Laughter Can Set Us Free

6c9f074d8c30aa1e02b4cc3acf9e41e5A long time ago you were a small child born with hopes and dreams.  You wanted to love and be loved, to laugh, to play, and to make a difference in the world.  The family that you were adopted or born into shared with you a structure and a way of understanding life, which was probably very different than what you understood as a pre-born spirit.  Your family had ways of thinking and being that were a response to what they had experienced in their lives.  They probably wished to save you from the suffering of the world- and so they taught you many things they believed to be useful.  Then, you became your own person.  Maybe you even believed you were not like everyone else in your family.  But the truth is no one really believes they fit in, belong, or are OK just like they are.

In the end no one fits in because there is no truth to the world of mind.  It’s all an illusion of thought.  Mind is full of notions and ideas; most of which make money for someone.  But making money is not a Truth…it is an experience of illusion.  The mind’s purpose is not to help you be who you truly are or to live as Divine Spirit.  Its purpose is to evaluate, categorize, judge, compare, and remember.

Earth-4039The Truth of Spirit Mind is: We are beloved children of Divine Spirit. This means we have a great light within us.  We have a great love within us.  The potential for sympathetic joy exists within us, and the energy of peace is also within us.  We cannot earn this.  We cannot create it.  It just exists.  It exists as our Tarai (spirit) mind- the mind that remembers who we truly are.  Coming to rely upon the Spirit Mind we will be able to know and remember why we came into this world.

The part of us that does not know purpose or believe this truth is ordinary thinking mind.  That mind is preoccupied with memories, judgments, rewards, anxiety, need, anger, fear, pain, grief, I want it- I don’t want it, depression and guilt.  In other words the ingredients of suffering.

The seeds (thoughts) we are sowing in our mind, into the ground of our spirit beingness, determine our experience of this world. 

No one can make us feel anything we do not decide to feel.  Over and over again individuals have demonstrated that they can hold to Divine Spirit truth even if their body is tortured and killed.  No one can make us commit an evil act…it is ourselves who choose to be evil or to be noble and virtuous.

When we find someone we are afraid of, or who has insulted us, and declare them to be the cause of our suffering we have created an enemy.  It is usual to feel that the enemy must be destroyed, left behind, or gotten rid of somehow. When we believe others are controlling our experiences we are outside of Spirit Truth.

As spirit’s people we, therefore, speak for right action not against the actions of others.

freedomHow can we avoid enemy consciousness?  It begins by understanding that we are in enemy consciousness within ourselves.  There is often a part of us that we hate.  This is the inner dialogue that tells us we are stupid or that there is must be something wrong with us.  This is our personal demon.  We all have one.  This demon was created by the words of people when we were small, or the words of people who were trying to educate us.

The demon is always a voice from our past.

The demon makes a lot of noise and we feel that we have to respond to that voice. So, we engage in an arguments with ourselves.  We may be constantly defending against this voice.  Arguing with the demon tends to make the self-hate and judgment more real, stronger, and less easily defended against.  It seems like we always lose.  It’s like a court battle with a corrupt attorney.  And this demon voice doesn’t always stay in our head, it might be voiced  by the people around us, those who feel it is their right to share negative opinions with us.

Most suffering is caused by the voices in our head.

When we have made a mistake of some kind we begin to be ashamed, then guilty, then angry.  When we are angry we blame someone.  If we blame others we become victimized.  When we blame ourselves we become depressed or hopeless.  Neither of these two options help us move from suffering into joy, peace, or love.

What if there was a tool?  The tool is Laughter….laughter can set us free!

Happy-ChildrenNow there are some songs that say love is the key- but actually that rarely works.  How many times have we managed be loving but still felt sad or upset inside?  It’s impossible to suffer and laugh at the same time.  However this will not work as long as we are determined to believe that everything we say, think, feel, and do is deadly serious.

We could begin to let go of taking life so seriously.   We could cultivate a sense of humor about ourselves and others.  We could begin to play at life instead of striving to conquer life.  We could discover beauty, grace, and the joy of seeing others happy.  We can find deep joy in service.

Liberation is possible if we truly understand that in life there will be suffering, and that mistakes are inevitable. Let us hope that we will be willing to make mistakes for the remainder of our lives.  If we cannot make mistakes we will have ceased to learn, grow, and expand into the more.  It helps to accept that we will never arrive at a place when everyone will love us, everyone will agree with us, approve of us, or even like us. Even we don’t give ourselves that consistent kind of attention.

Mistakes are inevitable, and suffering will happen- But laughter can set us free!


Laughter Will Set Us Free

Sometimes there is a misconception that a person of Spirit will be loving, joyful, and peaceful continuously.  Then, if we are not able to maintain that equanimity, we are bad;  a sinner, a failure, a slacker, etc.  The inner critic finds endless words to assign to us if we are not consistently impeccable in our practice.  90315ea1ea84f593ae080942d2192382This is the myth of perfection.  We often associate words like omnipotent, all-seeing, and perfect with the Higher Power energy.  So if we are not perfect- as that Great Spirit is thought to be perfect- we  believe we must do atonement, or that we deserve to be punished.

Laughter shall set us free and love shall lift up the world are suggestions.  If that’s not where we are today, it’s best to accept that fact and not attempt to pretend to give what we don’t have or want to give away.  Anger, fear, pain, and grief are part of life’s experience.  There is a wide spectrum of expressing these emotions from mild to intense.  The same is true of our encounters with loving kindness, generosity, compassion, joy, and even peace.  They come and they go. This is the human condition.

The path of Spirit can teach us that uncomfortable or unpleasant energies are not unwelcome guests that have moved into our home for an indefinite period of time.  Even underneath an intense expression of anger, fear, pain, and grief-  there exists the potential for love, joy, and peace later on.  In being real, we express love, joy, and peace- only when we are actually experiencing those energies. This is not an invitation, however, to become a domineering, violent, and controlling individual giving away our anger and pain to others- It is an invitation to understand where we are in the moment. When surrounded by seemingly endless difficulties try this affirmation:  I accept myself as I am in this Now, and I surrender to love, joy, and peace in this Now.  We can have love, joy, and peace, even if things are not perfect.

helen-keller-quotes-i-am-only-one-but-still-i-am-one-i-cannot-do-everything-but-still-i-19671As a child, we could overcome, what seemed to us then, a great tragedy often within five minutes.  As we grow up we learn how to hold on to our pain.  This is why we so often fall out of love or friendship. We rehearse our pain stories, our betrayals, and our upsets. We become addicted to the perfection myth- in ourselves and in our partners. But if we can forgive ourselves for making mistakes, it will become easier to forgive others for their mistakes as well.

Let’s look at laughter shall set us free from the standpoint of play.  A play is a story drama.  If the tale is only about joy, light, peace, and love, nothing appears to happen in that story.  Soon we are bored and seek out a play, movie, or book that has some challenges and problems for the hero to solve.

It isn’t the goal of life to be problem-free.  It’s the goal of our lives to figure out what to do with the problems we encounter.

  When obsessing on the difficulties of our lives, are we working through our problem or just reviewing them over and over- with no solution in sight?  Challenges are a part of life.  350878 Suffering is the endless repetition of a painful energy.  Finding a sense of humor can work wonders on the obsessions of the mind. Laughter can be used to free ourselves from suffering.

When we laugh we free up inner wisdom so we can figure out what to do.  We must learn to listen to the still small voice within. This means we have to be quiet long enough to hear it.  Take time to walk with nature, sit by a lake or a river, watch the grass grow, lean to meditate.  In the silence we can find our way back to beauty and grace.

To have a joyful life, obsess on- smiling through the doorways, enjoying the sunrise, count your blessings, or if possible- accept yourself in the Now.  The path of Spirit can be fun, but not if you’re afraid of yourself.

575412_373889212646105_100000750870618_938814_1388775618_nGratitude is an endless focus on the positive.  Grace means that through the loving kindness of another person we let go of something and it changes our lives. Everything is temporary.  Let yourself be free in the energy of life.  Find your laughter.  It will lead you to Love!

Beyond, Beyond, the Rising Sun

Great Father calls- Leave the world come to light.
Great Mother speaks- Welcome home, be with love.
Great Weaver sings-Dance with me spirit life.

As you read the words of this song it is a call to you.  This is the inner energy of spirit beingness and the truth of the soul from which you came- originally.  Of course as you come into incarnations into the reality of the physical world instead of being the child of Great Mother, Father, and Weaver you became the child of your biological parents and the culture in which you live.  Acquiring ancestors other than Great Mother, Weaver, and Father is a problem.

past-livesOver centuries we have been born into different families.  Each of these families has a genetic makeup which holds an emotional and mental pattern as well as a physical pattern.  So, no matter how hard we try to be otherwise- we are still just like our mother and father. This is our biological, genetic, cultural, and ancestral heritage.  Because of this we have a Neesha energy that is woven between us and the people we have been closest to in the world.  We become a thread in a cloth and every time we incarnate we become the same thread in the same cloth that we were entangled with the last time.  It is unusual for us to have a close relationship with a physical being that we have not known in some past lifetime.  Now if we were adopted it means that the family to whom we truly belonged couldn’t birth us and had to acquire us somehow.  Like magnets we are drawn together to our friends and we find ourselves repelled by our adversaries- and yet both of these is an entanglement.

Neesha is a habituated energy.  Karma is the duty we owe to life and to Great Spirit for gifting us with life.

By carefully avoiding our karma in life after life for what seem to be good reasons we enmesh ourselves more and more into a Neesha pattern.  Into that Neesha is woven the strands of relationship with many individuals.  Sometimes this is wonderful and sometimes it’s not so great.

All that we have to do in order to live in light is to see what we are, what we think, what truly motivates us- be aware of it and then decide about it.  Everything in our Neesha is not bad or wrong- even those things we don’t like about us have a positive application if we are aware and decide if this is a good time to apply or use that energy.  Even our benefactor qualities can be negative if we are not aware of a choice and decide to use them because that is appropriate in that situation.1_2010911_10198
It is no more helpful and enlightened to react unconsciously from our benefactor qualities than it is to react from our undesirable personality qualities.

Great Spirit is saying- TURN ON THE LIGHT AND WAKE UP!
What are we obligating ourselves to if we admit and accept that we are children of Light?
We are accepting our responsibility to be Aware and to Decide- to exercise Free Will.

One of the hardest things to accept is that even if we are aware and have decided from awareness we could still be wrong-so living in decision does not guarantee success.
What is Great Spirit showing us?  Spirit is teaching us to Lighten Up!!!  Instead of being horrified by mistakes we could learn to laugh at ourselves.  Great Spirit is like a smiling sun- what does the sun have to smile about?  It is the purity of the awakening of infinite possibility.  If we have made a mistake we have something to learn.

In order to learn we must become adaptable.  We cannot have a sense of humor if we are not adaptable.  If we have humor we do not have to travel down into the dark of our ancient pain.  We can make a mistake and still be OK. Rarely are mistakes fatal.  If our mistake was not fatal we have another chance to learn.orb-spider-web (1)

Enlightenment is the road to untangling the threads of our Neesha from the patterns of life and to place those threads into the hands of Great Spirit- so spirit may help us return to our true self. This requires moving our mind into the mind of Great Spirit so that we become the Light that shines for others…but before there can be a light shining out there must be a light that is shining inside.  Once the Light does shine inside our tendency will be to be horrified at what you see.

Guilt, shame, and horror are the usual responses to awareness and enlightenment. If we have guilt, shame, and horror- the next logical step is either anger or depression.  None of this is of any use on the road of returning to our true self.  Perhaps we only need to rest in the heart of Great Spirit who will help us be full of Light and Laughter.


A long time ago you were a small child born with hopes and spirit dreams.  You wanted to love and be loved, to laugh, to play, and to make a difference in the world.  bigstock-Child-sitting-on-a-rooftop-and-12160391-300x209The family that you were adopted or born into shared their structure, their way of understanding life, which might have been very different from what you understood or wanted.  These people developed ways of thinking and being in response to the experiences of their lives.  Since they didn’t remember who they really were- the beloved children of Great Spirit- they could only teach you how to survive in a difficult world.  As you became your own individual you began to believe you were not like everyone else.  But the truth is there is no one who really believes they fit in, belong, and that they are ok just like they are.

In the end no one fits in because there is no truth to the teachings of the world or the beliefs of world mind.  It is all an illusion of thought.  World mind is full of lots of notions and ideas, most of which make money for someone.  But making money is not a Truth…it is an experience of illusion.  The world mind’s purpose is not to help you be who you are or to live as who you really are it is to gain possessions, position, and power.

beautiful-birds-child-dreams-hope-favim-com-173804Spirit Truth is- you are the beloved children of Great Spirit Mother, Father, and Weaver. This means you have a great light within you, you have a great love within you, the potential for great joy within you, and the energy of peace within you.  You cannot earn this.  You cannot create it.  It just exists.  It exists as your Tarai (spirit) mind- the mind that remembers who you truly are.  Coming to rely upon the Tarai mind you will be able to know Great Spirit’s will for you and your life.  You will be able to remember why you came into this world.

The seeds (thoughts) we are sowing in our mind, into the ground of our spirit beingness, determine our experience of this world. 

No one can make us feel anything we do not decide to feel.  Over and over again individuals have demonstrated that they can hold to Great Spirit’s truth even if their body is tortured and killed.  No one can make us commit an evil act…it is we who choose to be noble and virtuous or angry, revengeful, and full of pain. we find someone and declare them to be the enemy and feel they must be destroyed somehow in order for us to be safe we  are outside of Spirit Truth.  How can enemy consciousness be avoided?  It begins by understanding that we are in enemy consciousness with ourselves.  There is a part of us that we hate.  these are the voices that tell us that we are stupid or that there is something wrong with us.  This is our personal demon.  We all have one.   It was created by the words and actions of people when we were small, or the words of people who were trying to educate us and teach us how things really are.  Much of our lives these self-hate voices are prodding, poking, demanding, and scolding in one way or another.  When this happens many of us engage in arguments with ourselves.  We may be constantly defending against our self-hate voices.  But all the arguing, processing, and transformational exercises only tend to make the self-hate voice more real, stronger, and less easily defended against.  The harder we try the more likely we are to lose.   It’s like a court battle with a corrupt attorney.

Most of our suffering is caused by the voices in our head.

When the voices get control because we have made a mistake of some kind we begin by feeling guilty, then ashamed, then horrified, and once those three things happen we usually make one of two choices- anger or depression.  voices_in_my_head_by_onehundredpercentme-d5i02dnAnger is when we make our mistake the fault of someone else –he made me so angry.  Depression is when we blame ourselves- I should have known better.  Neither of these two options will help us move from suffering to joy, peace, or love.

What if there was an alternative?    It is Laughter….laughter will set you free!

Laughter is the key that will set us free. Some people say that love is the key to set us free from suffering- but actually that rarely works.  How many times have you been able to feel love and still suffer from jealousy, anger, and upset?  However it’s impossible to be angry, upset, or suffering and laugh at the same time.

What turns off anger, depression, and the horror of having made a mistake is LAUGHTER. HappinessHowever this will not work as long as we are determined to believe that everything we say, think, feel, and do is deadly serious.  Begin to let go of taking life too seriously.   This is only possible if we truly understand that in life there will always be suffering but it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with us.  Mistakes are inevitable but they don’t mean there is something wrong with us!  How long we suffer is a choice.  Cultivate laughter, cultivate the ability to let go and Play.  Play means that when we are finished we have nothing to show for it other than a good mood.

In love and honor do I hold myself,
and in this way shall I cherish all things of the earth,
for we are one and the same.

 The Angel of Wisdom is my guide
and I am directed in all my choices.
And from these decisions do I learn more of the ways
of Wisdom that I might harvest the fruits
of all my endeavors in the season of their ripeness.

 The whole of humanity is my family,
and I offer the fullness of my heart to all.

dc-224 Unto the ends of eternity shall I travel
and forever will I return to share with my people.

 May I choose all my actions deliberately,
and may they flow from the core of my highest truth,
that I might serve with all the fire and passion of my love.

 May I be a catalyst of healing and transformation
for those who would seek to mend their wounds
and grow beyond their boundaries.

I would be a beacon of light upon their way,
blazing forth a path of illumination
through the darkness that enshrouds them.

 May I be a shield for those who seek shelter
from the onslaughts of oppression,
and a sword for those who would
cut the ropes of their own bondage.

 May I laugh in the face of all things
that it might be an instrument of freedom and liberation,
breaking the shackles of fear
by the very power of its resonance.

 May the wings of my heart be strong
so as to carry the weight of the world in its flight to the sun.

 For I have come to prepare the way
so that others may follow,
until all rivers have reached the great sea
and all beings are free from suffering.

Spiritual Insight


Spiritual insight, or enlightenment, as called by many, seems like a big task; a job for the likes of a Siddhartha, a Jesus, a Krishna, or a Francis of Assisi.  How can we even dare strive to be such a one?  It seems so full of ego somehow.

Many masters have told us that the secret to this nirvana perceptiveness lies in cultivating a playful, loving heart.  They have assured us that the tools needed are music, chanting, singing, and even dancing. emberadruadancing (1) It is suggested that we first bring our thoughts and emotions into the eternal song of Great Spirit and then celebrate the fullness of life through “making a joyful noise.”

But for most of us enlightenment and fun don’t seem to belong in the same sentence.  The very idea of spiritual attainment conjures up visions of hard work, fasting, endless, painful sacrifices, and austerities.  Siddhartha became the Buddha only after he gave us the hard road and decided on a middle way.  Jesus’ first public miracle was to turn water into wine for a wedding feast.  Krishna is almost always shown with his flute, and Saint Francis thought of himself as God’s troubadour gifting us with the canticle of the sun

Perhaps the reason we have so much struggle with “making a joyful noise” is because we focus on our mistakes, fears, projections, and the unpredictable upsets that life sends our way.  Another secret of spiritual illumination is allowing ourselves to forgive and forget our mistakes…and those of others as well.  forgivenessWhat if we laughed more, especially when we make foolish mistakes?  What if we let go of needing those around us to be perfect, happy, content, and at ease?  Perhaps we will have true wisdom when creating and sharing love, joy and peace is more important to us than perfection.

Great Spirit, bless me with your gift of laughter.
Teach me to let go of shame and guilt about my mistakes,
so I can allow more of my true nature to shine.
Help me release the past so I may
enjoy the beauty of this present moment
You have provided for me.


May I remember that problems
are a part of daily life.
May I ask for help when I need it,
and give help when I see the needs of others.
To all my unruly and difficult thoughts
I shall say:


“Unchanging, absolute, static manifestation means no creativity is possible.”

Masters and saints tell us that perfection is over-rated and mostly boring.  They ask us to look at the natural world which has an infinite variety of possibilities in the formation of a single rose bush, stone, or tree.


Today consider rejoicing in all of your imperfections.   Every day is filled with opportunities to be disappointed in ourselves and others. What if we decide to celebrate our imperfections because they give us the chance to practice laughter.


When things go wrong we often feel the need to fix them.  When we are angry we might believe we are no longer in spirit grace. When we feel sick we may believe we have lost abundant life. When we are in pain we may believe we are being punished for past transgressions.  Spirit Truth is NEVER missing. We might misplace our love, our joy, our peace, or our ability to appreciate life…but they are never really gone.  The energy of Spirit belongs to us forever. We can remember that Spirit grace, Spirit energy is inside our heart, so it is always possible to reclaim it again.

When we create anything in the world we usually find that it is necessary to work from a pattern. There are basic patterns for clothing, automobiles, airplanes, radios, televisions, and anything else we can name. In order for something new, or different to happen, the basic pattern (which was perfectly fine as it was) has to be changed.  So although our personal basic pattern was good to begin with, by now we have discovered  a need for improvement or remodeling, or redecorating…because we are growing and changing.


Perfection as most understand it means: always being right, never making mistakes, and never needing to be healed or changed. Perfection of Spirit, however, is the joyful surrender to the infinite possibilities of Great Spirit’s manifestation in every circumstance, situation, and relationship of our lives.

Perfection of Spirit is rejoicing in the opportunities to grow, to change, and to be changed. 

Spiritual mastery is claiming our Divine Inheritance of love, joy, and peace: “To the best of our ability, day by day.”  The wise person remembers that some days are better than others.  We are not perfect.  Our friends are not perfect.  Our leaders are not perfect.  Our children are not perfect.  No one is really perfect.

But even so each day is worth living to the best of our ability.

ImageGreat Spirit,
May I find joy in each moment.
May I find humor in my difficulties
and laughter at my mistakes.

Today, let me remember spirit’s blessings.
Everything can be forgiven
and forgotten
so that all is restored in beauty.

Help me to laugh at life’s irritations,
to be patient with others
as You are patient with me.
Great Spirit,
I will remember
that amazing things can happen
if I live my life with laughter, courage, and joy.