Reality or Truth?

Reality is the story we tell ourselves about daily life, personal encounters, and why we are the way we are.  Most people believe in a past where certain things happened or didn’t happen and what happened or didn’t happen creates their ability to have a happy life or not.  But what if our belief in reality is inaccurate?  What if someone else who was present at that time, engaged in the same set of events, has a different interpretation of reality?

The people of the United States are among the most litigious individuals in the world running a close second to the Athenians of the 3rd century BCE.  courtroom-drama-1When others do not concur with our interpretation of events we sue them in a court of law, hoping to find others to agree with our position and justify our story and pay a penalty for being wrong.  While this might all be fine and admirable in certain circumstances this attitude will only cause trouble for the spiritual seeker.

A Great Being once said, “Most people would rather be justified than healed or enlightened.”

So what is “Spirit Truth”?  How can we know if a religion or spiritual teacher is revealing the “real” deal?  taktshang2The most tried and true method of discovery is seeing how those teachings, those religious truths change one’s life for the better.  Now, I don’t mean do you have more money, friends, sex, or influence.   I mean do you forgive more, love more; have less fear, less anxiety, and greater kindness, tolerance, and compassion toward yourself and the world? Can you let go of the stories of your past in order to create new stories that bring joy and peace?  Are you motivated to do something to help make a difference for those less fortunate than yourself?  Do you wake up in the morning and give thanks for a new day of blessings?

If these things are true than the teachings and teachers are true…regardless of doctrines, dogmas, traditions and creeds.  There is truth everywhere because we are meant to find it!  We are the beloved children of Great Mother, Father, and Weaver.  It is our destiny to free ourselves from a plethora of crazy stories about who did what and why…so that we can absolutely know Spirit’s Truths of Love, Joy, and Peace…not emotionally…but mystically.


Where there is love,
there I stand with you.
Where there is love,
joy is shining through.
The angels sing.
Spirit’s calling you.
Where there is love,
Spirit’s dream is true.

Where there is love,
Earth and Sky are one.
Where there is love,
Fairies dance and sing.
Sacred people come,
to the magic ring.
The heart fire calls.
Love’s the song we sing.

Dealing With Pain

Pain is a sign that something is out of balance in our lives.  Mostly this imbalance is something we created, such as holding on to unmet expectations in a relationship, feelings of rejection, betrayal, depression, guilt and shame.   Sometimes our life is out of balance due to circumstances outside of our control, such as a death in the family, loss of employment, fire, flood, or accident.

Whatever the source of the pain, it can be healed.  In order to be healed we have to release our hold on the pain.  Our Master has taught that the only true “sin” on the spiritual path is keeping unpleasant, painful emotions constantly alive in our mind and in our hearts.

Who do you believe is the cause of your troubles? 

  1. Our experiences and the thoughts we create around those experiences are the ultimate cause of our pain.
  2. There is a power in the Universe greater than we are.
  3. That power is within us, as us, and arises from our connection to Life.

The source of all life is Great Spirit.  It is our access to the Great Mind of Life that allows us to create.  This Source, however, only exists.  It is neither good nor bad.  Great Mind has no attachments so we can use that Power any way we want to.  The wise person aligns the inner self with the Light and makes choices to create love, joy, and peace.

Holding onto thoughts when we do not need those thoughts creates burdens and confusion.  But with time and true effort we can jerk our mind away from it’s pain focus back onto the paths that lead to Spirit’s Compassionate and Healing Hear

prayer-on-my-knees4 Great Spirit, I am very good at being confused and in pain.

I have lots of desires
and lots of thoughts
and lots of plans-
And I get very upset when they
do not turn out the way I wanted them too.

I know it would be good
if I just worked on one thing at a time.
If I could manifest what was
most important and let the rest go.

Great Spirit, I want to release to you
my pain and confusion,
my inability to get everything to turn out
the way I intended.

Today help me to start down the road
of true healing.

Help me to forgive myself
for what I did not know.
Teach me how to give and receive
love with an open heart.
And most importantly, Beloved,
give me the courage to heal!