Laughter Will Set Us Free

Sometimes there is a misconception that a person of Spirit will be loving, joyful, and peaceful continuously.  Then, if we are not able to maintain that equanimity, we are bad;  a sinner, a failure, a slacker, etc.  The inner critic finds endless words to assign to us if we are not consistently impeccable in our practice.  90315ea1ea84f593ae080942d2192382This is the myth of perfection.  We often associate words like omnipotent, all-seeing, and perfect with the Higher Power energy.  So if we are not perfect- as that Great Spirit is thought to be perfect- we  believe we must do atonement, or that we deserve to be punished.

Laughter shall set us free and love shall lift up the world are suggestions.  If that’s not where we are today, it’s best to accept that fact and not attempt to pretend to give what we don’t have or want to give away.  Anger, fear, pain, and grief are part of life’s experience.  There is a wide spectrum of expressing these emotions from mild to intense.  The same is true of our encounters with loving kindness, generosity, compassion, joy, and even peace.  They come and they go. This is the human condition.

The path of Spirit can teach us that uncomfortable or unpleasant energies are not unwelcome guests that have moved into our home for an indefinite period of time.  Even underneath an intense expression of anger, fear, pain, and grief-  there exists the potential for love, joy, and peace later on.  In being real, we express love, joy, and peace- only when we are actually experiencing those energies. This is not an invitation, however, to become a domineering, violent, and controlling individual giving away our anger and pain to others- It is an invitation to understand where we are in the moment. When surrounded by seemingly endless difficulties try this affirmation:  I accept myself as I am in this Now, and I surrender to love, joy, and peace in this Now.  We can have love, joy, and peace, even if things are not perfect.

helen-keller-quotes-i-am-only-one-but-still-i-am-one-i-cannot-do-everything-but-still-i-19671As a child, we could overcome, what seemed to us then, a great tragedy often within five minutes.  As we grow up we learn how to hold on to our pain.  This is why we so often fall out of love or friendship. We rehearse our pain stories, our betrayals, and our upsets. We become addicted to the perfection myth- in ourselves and in our partners. But if we can forgive ourselves for making mistakes, it will become easier to forgive others for their mistakes as well.

Let’s look at laughter shall set us free from the standpoint of play.  A play is a story drama.  If the tale is only about joy, light, peace, and love, nothing appears to happen in that story.  Soon we are bored and seek out a play, movie, or book that has some challenges and problems for the hero to solve.

It isn’t the goal of life to be problem-free.  It’s the goal of our lives to figure out what to do with the problems we encounter.

  When obsessing on the difficulties of our lives, are we working through our problem or just reviewing them over and over- with no solution in sight?  Challenges are a part of life.  350878 Suffering is the endless repetition of a painful energy.  Finding a sense of humor can work wonders on the obsessions of the mind. Laughter can be used to free ourselves from suffering.

When we laugh we free up inner wisdom so we can figure out what to do.  We must learn to listen to the still small voice within. This means we have to be quiet long enough to hear it.  Take time to walk with nature, sit by a lake or a river, watch the grass grow, lean to meditate.  In the silence we can find our way back to beauty and grace.

To have a joyful life, obsess on- smiling through the doorways, enjoying the sunrise, count your blessings, or if possible- accept yourself in the Now.  The path of Spirit can be fun, but not if you’re afraid of yourself.

575412_373889212646105_100000750870618_938814_1388775618_nGratitude is an endless focus on the positive.  Grace means that through the loving kindness of another person we let go of something and it changes our lives. Everything is temporary.  Let yourself be free in the energy of life.  Find your laughter.  It will lead you to Love!

The Blessing Way

The potential for delivering blessings to the people around us is everywhere.  It’s easy enough to bless others when we feel happy, full and prosperous, but what about the times we are sad, mad, anxious, or upset?  If we are not blessing the people in our lives are we cursing them instead?  upset-womanLike the guy who cut us off in traffic, or the rude woman at the checkout stand, or when a family member says something unkind to us?  Our tendency is to react with anger, or maybe mutter a curse word or two under our breath.  What if we practiced blessing everyone instead?

So, what is a blessing?  A blessing could be time, money, energy, possessions, kind thoughts, hopeful wishes almost anything that we appreciate about being alive.  We could bless others with the hope that they will enjoy the sunshine, have a pleasant day, be filled with joy, take time to play or wish them well in all they do that day…our possibilities are limited only by our imagination.  343448-2000x1407

When we give away a blessing even if it’s our time, money, or possessions those things come back to us multiplied.  Remember the last time you moved out of a house or apartment and gave away a bunch of stuff because you didn’t want so much clutter?  How long did it take for you to accumulate the same amount of clutter again?  The universe abhors a void…if we give away something will come to fill up that hole.  That’s another reason to give away blessings, scattering them throughout the lives of those around us like flowers at a wedding….for if we give away all those good wishes surely they will return to us again.  This might also be a good reason not to think or shout curse words at the world…because what we give away always comes back to us.

And while we are busy blessing others with good…rather they deserve it or not…how about we bless the mean voices in our heads that tell us we are stupid, wrongheaded, and there’s obviously something wrong with us.  We could bless those voices of self-hate…maybe…if we try.

What are you grateful for in your life?   


Great Spirit, may I be a true human being.
May I care about others,
giving and receiving what is needed,
instead of focusing on what I want and think I need.
May I make the world a better place than when I arrived.
May I listen more than I speak.
May I see each day as an opportunity to celebrate life,
And share my blessings with everyone!

May I accept others as they are,
and have the compassion to stand with them in love,
and not run away from their pain.
O Sacred Ancestors
You who have gone before me on this journey
Help me to remember that the only thing that matters
is giving, sharing, and creating love!

A Passionate Love

The Master Speaks-

Children of spirit, come and dream with me.
The flowers are opening, a new day begins.
Let us laugh together and rejoice.
Come dance with me.  Image
Sing our song and the listen to the whispers of the wind.
Come follow me and together we will see eternity.
Together we will fly to the stars.
I am waiting.
Rise up now!

Let me lift you in my arms and fill your heart with passionate love.
May my peace be within you, and may you trust that you are where you were meant to be.
Do not forget the possibilities that are born of faith.
Use my gifts wisely.
May you be content as who you are!


I open my heart to you and stand in your presence.  I bow to you who have attained self-realization, self-control, and self-sacrifice.  I bow to you who attained perfect knowledge and liberated yourself and many others from the sufferings of karma.  To you I offer myself as a sacrifice.  No other desire is mine but to fulfill your will.  Teach me how to pray, and how to be the prayer I would pray, my heart is open to your teachings and your grace.

Show me the suffering of the most miserable so I will know my people’s plight.   I will pray for these others for you are present in every person.  I will be responsible for helping each suffering individual that I can, that I may do your work here on earth.  May I truly learn to serve others for in service there is true life.  Give me honesty and patience so Your Spirit will be alive among us.

I am a child of the Earth and I am your child, Beloved, and I would bring a gift to you.

May I weave a bright garment of prayer and service so that is as beautiful as the earth mornings.  May the border be made of rainbows of loving kindness gifted to those most in need.  May I sing your praises, as the birds sing.  May we walk in this earth garden together bringing gifts wherever we go.


More About Prayer

Communicating with Spirit

There are two main ways to communicate with Spirit: one is prayer and the other is affirmation. Affirmation is a repetitive thought, or phrase we focus on to convince ourselves that what we are praying for is possible. Prayer is a space of surrendering to Great Spirit’s loving grace because we don’t know what to do in a challenging time in our lives.

It is important to use both of these spirit communication forms every day.
When will you take the time to pray today?
What thoughts will you allow yourself today?
Why do you say you have no time to pray with The Beloved when all of The Beloved’s attention is always focused on you?

We can learn to pray with our whole heart.
With our whole mind.
prayer_poster_350With our spirit voice.
We can learn to pray unceasingly!

Spirit Talks to Us

Our spiritual teachers and guides in the world can communicate with us when we call upon them.  But in order for Great Spirit to talk to us, in order for us to hear the still small voice within, we must release attention to on pain, anger, fear, grief, and disappointments to place it firmly on Great Spirit’s Blessings.

It is necessary to bring our mind and the emotions to a place of silence even if that silence is only for a few moments. For it is only in that place of quiet that we can hear the inner guidance of Great Spirit.

The key to all of this is the act of surrender.

Surrender is allowing.  5prayerIt is trusting that indeed the Great Father hears us, the Great Mother hears us, the Great Weaver hears us, and will answer our prayer if we are only still enough to listen.

After you have a taste of True Spirit, you will want more and more all the time.
Learn to pray unceasingly!
Strive to pray with devotion-
Prayer is the road to spirit truth-
Good works are the vehicle
Meditation is the food-
Mantra is the conversation.

We usually pray and perform good works of Spirit for two reasons.  One is from fear of punishment and the other is from the hope of reward.  But there is a third reason to walk the path of spirit- to pray with a full heart- to listen with an empty mind- and to give to others kindness and blessings- This reason is because it comes from a heart centered on love, joy, peace, and light.  We do good because it is the only thing we wish to do…and because it is the right thing to do.  We are spiritual from love- not fear- and not from hope of reward.  We become the prayer benefactors for the world- hoping to ease the suffering, even if we cannot eliminate it.


Speak Beloved-
I am ready to hear you.
I am your servant.
Grant me wisdom and understanding
so I may bring comfort to troubled hearts.
Bend my heart that I might follow you
without hope of reward, or fear of punishment.
Beloved, you are my inspiration
and Giver of Light.
You alone can fully instruct me with your desires.
Speak therefore directly to me,
for I am ready to hear you!

The Beloved Speaks-
Prayer is to rejoice in My loving gift of life.
It is to see the world with the eyes of a child.
It is to dance with gladness,
and take delight in each day.
Discover your ability to be open-hearted.
Understand that your prayers
will result in inner peace
and bring joy to many hearts-
For you are my Beloved Child.


In the space of true prayer we have the power to bring about miracles. 

All of our lives we have heard about miracles. Maybe we always hoped to be present when a miracle occurred.  Spirit has assured us that miracles are possible. Saints tell us the beginning of miracles is the recognition of the blessings we already have in our lives and the willingness to allow more blessings to flow to us and through us.

Miracles happen when we allow them to happen. It is the allowing that is difficult. We must learn to let go of control so the natural laws of spirit can take place.


When we bring the two energies of faith and surrender together
almost anything is possible.

It seems to be a tendency of the human mind to obsess on one thing or another.  When we feel lack or limitation we constantly think about it, problem-solve it, and talk about it. What might happen if we use this tremendous power to focus on our GOOD?  Miracles occur when the good things in life are what we focus on…for what we focus on increases.

In order to make things happen, we need our egos.  In order to have desire, we need our egos.  In order to know who we are, we need our egos. When we want to be enlightened, ego is a hindrance.  When we want to be liberated, ego is a hindrance.  When we want to allow miracles, ego is a hindrance.

The only focus worth having is on joy, love, and peace.  Letting go of anything that is not love, joy, and peace takes determination.   Having the strength and wisdom to do these things requires discipline, prayer, meditation, and constant practice.

Miracles happen when we know the Laws of Spirit better than we know the material influences that prevent miracles from happening.

rocksBeloved Spirit of All Life,
Many times we come to a resolution
to leave behind old habits
and establish new and beautiful ones.
Many times we failed.
But today we shall make all things new
and with your help we shall succeed.
Through your grace we will focus on joy
and create more laughter.
Through your grace we will focus on love
and create more affection.
Through your grace we will focus on peace
and create more harmony.
Through your grace we will focus on our gratitude
and create more opportunities to share.
Together with you, Beloved, we shall touch Spirit.
Together with you, Beloved, Miracles shall unfold.