Right Action

karmaEverything we think, say, and do has consequences.  This is the law of karma.  If a person spends a great deal of time fantasizing about winning the lottery, partnering with an actor or music star they met at a fan party, or dreaming about what will happen when one gets a new job, loses twenty pounds, etc. the consequence is disappointment, possible depression, and definite suffering.  When a person focuses on being positive, enjoying the simple things in life, and verbally appreciates those around them the consequences are likely to be contentment, happiness, and friendship.  When we continuously hold a certain attitude, opinion, or belief about life it tends to manifest regardless rather the attitude is positive or negative.  Abraham Lincoln once said, “People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”  And people are about as unhappy as they make up their minds to be.

In the Analects of Confucius it states something like this- first it is necessary for the ruler to have peace in his heart, then there will be peace in the home, if there is peace in the home there will be peace in the neighborhood, if there is peace in the neighborhood there will be peace in the city, if there is peace in the city there will be peace in the nation.

So, the ability to have our actions take place in rightness depends first on having right thoughts or a right mind.  One way the dictionary puts it is to be morally correct and while there is precious little agreement about what is morally correct it behooves us, once we have decided on a set of ethics, to remain true to those ethics.  Changing our mind from one set of principles to another, possibly even to an opposing idea, to justify getting what we want is breaking the Spirit of Honor.  It is important for a human being, a son or daughter of the Divine Spirit, to know what is right according to a chosen set of life ethics and then to do what is right rather than what might feel right at the time.

Over the years as a minister, I‘ve witnessed the misery created by individuals choosing what felt right at the time over what they had proclaimed was right prior to their time of temptation.  Mostly, these decisions took place because the individual “fell in love” and knew without doubt that this time they were experiencing Ama Marai– unconditional love.  It is easy to forget that unconditional love is something only Divine Spirit can give so we spend years looking for and hoping to be loved unconditionally by our family, friends, children, and partners.  True love, for a fallible human, is facing our capacity to hurt each other.  True love is the willingness to be accountable when we do hurt people, to make amends if we can, and to strive and devote ourselves to accepting, nurturing, and cherishing the love we give and the love we have received.

Being a divine avatar, a beloved son or daughter of Divine Spirit, implies that we must struggle to move from the absurd living of the world mind to the obedient listening of Tarai Spirit Mind.  Absurd comes from the word sardus which means deaf. The dark world of ordinary reality teaches a Machiavellian attitude of expediency and unprincipled, self-aggrandizement- the standard “me first” attitude which keeps people deaf to the cries of suffering arising all over the world.  When actions take place in rightness social justice and equality become the center post for decision making.  This is the principle of democracy- the greatest amount of good for the greatest amount of people

Actions arise from attitude, attitude arises from habituate thoughts.  Cultivating an attitude of gratitude is more than a cute saying; it actually works.  The two most important values for living fully are appreciation and forgiveness.  This works within our own psyche as well as within communities small and large.  We must forgive ourselves for not being perfect and forgive others that they cannot live up to our expectations of them.  Appreciating what we have, and what gifts others share with us, creates a willingness to wholeheartedly engage in relationship.

  EmployeeBadAttitudeDeveloping a useful attitude starts with understanding and working within the conditioning of our ancient darkness.  If we don’t bring to light the hidden motivations of our decisions they have a way of tripping us up.  In my twenties, I had a terrible fear of abandonment and worked hard to become indispensable to those around me; so they would keep me around.  And, while I did learn the basic principles of how to be a good servant this strategy was actually unsuccessful in keeping relationships.  Friends and people in various communities found my solicitous assistance annoying or in some cases arrogant and snubbed me or even cast me out because I was a pest. Fortunately, Amma Ilowan, pointed out to me that while serving was commendable, my motivation was joyless and detrimental to myself and others.  Ah, enlightenment! Oh, shit!

Actions arise from thoughts and attitudes.  Actions are the ground on which we stand.  Actions are the karmic seeds of destiny.

The Two Wolves

3b4ff0e7They sat together and watched the full moon move through the stars. The young Cherokee boy had been in a fight that day and his grandfather would speak with him.

“My son,” he began, ”there is a battle that goes on inside people. This battle is between two wolves that we carry within us. One wolf is evil. It holds the energy of anger, sorrow, jealousy, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, inferiority, false pride and lies.

The other wolf is good. For it holds the energy of love, joy, peace, hope, humility, kindness, generosity, compassion, faith and truth.

These wolves are very powerful. And, they are often fighting like small boys,” he said glancing down at his grandson. His smile was hidden in the darkness.

The grandson thought about it for a while, and then asked, “Which wolf wins, grandfather?” The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

Most of us what to know the rules, learn what is expected of a spiritual person and live accordingly.  However, while we can adopt a set of precepts it’s important to remember that those precepts, like the ones I included in this chapter are a call to be more than is even humanly possible.  The reason spiritual paths create impossible goals is to elevate us to a greater height than we would choose for ourselves.  It’s more likely that when we are goal setting we attempt to vision something that is actually possible of accomplishment.  Spiritual ethics and precepts are so lofty that it reminds me of the catchphrase – Aim for the sun because even if you miss you will fall among the stars.  Our actions will always take place in rightness if we are striving for the highest things we know.

The temptation is to say that loving-kindness, peace, acceptance, forgiveness, etc. is always the answer.  And that answer may cause us to make decisions that are detrimental to ourselves or others.  I love this story about employing loving-kindness in an unusual way.

Umbrella Love  

teacher-and-studentSangmu was developing the practice of loving-kindness. As a young disciple, she would sit in meditation each day filling her heart with loving-kindness for all beings, may they be free from suffering. However, each day she found her practice greatly tested when she went to the market for food. There was among the shopkeepers one merchant who persistently subjected Sangmu to unwanted advances. One day she could take no more of this. She turned to the merchant and raised her umbrella to strike him. It was at that moment that she saw her teacher standing some distance away watching this situation. Humiliated and chagrined she walked over to him ready to receive the admonishment that was surely hers.

Her teacher smiled down at her and said, “Sangmu, what you should do, my child, is fill your heart completely with loving-kindness before you hit this rude man over the head with your umbrella.”

Our actions are the ground on which we stand.  Our actions are our destiny.  Any relationship we enter into will be riddled with frustration and disappointment.  That’s the price of being human. It’s in those times when we feel the most disillusioned that Spirit is calling us to be true to our soul’s honor, true to our promises, true to the moral, and ethical values we believed in when we thought life was perfect and our relationships seemed perfect. Only when tested in the fires of the dark world where we must strive to find the courage to live as a Divine Avatar, or not, do we cast the pattern of our future.  Will we choose what is right?  Or will we choose what feels so right at the moment?


Karma- Your Duty To Life

Let’s explore the energy of Great Spirit Weaver.
Weaver’s entrance into the world went something like this:
One day Great Mother said, “Oh, dear, I surely need some help with all of these wearisome earth children!”  Inspired by a meditation Great Mother came to understand that she needed a Sister, a woman who could come and help with her problem children (human beings).

may-i-meditate_meditation (1)Great Mother sat in peace and called into the Universal Void of the Marai for a Sister to come to her.  Emerging from darkness into light- shining like the moon- from the eternal deep came Chechewan- Changing Woman, She Who Knows the Pattern of All Things.

After Listening to Great Mother, her sister, Chechewan said, “I will call for some children of my own to come to me.  BirthingtheGalaxy-WillowArlenea_000Children who can weave the energies of difference into a pattern of wholeness- children who will understand compassion because they will have two spirits, not just one. They will have my Weaver Knowledge as well as the gender imperative of a female being.”

And so Chechewan called into her womb, from the Great Void, the children of the rainbow- the Hayamoni; the Two-Spirit Ones.

Then she sent these two-spirit children to the earth world as Weavers to see what they could do to bring peace and understanding to the troubled tribes of earth.  In the beginning the Weavers were all female. This helped greatly to improve things for women.  But the human males didn’t want to hear about wholeness and harmony of life from a female.  More troubles!

But Maha Chechewan only smiled.  Sitting once again in Peace she summoned the Eternal Spirit of All Life, the Marai, into her womb and brought forth in Rainbow Light- her son, Neemalaho! 

downloadLaughing, Dancing, Singing-Neemalaho, spun his spirit splendor, his hayamoni beingness into existence and sent male two-spirit ones to join their sisters in the earth world.  And so for years uncounted there was peace on earth and goodwill for all.

It didn’t last.  Separation returned.  Selfishness, greed, anger and need ruled once more. Once more the earth was in chaos.  Many turned away from the truth of their Tarai (heavenly) origin.  They sought power in domination and control of all life around them.  They rejected Great Spirit and named themselves The Others.

But the Great Story is continuing.  The questions of Great Mother, Great Father, Chechewan & Neemalaho continue- “Will the children finally remember who they truly are?  Will they remember they were born of beauty and hope? What can we do to help?”

Great Weaver is calling us to breathe in and breathe out so that we are present in the Now.  When we  are fully present, fully awake, we are capable of truly sharing love, joy and peace with others. When we are here now we can be a blessing in the world.  If we are not fully present in the here and now being a blessing we are not making a contribution to life- we have forgotten our true purpose.

As a spirit we have a karma, a duty, to life.  Being here on this earth has nothing to do with us being happy it has to do with our ability to make life better for others.  Probably we do not know what our karmic duty is.  We are muddling along just trying to share our benefactor qualities and ignore our negative personality traits.  But to prepare ourselves to be ready to learn our karmic duty it’s necessary to absolutely accept two things- Failure is inevitable.  We are here to contribute- not seek after happiness.

blessed_620When we make errors it’s necessary to atone only if the mistakes we made were deliberate. If we deliberately direct our fear, anger, pain, and unhappiness toward another and take it out on them in some way, (mentally, emotionally, or physically) then we owe atonement.  Such an action is also a mistake, which hopefully we will recognize and correct.  If we speak with kindness, love, and generosity; if we are attempting to do good, and it doesn’t work out the way we planned- are we going to stop doing good?

The best thing to do in unpleasant situations and relationships is to BLESS AND MOVE ON.  This is the way of the saints and spiritual masters throughout time.  They have always known that the purpose of their lives was to be a blessing to the best of their ability.  We will find examples of this in the lives of Master Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Yogananda.  They were not always popular- but the karma (duty) they lived was a blessing for all life.



Beyond, Beyond, the Rising Sun

Great Father calls- Leave the world come to light.
Great Mother speaks- Welcome home, be with love.
Great Weaver sings-Dance with me spirit life.

As you read the words of this song it is a call to you.  This is the inner energy of spirit beingness and the truth of the soul from which you came- originally.  Of course as you come into incarnations into the reality of the physical world instead of being the child of Great Mother, Father, and Weaver you became the child of your biological parents and the culture in which you live.  Acquiring ancestors other than Great Mother, Weaver, and Father is a problem.

past-livesOver centuries we have been born into different families.  Each of these families has a genetic makeup which holds an emotional and mental pattern as well as a physical pattern.  So, no matter how hard we try to be otherwise- we are still just like our mother and father. This is our biological, genetic, cultural, and ancestral heritage.  Because of this we have a Neesha energy that is woven between us and the people we have been closest to in the world.  We become a thread in a cloth and every time we incarnate we become the same thread in the same cloth that we were entangled with the last time.  It is unusual for us to have a close relationship with a physical being that we have not known in some past lifetime.  Now if we were adopted it means that the family to whom we truly belonged couldn’t birth us and had to acquire us somehow.  Like magnets we are drawn together to our friends and we find ourselves repelled by our adversaries- and yet both of these is an entanglement.

Neesha is a habituated energy.  Karma is the duty we owe to life and to Great Spirit for gifting us with life.

By carefully avoiding our karma in life after life for what seem to be good reasons we enmesh ourselves more and more into a Neesha pattern.  Into that Neesha is woven the strands of relationship with many individuals.  Sometimes this is wonderful and sometimes it’s not so great.

All that we have to do in order to live in light is to see what we are, what we think, what truly motivates us- be aware of it and then decide about it.  Everything in our Neesha is not bad or wrong- even those things we don’t like about us have a positive application if we are aware and decide if this is a good time to apply or use that energy.  Even our benefactor qualities can be negative if we are not aware of a choice and decide to use them because that is appropriate in that situation.1_2010911_10198
It is no more helpful and enlightened to react unconsciously from our benefactor qualities than it is to react from our undesirable personality qualities.

Great Spirit is saying- TURN ON THE LIGHT AND WAKE UP!
What are we obligating ourselves to if we admit and accept that we are children of Light?
We are accepting our responsibility to be Aware and to Decide- to exercise Free Will.

One of the hardest things to accept is that even if we are aware and have decided from awareness we could still be wrong-so living in decision does not guarantee success.
What is Great Spirit showing us?  Spirit is teaching us to Lighten Up!!!  Instead of being horrified by mistakes we could learn to laugh at ourselves.  Great Spirit is like a smiling sun- what does the sun have to smile about?  It is the purity of the awakening of infinite possibility.  If we have made a mistake we have something to learn.

In order to learn we must become adaptable.  We cannot have a sense of humor if we are not adaptable.  If we have humor we do not have to travel down into the dark of our ancient pain.  We can make a mistake and still be OK. Rarely are mistakes fatal.  If our mistake was not fatal we have another chance to learn.orb-spider-web (1)

Enlightenment is the road to untangling the threads of our Neesha from the patterns of life and to place those threads into the hands of Great Spirit- so spirit may help us return to our true self. This requires moving our mind into the mind of Great Spirit so that we become the Light that shines for others…but before there can be a light shining out there must be a light that is shining inside.  Once the Light does shine inside our tendency will be to be horrified at what you see.

Guilt, shame, and horror are the usual responses to awareness and enlightenment. If we have guilt, shame, and horror- the next logical step is either anger or depression.  None of this is of any use on the road of returning to our true self.  Perhaps we only need to rest in the heart of Great Spirit who will help us be full of Light and Laughter.

Karma or Grace?

The Law of Karma is the law of cause and effect.  Everything we do has an effect on everything else, even not doing has its consequences.

The Law of Spirit is forgiveness and Grace.  The Law of Grace means forgiving others and forgetting our pain and grievances even as Great Spirit forgives us- “I do not remember that you have ever offended me.”

Many times it seems easier to choose the Law of Karma rather than the Law of Grace.  When we are in pain, when it is clear that someone has facilitated putting us there, we want justice.  We want retribution.  We want to even the score.

The Law of Grace is forgiveness.  Forgiveness brings freedom to everyone involved.  Forgiveness recognized our pain, and allows for an expression of that pain in a non-harm and non-returnable form.  Forgiveness is taking back our ability to be happy from a damaging situation, or person.  Forgiveness is saying it doesn’t matter if the other apologizes or not, I am still okay.

Karma is created from attachments.

My Spiritual Master has shared that karma is present only when spirit is absent.  She has shared that when spirit is real– forgiveness is available.  She has told us that grace comes to those who accept the forgiveness of spirit and begin their life anew.

A worker of the light is one who lives consciously.  This means having a reason for what we do and knowing what that reason is before we take action.  In this way we will have little need for regrets and apologies.

The Sacred Hoop of life is happening all around us in the natural world.  In the human world, the Sacred Hoop often seems to be broken.  It is broken when we cling to thoughts of pain, betrayal, and anger.  It is broken when we think more of ourselves, and our needs than is strictly necessary for survival.  Freedom comes through detachment to the one thousand and one things.


Beloved, help me to forgive others.
Assist me to see that they
are striving to be comfortable, safe, and happy
just like me.

Today, Beloved Masters,
I ask your help in remembering the Rules of Spirit:
Prayer as the road.
Good deeds as the vehicle.
Meditation as the food.
Mantra as the conversation.
Your heart my destination.

When I remember the rules,
I easily cultivate an attitude of
faith, peace, trust, and confidence.

May I remember to let go of all my attitudes
that prevent the miracle
of my life from unfolding in grace.
May I remember that-
Nothing is impossible
of a beloved child
of Great Spirit.