A long time ago you were a small child born with hopes and spirit dreams.  You wanted to love and be loved, to laugh, to play, and to make a difference in the world.  bigstock-Child-sitting-on-a-rooftop-and-12160391-300x209The family that you were adopted or born into shared their structure, their way of understanding life, which might have been very different from what you understood or wanted.  These people developed ways of thinking and being in response to the experiences of their lives.  Since they didn’t remember who they really were- the beloved children of Great Spirit- they could only teach you how to survive in a difficult world.  As you became your own individual you began to believe you were not like everyone else.  But the truth is there is no one who really believes they fit in, belong, and that they are ok just like they are.

In the end no one fits in because there is no truth to the teachings of the world or the beliefs of world mind.  It is all an illusion of thought.  World mind is full of lots of notions and ideas, most of which make money for someone.  But making money is not a Truth…it is an experience of illusion.  The world mind’s purpose is not to help you be who you are or to live as who you really are it is to gain possessions, position, and power.

beautiful-birds-child-dreams-hope-favim-com-173804Spirit Truth is- you are the beloved children of Great Spirit Mother, Father, and Weaver. This means you have a great light within you, you have a great love within you, the potential for great joy within you, and the energy of peace within you.  You cannot earn this.  You cannot create it.  It just exists.  It exists as your Tarai (spirit) mind- the mind that remembers who you truly are.  Coming to rely upon the Tarai mind you will be able to know Great Spirit’s will for you and your life.  You will be able to remember why you came into this world.

The seeds (thoughts) we are sowing in our mind, into the ground of our spirit beingness, determine our experience of this world. 

No one can make us feel anything we do not decide to feel.  Over and over again individuals have demonstrated that they can hold to Great Spirit’s truth even if their body is tortured and killed.  No one can make us commit an evil act…it is we who choose to be noble and virtuous or angry, revengeful, and full of pain.

enemies-friends-life-lover-quote-Favim.com-136462_largeWhen we find someone and declare them to be the enemy and feel they must be destroyed somehow in order for us to be safe we  are outside of Spirit Truth.  How can enemy consciousness be avoided?  It begins by understanding that we are in enemy consciousness with ourselves.  There is a part of us that we hate.  these are the voices that tell us that we are stupid or that there is something wrong with us.  This is our personal demon.  We all have one.   It was created by the words and actions of people when we were small, or the words of people who were trying to educate us and teach us how things really are.  Much of our lives these self-hate voices are prodding, poking, demanding, and scolding in one way or another.  When this happens many of us engage in arguments with ourselves.  We may be constantly defending against our self-hate voices.  But all the arguing, processing, and transformational exercises only tend to make the self-hate voice more real, stronger, and less easily defended against.  The harder we try the more likely we are to lose.   It’s like a court battle with a corrupt attorney.

Most of our suffering is caused by the voices in our head.

When the voices get control because we have made a mistake of some kind we begin by feeling guilty, then ashamed, then horrified, and once those three things happen we usually make one of two choices- anger or depression.  voices_in_my_head_by_onehundredpercentme-d5i02dnAnger is when we make our mistake the fault of someone else –he made me so angry.  Depression is when we blame ourselves- I should have known better.  Neither of these two options will help us move from suffering to joy, peace, or love.

What if there was an alternative?    It is Laughter….laughter will set you free!

Laughter is the key that will set us free. Some people say that love is the key to set us free from suffering- but actually that rarely works.  How many times have you been able to feel love and still suffer from jealousy, anger, and upset?  However it’s impossible to be angry, upset, or suffering and laugh at the same time.

What turns off anger, depression, and the horror of having made a mistake is LAUGHTER. HappinessHowever this will not work as long as we are determined to believe that everything we say, think, feel, and do is deadly serious.  Begin to let go of taking life too seriously.   This is only possible if we truly understand that in life there will always be suffering but it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with us.  Mistakes are inevitable but they don’t mean there is something wrong with us!  How long we suffer is a choice.  Cultivate laughter, cultivate the ability to let go and Play.  Play means that when we are finished we have nothing to show for it other than a good mood.

In love and honor do I hold myself,
and in this way shall I cherish all things of the earth,
for we are one and the same.

 The Angel of Wisdom is my guide
and I am directed in all my choices.
And from these decisions do I learn more of the ways
of Wisdom that I might harvest the fruits
of all my endeavors in the season of their ripeness.

 The whole of humanity is my family,
and I offer the fullness of my heart to all.

dc-224 Unto the ends of eternity shall I travel
and forever will I return to share with my people.

 May I choose all my actions deliberately,
and may they flow from the core of my highest truth,
that I might serve with all the fire and passion of my love.

 May I be a catalyst of healing and transformation
for those who would seek to mend their wounds
and grow beyond their boundaries.

I would be a beacon of light upon their way,
blazing forth a path of illumination
through the darkness that enshrouds them.

 May I be a shield for those who seek shelter
from the onslaughts of oppression,
and a sword for those who would
cut the ropes of their own bondage.

 May I laugh in the face of all things
that it might be an instrument of freedom and liberation,
breaking the shackles of fear
by the very power of its resonance.

 May the wings of my heart be strong
so as to carry the weight of the world in its flight to the sun.

 For I have come to prepare the way
so that others may follow,
until all rivers have reached the great sea
and all beings are free from suffering.

Belonging To Community

I am a part of a community, not just a person for myself.”  wpid-hands_of_friendship
Being within community means I am not just passing through, or showing up sometimes, making demands, seeking attention, and complaining that my needs are not being met.  I do not pretend to be someone I am not nor do I disown or dislike the original community that shaped me.  Instead I am continually checking and adjusting myself to make sure I am right with my communities.  I do not expect them to understand and do things my way.  I am open to the needs and ways of the community.

Trust is an essential part of a viable community or any worthwhile relationship.  Trust assumes that everyone is innately well-intentioned and working toward the same goals and purpose.   Trust is learning to be trustworthy in ourselves which not the same as automatically trusting others.  Trust comes when we know that it’s possible to discern if another is trustworthy without having judgments about that.

Secrecy is a strategy that satisfies a need for safety and self-protection.  We live in a guilt and shame culture and learn early in life not to share things that might “get us into trouble.”  Even as adults we believe we can “get into trouble” instead of understanding that our mistakes are opportunities to learn, grow, become initiated, and develop compassion for the self and others.

Feelings of guilt or shame create a need to make excuses or deny our behavior.  secretsWe try not to get caught doing and saying things that our community, family, friends, and significant other might not approve of.  Most of us believe deep down that we are bad, unlovable, and unworthy of trust.  Often we don’t trust ourselves let alone anyone else.  After all how many times have we tried and failed- to stay on a diet- not drink too much- get enough sleep- eat the foods that are good for us- and so on.

Making another responsible for our behavior is also a strategy to be safe and protected.  We tell others: “Don’t tell John I said that!”  “Please don’t tell Mom- I know I can trust you.”  “I don’t want Jill to hear about this, Ok?”  “I’ve never told anyone this before, but…”  Making others responsible for our secrets keeps us immature and spiritually undeveloped.

love-trustAll feelings of guilt and shame are an opportunity to develop compassionate forgiveness for the self or for another. When we fall out of grace there is a temptation to withdraw and blame others, or to punish ourselves.  However, pretending everything is fine when it isn’t fine only creates barriers in our heart.  So before we can actually make a commitment to a community or a meaningful relationship we have to stop pretending, withdrawing, and blaming.  We begin by thinking and acting with sincerity and reliability.

Trust I am a part of a community, not just a person for myself.

We open to Divine Will,
Surrendering, letting go, and being held
By the Great Mystery.
We trust in one another.

This day Great Father, we open
To the Divine way.
Surrendering, letting go, and being held,
in community,
We let divine movement carry us to the fullness of life.

This day Great Mother,
We remember who we are.
We remember why we are;
Your hands in the world, your voice for our people,
Free to create and bring love and joy and peace
To fill all the places of this day.

We are spirit, we are people of heart.
Guild us as we bring grace to this world.