Everything in the physical world is sacred because it was created by Great Spirit.  Therefore, if we are out of alignment with the earth, we are out of alignment with the Creator.

Mother Earth lies untouched,
Barren, empty, thirsting.
She reaches up to Sky Father
Gently it begins to rain.
Together they bring forth life.
All is good.
Things Flourish.
But all too soon the children of earth
make a mess.
Mother Earth becomes barren,
Empty, Thirsting-
She reaches up to Father Sky
Gently the rain begins to fall
Together they bring forth life.


Perhaps the most important thing to remember about The Sacred is that we live in the house of our Mother and Father.  The Earth is our mother and she holds us in her arms through the strength of purpose we call gravity.  She feeds us and provides everything we need for shelter and well-being.  The Sky is our father and he gives us the breath of our lives.  He provides us with warmth and with breezes to cool us.

The Sacred begins by acknowledging that we cannot create food without our Mother’s cooperation.  We cannot breathe without our Father’s generosity.  We live in the house of our Mother and Father.  To hold things sacred is to respect and appreciate what they have given us.

The word Sacred means unassailable, inviolate, highly valued, and important.   It is something holy, a relationship that is entitled to reverence and respect. Therefore, the Sacred, is reserved for something greater than ourselves.  Who could be greater, or more worthy of reverence and respect than our Great Mother, the Earth and our Everlasting Father Sky.  God, we would say, or the angels, or the saints and bodhisattvas we might exclaim in reply.  But they are invisible, known to us only through faith.  How can we have faith in Great Beings we can’t see if we deny the sacredness of the very visible, very physical, reality of the Earth and the Sky?


Great Spirit- May I be an instrument of your Sacred Grace!
May I walk in loving service to the Bowl of Life.
Help me to live fully within the sacred cycles of life.
Teach me to hold all life as sacred.
When I am barren, empty, and thirsting,
I will remember to reach outward
To Earth Mother and Sky Father
So that together we may bring forth life.

Today I allow my soul to open
To the vastness of Eternal Spirit.
I shall see the bowl of life overflowing
With infinite possibilities of goodness.
Reaching within may I then reach out
To touch others
With the Sacred Grace
Granted to me.