Compassion compels us to mercy and justice.

Compassion is the ability to respond to the pain of others without becoming entangled in their pain so that we simply join them in misery and suffering.  It is the ability to listen to the story others are revealing instead of telling ourselves a story about who they are.

Compassion is the ability to wish good things for all beings without trying to decide if they are worthy or not.  It is the willingness to believe in others even if they betray our faith in them .


A gift given grudgingly is no gift at all.  When we are kind to people who we feel are inferior, or less than ourselves, what we are giving is contempt, not compassion.  We are taught that there is merit in serving the poor, the downtrodden, the helpless, and the hopeless.  The Path of Spirit tells us such service is its own reward.   But are we compelled to assist others because we see them as needy and disadvantaged, or does our desire to serve come from true Compassion?  True compassion is giving joyfully, respectfully, and whole-heartedly for the good of another.

When we observe a problem in someone’s life we often react by trying to fix it.  We call this response, “compassionate service.”  Many times it is really interference.  Interference is an attempt to give to others what we think they need, or to mend them so we won’t have to experience their pain.

Sometimes it is more appropriate to ask, “May I help you?” or “Do you need help?”   Of course if someone is in danger we must act before asking but on the whole it is more respectful to inquire if our service is needed or desired before automatically responding.  This is also compassion.


Divine Mother
You are always willing
To gather me in your loving embrace.
You are always ready
To comfort, forgive, and heal my hurts.
Teach me to accept and know
That the suffering of others is my business.

May I learn to hold others in comfort.
May I see and provide for their needs
Even as you have seen and provided for mine.

Thank you Divine Mother
For helping me to feel the touch of your grace,
For opening my eyes to beauty,
And showing me a way I cannot deny.

May I learn to be like you.
May I remember to share loving kindness.
May I focus on being compassionate

In all the situations of my life.
May I remember to be tender, loving, and forgiving
no matter what happens.
May I remember to be like you- Always.