Evolution or Entropy?

galaxy_universe-normalDivine Spirit is ever expanding, growing, and changing.  We know this because the universe is ever expanding, growing, and changing. However, in most cultural constructs the Divine Being is still portrayed as existing in a state of perfected beingness unattainable by mere human creatures, although everyone is expected to attempt this impossibility anyway.  If there is an all-knowing, all-seeing, absolutely perfect entity out there somewhere it means entropy has set in and god is dead!

As humans we appear to desire safety above all else.  We go to great lengths to be safe from loss, sickness, old age, and death.  We seek to eradicate illness, discover the fountain of youth through pills, creams, surgery, and research.  Most of us feel personally affronted and even betrayed by death. We want to find a perfect place, a perfect solution, a perfect life, a perfect family, and a perfect world.  Evolution is messy and often fails.  Statistics tell us that 13% of all species are evolving and out of those 90% will fail.  This means we are not safe.

know-your-enemy3It seems that throughout time, humans have felt compelled to create safety through the destruction of anything that is a threat to the status quo.  These threats can take the form of a neighbor, germs, immigrants, other nations, other faith groups, and even the self.  Language expresses these concepts of fear- demonic, heresy, abomination, anathema, bitch, bastard, ass-hole, etc.  And for many it is all justified in the name of a god who demands judgment, punishment, and retribution, now, or in some horrific hereafter.

What if Divine Spirit is not a perfect entity somewhere?  What if Divine Spirit is the indwelling force of compassion, forgiveness, understanding, and loving-kindness within all beings?  What if Divine Spirit is an ever expanding, evolutionary, and cosmic force that cannot be confined on a mountain top, within a temple, a church, or a book? Countless saints, from multitudinous religions, have confronted this great truth and called it the Divine Mystery or the Cloud of Unknowing.

c01a1693dfe1c8b5056996af742a754aWe are living in evolutionary times; in revolutionary times.  And yet, all around us we see people clinging to the old days, the old times, the mythical golden age of family, faith and country.  Was it really?  On closer look we see children abandoned, beaten, and starving.  We see animals tortured, experimented on, and killed to decorate someone’s wall.  Wars fought to bring change and leaving only poverty, disease, and destruction in there wake.  Women being raped, beaten, and sold into slavery…just like now.

Perhaps we need to look beyond the things that divide us.  Perhaps we need to look past gender identity, religious identity, national identity, and ideological identity.  We are being called to evolve into a people who identify with compassion, forgiveness, kindness, and generosity.  We are being called to live the Divine Mystery!

We don’t need someone with all the answers.  We need people to ask the right questions- People who know the earth as our sacred home- People who care enough to eradicate hunger, homelessness, and hopelessness!  We need young people to share their vision, to allow them to fire our passion and make a difference.  We need elders who are not content to be comfortable but are willing to lead us in a new spiritual consciousness of Love in Action!GalaticAlignEye

Evolution or Entropy?  Life or Death?  The choice is yours!

Karma- Your Duty To Life

Let’s explore the energy of Great Spirit Weaver.
Weaver’s entrance into the world went something like this:
One day Great Mother said, “Oh, dear, I surely need some help with all of these wearisome earth children!”  Inspired by a meditation Great Mother came to understand that she needed a Sister, a woman who could come and help with her problem children (human beings).

may-i-meditate_meditation (1)Great Mother sat in peace and called into the Universal Void of the Marai for a Sister to come to her.  Emerging from darkness into light- shining like the moon- from the eternal deep came Chechewan- Changing Woman, She Who Knows the Pattern of All Things.

After Listening to Great Mother, her sister, Chechewan said, “I will call for some children of my own to come to me.  BirthingtheGalaxy-WillowArlenea_000Children who can weave the energies of difference into a pattern of wholeness- children who will understand compassion because they will have two spirits, not just one. They will have my Weaver Knowledge as well as the gender imperative of a female being.”

And so Chechewan called into her womb, from the Great Void, the children of the rainbow- the Hayamoni; the Two-Spirit Ones.

Then she sent these two-spirit children to the earth world as Weavers to see what they could do to bring peace and understanding to the troubled tribes of earth.  In the beginning the Weavers were all female. This helped greatly to improve things for women.  But the human males didn’t want to hear about wholeness and harmony of life from a female.  More troubles!

But Maha Chechewan only smiled.  Sitting once again in Peace she summoned the Eternal Spirit of All Life, the Marai, into her womb and brought forth in Rainbow Light- her son, Neemalaho! 

downloadLaughing, Dancing, Singing-Neemalaho, spun his spirit splendor, his hayamoni beingness into existence and sent male two-spirit ones to join their sisters in the earth world.  And so for years uncounted there was peace on earth and goodwill for all.

It didn’t last.  Separation returned.  Selfishness, greed, anger and need ruled once more. Once more the earth was in chaos.  Many turned away from the truth of their Tarai (heavenly) origin.  They sought power in domination and control of all life around them.  They rejected Great Spirit and named themselves The Others.

But the Great Story is continuing.  The questions of Great Mother, Great Father, Chechewan & Neemalaho continue- “Will the children finally remember who they truly are?  Will they remember they were born of beauty and hope? What can we do to help?”

Great Weaver is calling us to breathe in and breathe out so that we are present in the Now.  When we  are fully present, fully awake, we are capable of truly sharing love, joy and peace with others. When we are here now we can be a blessing in the world.  If we are not fully present in the here and now being a blessing we are not making a contribution to life- we have forgotten our true purpose.

As a spirit we have a karma, a duty, to life.  Being here on this earth has nothing to do with us being happy it has to do with our ability to make life better for others.  Probably we do not know what our karmic duty is.  We are muddling along just trying to share our benefactor qualities and ignore our negative personality traits.  But to prepare ourselves to be ready to learn our karmic duty it’s necessary to absolutely accept two things- Failure is inevitable.  We are here to contribute- not seek after happiness.

blessed_620When we make errors it’s necessary to atone only if the mistakes we made were deliberate. If we deliberately direct our fear, anger, pain, and unhappiness toward another and take it out on them in some way, (mentally, emotionally, or physically) then we owe atonement.  Such an action is also a mistake, which hopefully we will recognize and correct.  If we speak with kindness, love, and generosity; if we are attempting to do good, and it doesn’t work out the way we planned- are we going to stop doing good?

The best thing to do in unpleasant situations and relationships is to BLESS AND MOVE ON.  This is the way of the saints and spiritual masters throughout time.  They have always known that the purpose of their lives was to be a blessing to the best of their ability.  We will find examples of this in the lives of Master Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Yogananda.  They were not always popular- but the karma (duty) they lived was a blessing for all life.




Forgiveness is the ability to compassionately understand ourselves, our desires, and our needs.  It’s the ability to realize that no matter how awkwardly I’ve attempted to meet those needs, and no matter how many mistakes I make in the process, it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with me. broken-heart-broken-hearts-6853604We are well served to be suspicious of any voice, inside or outside, that says there is something wrong with us.  For example- it’s possible to realize I have been unkind toward someone and then feel sad about that.  It’s not that I’m a bad person who will get into trouble- it’s just that I don’t want to be unkind because it hurts my heart.

Forgiveness is allowing.  Allowing ourselves, or another, to confess a mistake, take responsibility for whatever harm may have been created by that mistake and to move on into trusting that something new can happen.  Forgiveness is letting go, permitting something to pass, and allowing something in.  With true forgiveness we agree to forget the past in order to authorize trust for the future.

If we hold ourselves or others in a place of remembering preceding incidents, emotional outbursts, and former mistakes 3.-BURMA-US-congress-Lalitwe are keeping them a prisoner in our mind; they have been judged, sentenced, and jailed.  And we will continue living a life of suspicion, doubt, and mistrust of those whose mistakes we find upsetting, shocking, or appalling.

Consider– we cling to mistrust in order to be safe and self-protective.

What if, instead of falling into judgment, we allow in the possibility of a life initiation?
Initiation means making a beginning, opening an investigation, or launching a new possibility.  Initiation also implies hard work, striving to learn a new skill, and sufficient motivation to introduce a transformed, difficult, and disciplined response to our accustomed discontented and calamitous emotions.  Both those who judge and those who make errors are in need of such an initiation.

The initiation being offered is the knowledge necessary to build an intimate relationship with spirit, the self, and others.  Such a relationship is built by reviewing and restating our values, beliefs, and past stories so that they are consistent with our current understanding, goals, and aspirations.  relaxOur relationship with self is also fostered by distinguishing the adult-voice from the child-voice, the self-hate voice from beneficial caring advice.  It means cultivating and developing genuine emotional intelligence.  A mature, adult, spiritual relationship is cultivated through disciplined thought, silent meditation, contemplative prayer, and the counsel of a sagacious spiritual director.

As we practice and create trust all our relationships begin to have an indivisible sense of unity.  Each member of our community becomes like a cell in our body.  The group needs the me, and I need the group.  To be truly human means understanding that we need each other.  Only in this way can we express and experience the love and caring for which we long.


Do you trust yourself?

If so, what do you trust yourself to do, say, or give to others?
Can you meet your own needs
or do you expect others to know what you want
and give it to you?
What demonstration do you wish the people around you
to make so you can trust them?
Are you willing to make this demonstration
so that others can trust you?
Do you believe others are well-intentioned
even when they are ungraceful in their behavior or words?

The Blessing Way

The potential for delivering blessings to the people around us is everywhere.  It’s easy enough to bless others when we feel happy, full and prosperous, but what about the times we are sad, mad, anxious, or upset?  If we are not blessing the people in our lives are we cursing them instead?  upset-womanLike the guy who cut us off in traffic, or the rude woman at the checkout stand, or when a family member says something unkind to us?  Our tendency is to react with anger, or maybe mutter a curse word or two under our breath.  What if we practiced blessing everyone instead?

So, what is a blessing?  A blessing could be time, money, energy, possessions, kind thoughts, hopeful wishes almost anything that we appreciate about being alive.  We could bless others with the hope that they will enjoy the sunshine, have a pleasant day, be filled with joy, take time to play or wish them well in all they do that day…our possibilities are limited only by our imagination.  343448-2000x1407

When we give away a blessing even if it’s our time, money, or possessions those things come back to us multiplied.  Remember the last time you moved out of a house or apartment and gave away a bunch of stuff because you didn’t want so much clutter?  How long did it take for you to accumulate the same amount of clutter again?  The universe abhors a void…if we give away something will come to fill up that hole.  That’s another reason to give away blessings, scattering them throughout the lives of those around us like flowers at a wedding….for if we give away all those good wishes surely they will return to us again.  This might also be a good reason not to think or shout curse words at the world…because what we give away always comes back to us.

And while we are busy blessing others with good…rather they deserve it or not…how about we bless the mean voices in our heads that tell us we are stupid, wrongheaded, and there’s obviously something wrong with us.  We could bless those voices of self-hate…maybe…if we try.

What are you grateful for in your life?   


Great Spirit, may I be a true human being.
May I care about others,
giving and receiving what is needed,
instead of focusing on what I want and think I need.
May I make the world a better place than when I arrived.
May I listen more than I speak.
May I see each day as an opportunity to celebrate life,
And share my blessings with everyone!

May I accept others as they are,
and have the compassion to stand with them in love,
and not run away from their pain.
O Sacred Ancestors
You who have gone before me on this journey
Help me to remember that the only thing that matters
is giving, sharing, and creating love!


Thousands of years have passed and during all of that time humans have fought, killed, plundered, and wronged each other in every possible way. But also during that same time, many others  have quietly, and patiently persevered in art, crafts, inventions, creative ideas, loving compassion, forgiveness, kindness, wisdom, and the creation of beauty.


When bad things happen most people endeavor to go on- to find food, water, shelter, and loving relationship with others.  This determination deep within the human heart is a gift of The Great Weaver, the Spirit of All Life. It is from millions of creative individuals, filled with this spirit of life, most of them unnoticed and unknown in the upheavals of history, that  the good, beautiful, inspiring, and lasting things originate.  It is their gifts that are the sum of true humanity.

The sun and moon have risen for a million, million years and they still do this enthusiastically every day. The birds have been singing forever, even on the day they die. The seasons come and go- but in every season there is something new to appreciate. Life is happening!  Life is continuously happening!  And it will continue to express itself with determination, courage, fortitude, and purpose.


Let us remember that whatever needs to be done will manifest more readily when we remember laughter, play, and spontaneity.   A new day always dawns bright and blue with promise and hope- a blessing after life’s black and damaging storms.

As the birds greet the day with joyous song may we remember to greet and rejoice in the presence of Spirit in our lives. May we have enthusiastic courage to persevere no matter how many unpleasant burrs are sticking to our socks at the moment.


Spirit speaks to us through meadows,
forests, valleys, hills,
and on the Holy Mountain.
She calls to us in rain, snow, and morning dew,
through waves of the sea and the splendor of the sun.
He expresses hope in the brilliance of the stars and in the
storms, thunder, lightning, and rainbows.

Spirit comes to us when we are alone.
Answering our call through Ancient Wisdom
and the voices of angels.
Spirit will speak to us through the end of time
For we are the Beloved Children
of Great Mother & Great Father.

Beloved-Help me flow into Your heart of eternal love,
that place where it is impossible to be alone.
May I freely express my great love
and my longing for Your Grace!

Master give me the courage to go forward
and the inspiration to do this in beauty.
Show me how to keep what is worth keeping
from the experinces of my life,
and with the breath of kindness
allow all else to be forgotten.
May I truly live my life to its fullest potential today!


Grace is Great Spirit’s interference in our lives. It is Spirit’s way of canceling out our focus on pain and suffering.

Grace is the ability to let go of the painful experiences of this now so we can accept the possibilities of Great Spirit’s gifts.  Grace is what happens when we give up trying to fix and manage things and say, “HELP!  Grace gives us the ability to visualize a new possibility. It gives us the strength to forge ahead with our vision even when we don’t see how it can happen.


When Spirit Grace  does not seem to change our situation, let us remember that the point of grace is to fill us with love, joy, and peace. When we are filled with grace we can love others even when they do not return that love.  When we react to the criticism or judgment of others, they are directing our life.  But when we choose to respond with love or peace Great Spirit is directing our life.

We may never see the sun and moon dissolve into nothingness and all the stars fall from the heavens. Yet there will be times when our world comes unhinged and the foundations of our faith cracks or dissolves.  It is then, most of all,  that we must seek grace. And through that grace we will once again find the faith, to believe that Spirit is at work in the world even through the turmoil and pain.  It is through grace that we are led to remember that Spirit’s power is greater than all evil, pain and even death.  And though our world may rock and sometimes break, it will, in time, be transformed into beauty once more by Spirit’s love.


We are the children of Grace
Love is possible for us now.
We are the children of life
Health is possible for us now.
We are the children of love
Kindness is possible for us now.
We are the children of peace
Beauty is possible for us now.
We are the children of light
Hope is possible for us now.
We are the children of joy
Laughter is possible for us now.

By Your Grace Beloved…by Your Grace!