Let us give thanks for the potluck abundance of our experience of life- instead of whining that we don’t like and want certain things.  Abundance is a full heart.  Not a full refrigerator, garage, or wallet.

tumblr_mlipahaKVj1qhmhdfo1_500Great Spirit
I abandon myself into your hands.
Do with me this day according to Your will.
Whatever happens today or any day,
May I give thanks for the blessing of life.
I am ready to accept all people
And to let only your love, joy ad peace be expressed to them.
Into your hands I lay my life.
Guide me in the ways I am to go.

Give me the relationships that will best serve You.
Allow my hands to do work that is a blessing to Your Name.
I surrender myself without reservation
And with boundless confidence
Because I know You love me!