Being Your Authentic Self

What is Equanimity?
A dictionary will say: equa·nim·i·ty  noun \ˌē-kwə-ˈni-mə-tē, ˌe-kwə-\ : calm emotions when dealing with problems or pressure

But perhaps we can describe equanimity as the ability to compassionately accept where we are and be okay with that – even if we are still crying, shaking or overwhelmed with pain. We become able to say “Yes, this is what I’m feeling.”equanimity

This is not what most of us are taught. We are more likely to hear- “if I do this I will be punished” or “don’t be such a baby!”  or “What’s wrong with you?”  Equanimity is “Oh well, I was overwhelmed with…”  Equanimity_webWith equanimity we’re not living from the point of how much guilt our emotions cause in us, but how we show up in life and navigate all the unpleasant things that happen.

“I know who I am and I am authentic in my being.” If we are questioning and denying the legitimacy of our experiences we are denying the expression of our true self.  It is our experiences that makes us uniquely who we are, that and our ability to decide how we will respond to those experiences.  Animals respond to life by seeking to survive.  They have all the same emotions we do, but they can’t decide to laugh instead of cry or share a blessing instead of biting someone.

Pain, anger, and grief are a natural part of life therefore all beings experience mental/emotional/ physical pain sometimes. Feeling what we feel does not make us spiritual cripples, it allows us to practice compassion.

A Buddhist StoryGolden buddha hands

There once was a woman who lost her son. She was very sad. She went door to door seeking healers of all sorts. We cannot help you they said, “He’s dead.”
“He should not be dead” she cried!
Finally the woman came upon the Buddha and weeping told her sad story begging for the return of her son. The Buddha agreed to help her, “All you have to do,” he said, “is bring me a grain of rice from a household that has escaped the curse of grief.” With great hope, she went through the village, door by door, and through the neighboring villages, only to hear story upon story of suffering and loss. Finally she returned to the Buddha, no less in pain, but far wiser, more compassionate, and willing to accept her human lot. Life holds pain. There is suffering and it is caused by “This should not happen.”

This woman became enlightened by understanding these facts.  When we are flattened by the things life can do to us- let’s remember that there is suffering- we are not going to get a spiritual ticket stamped “Saved from Life”.  But remembering to realign ourselves to the Higher Power and enter the state of equanimity might be enough.  Try it and see!


Great Spirit,
May I find joy in each moment.
May I find humor in my difficulties and laughter at my mistakes.
Often, Great Spirit, I am striving, trying, seeking, learning,
grasping, working to be good, to be loving, to be kind, to be successful, to be abundant.  Life is exhausting for me when I fall
into those places where I don’t really believe
you can, or will help me.

Teach me to have faith, Great Spirit.
Help me to know that you are there for me.
Help me to stop striving and let you take care of me,
the way you do the birds of the air and the lilies of the field.
I accept your abundant, loving care in my life now.



Prayer must first come from a space of surrender to Divine Will and Way. It is faith in the true loving and compassionate kindness of Great Spirit that allows us to know that Divine Will and Way is love, joy, peace, abundance, and enlightenment.  It is not Great Spirit’s will that evil things happen…although evil things can and do happen- usually because of human fear, anger, and violence.  When we bring all of our human stubbornness to the insistence on knowing Great Spirit’s will in the world miracles happen.  The Great Mother has given us a compassionate heart; the Great Father has given us a powerful mind; the Great Weaver has given us a beautiful life…let us use these gifts to Know….

I will know, accept, and create love today!
I will know, accept, and create joy today
I will know, accept, and create peace today!
Nothing is impossible unless I allow it to be impossible!
The power of prayer is mine today!


Pray Unceasingly
Prayer works best when it is a way of life. It is possible to create a life of prayer while living an ordinary existence. We do this through small moments of focus on our breath, a time of quiet contemplation, the recitation of a favorite mantra, or remembering to simply smile through the doorways of life.   Of course, it is easier to focus, create, and pray when we withdraw from our worldly involvements. This is what spiritual retreats are for…a time to remember that we are the Beloved Children of the Great Spirit…we are loved, cherished, and blessed with the gift of life.

  • Hands-spirituality-and-religion-16797009-500-376The secret to praying unceasingly is dedication and intention.  We can hold an intention for every action and every involvement in our lives.  This kind of Dedication is as simple as:

Great Spirit take my work in this time and make it a blessing for ______.

Prayer is directed thought. The thoughts of prayer are directed toward knowing and experiencing the Presence of Great Spirit.  In order to pray effectively it is necessary to clear the mind of disturbances.  Preparing for prayer is often as important as the prayer itself.

Some ways to make ready for prayer
Soft, soothing music
Focusing on a flame or crystal
Listen to, and watch flowing water

spirituality (2)

Prayer for others
Praying for others means knowing Spirit’s blessing for them when they cannot know this for themselves. Prayer works best when we know: that Great Spirit is always present for everyone at all times, that love is possible, that healing is a natural part of life, that nothing is impossible for Great Spirit, or for one who loves.  Instead of dwelling on the problem we dwell upon the loving kindness of Spirit’s Grace already at work in our lives or the lives of those for whom we pray.

Prayer is always answered.  Great Spirit always says YES!  But sometimes we have determined what WE think is best and if that is not the result of our prayer we feel that prayer has failed us.  prayerBut what if we cannot or do not want to accept what Spirit’s “yes” will mean for our life?   Then is the time to go back to surrender.  Go back to remembering who we Really are.  Go back to counting the many blessings that surround us every day.


Holy Spirit within-
Help me to live as that which I am-
Help me bring love to all of the world.
I ask for love in myself.
I ask for love in the world.
I ask for love for all of my people.

Holy Spirit within
Help me to live as that which I am
Help me bring joy to all of the world.
I ask for joy in myself.
I ask for joy in the world.
I ask of joy for all of my people.

Holy Spirit within
Help me to live as that which I am
Help me bring peace to all of the world.
I ask for peace in myself.
I ask for peace in the world.
I ask for peace for all of my people.



In the space of true prayer we have the power to bring about miracles. 

All of our lives we have heard about miracles. Maybe we always hoped to be present when a miracle occurred.  Spirit has assured us that miracles are possible. Saints tell us the beginning of miracles is the recognition of the blessings we already have in our lives and the willingness to allow more blessings to flow to us and through us.

Miracles happen when we allow them to happen. It is the allowing that is difficult. We must learn to let go of control so the natural laws of spirit can take place.


When we bring the two energies of faith and surrender together
almost anything is possible.

It seems to be a tendency of the human mind to obsess on one thing or another.  When we feel lack or limitation we constantly think about it, problem-solve it, and talk about it. What might happen if we use this tremendous power to focus on our GOOD?  Miracles occur when the good things in life are what we focus on…for what we focus on increases.

In order to make things happen, we need our egos.  In order to have desire, we need our egos.  In order to know who we are, we need our egos. When we want to be enlightened, ego is a hindrance.  When we want to be liberated, ego is a hindrance.  When we want to allow miracles, ego is a hindrance.

The only focus worth having is on joy, love, and peace.  Letting go of anything that is not love, joy, and peace takes determination.   Having the strength and wisdom to do these things requires discipline, prayer, meditation, and constant practice.

Miracles happen when we know the Laws of Spirit better than we know the material influences that prevent miracles from happening.

rocksBeloved Spirit of All Life,
Many times we come to a resolution
to leave behind old habits
and establish new and beautiful ones.
Many times we failed.
But today we shall make all things new
and with your help we shall succeed.
Through your grace we will focus on joy
and create more laughter.
Through your grace we will focus on love
and create more affection.
Through your grace we will focus on peace
and create more harmony.
Through your grace we will focus on our gratitude
and create more opportunities to share.
Together with you, Beloved, we shall touch Spirit.
Together with you, Beloved, Miracles shall unfold.