A Blessed Life

If we look at the world around us we see many souls who are without spiritual guidance, who long for a true relationship with Great Spirit- for someone to see them, hear them, and believe in them.  suffering2Do you know twenty people, or more, who are suffering?  Do you know people who have no hope that their suffering will end?  This is a sad but very experience common in the world now.

Spend a little time becoming aware of what you have in your life and in your heart.  Focus on your relationship to Great Spirit Mother and Father seeing the many ways you have been blessed with healing and hope.  Who would you be if you had never had the experiences of love, sharing, healing, and goodness that abound in your life?  When we become aware of what we have in our heart, in our family, in our life we desire to serve Great Mother & Great Father seeking an ending to all this suffering.  gratitudeWhen we find our gratitude we try to help others.  Many times we won’t be successful, but we can try anyway!

Wherever we go let us know that the Metta (loving kindness) is possible, that others can have these things, even as we have these things.  It’s easy to join the world- to be afraid, needy, and filled with the desire for many things.  But when we have love inside of us we understand what real joy is.  When we relax and bring our mind and heart to a place of peace we become free.  We can just sit and feel what we feel and then return our mind to the breath- letting go of all those other troublesome things.  If we align our lives in this way we begin to be happy and our inner demons are diminished.

So how do we reach through the noise of illusion and distraction to touch other’s hearts?  sharing-love-handsWe look into their eyes and speak to them.  We listen and really be present.  We discover what makes them a unique expression of Spirit grace. We offer this as a sanctuary.  We allow our blessed life to touch another’s life with blessings also.

The Metta

May all beings have good air to breathe.
May all beings have fresh, clean water to drink.
May all beings have food and a home.
May all beings share love with someone.
May all beings know their true purpose,
Be well and happy,
And free from suffering.
Today I shall do what I can to make this so.


“Allow yourself to find the courage to be who you truly are – a beloved child of Great Spirit.”

Courage is the fearless pursuit of Divine Will and Divine Way. Courage is the ability to look unflinchingly at the thoughts, attitudes, and barriers that separate us from the full acceptance of Great Spirit’s grace. Courage arises from faith. Faith arises from knowledge. Knowledge arises from practice.

To live with courage is to simply live.  To express spirit courageously is to live a life of meaning and service.  Fear is irrelevant to our existence for life continues if we live in fear or not.  Fear is unnecessary to the soul who loves, for love gives us courage to bear all things, endure all things, and hope for all things.  Courage is the fearless pursuit of Spirit’s love, joy, and peace.  Fear arises from not knowing or understanding.  Courage arises from certain knowledge of spirit truth.


Great Spirit, today may I recognize
that I always do the best I know how to do.
Yes, after the event
I can always think of ways
I could have done better-
said something wiser-
or been kinder somehow.

But I did do the best I knew how
to do at the time.

May I learn to forgive myself
for what I did not know.
May I learn to forgive others
for what they did not know or do.

I can learn to do better.
Help me find the courage to make that happen!

Beloved Teachers-
You have shown me the road of fearlessness.
You have demonstrated a life of courageous love.
Help me to follow in your footsteps.
May I awaken to Divine Grace.