Spirit’s Plan For Us

9ff62d1c0d6f7e33e4a09489d59de107There’s a plan for us in this life devised by soul before we were born.  We are here to implement that plan to make a contribution within the world that only we can make.  We chose to be born in a certain family hoping we could make a contribution to that family.  The other places we set our destiny into motion are: Community, Friends, Companions, our Nation, our Earth, and the Sacred.  We are not here to be self-fulfilled but spirit-filled, love-filled, and joy-full creators of something original and new.

We are workers of the Light for the Divine Sacred Way of love, joy, and peace.  We can start by choosing a portion of that divine inheritance (love, joy, peace) that comes naturally to us.  Our task is to be a preparer of the way, a pioneer, an innovator, a creator of something that was once thought to be impossible.

Life only works if we have a plan.  The path of Spirit only works if we have a plan.  Nothing is gained by waiting for the perfect opportunity.  We must be fully engaged in both life and the path of Spirit.  It doesn’t matter whether we are happy if we don’t create opportunities to share that happiness with as many other beings as possible.

selfish-manThe path of life is definitely about us.  What we want and don’t want, what we think should happen and what we think should never happen to us.  The plan of Spirit means we are creating as much good for other beings as we have created for ourselves and our families.  Meaningful work means generating an attitude of service.  Without true heart service all work is meaningless.

Humans are not meant to be alone.  Rampant psychological problems come from being alone.  We need community.  We are herd animals and need a place to belong.  We may long to find ourselves, but the only self we will find is through our connections with others.  By the age of seven most people have created a lifetime of core beliefs.  From that time forward there is only the same mental, emotional, and habituated inner roads to travel.  But maybe everything in our minds is not a precious memory.  Maybe some of those thoughts are erroneous.  Maybe some of our emotions are stones weighing us down.

20150824_092516People used to sift flour to get out the stones.  We need to sift our lives to get rid of the stones.  Humans only consciously remember about 10% of their lives.  The rest has gone into brain storage, somewhere.  Review the last two weeks.  If they were ordinary, we remember very little of what happened.  Most of the time the events of our lives are not important enough to remember.  To remember who we truly are as spirit beings requires effort, daily, hourly, minute-to-minute effort.  This is why we cultivate a life of meditation, prayer, and study in order to remember something worthwhile and beautiful!

What are you remembering?  Is it of true value for your soul?

The consciousness of the western world tends to be one of guilt, shame, blame and punishment.  One of the first things we ask when something happens is:  Who did it?  Why did they do it?  What is going to happen to them now?

From childhood we learned that if we don’t lie about things, we will be punished.  We are terrified of making mistakes, to accidentally do something that will bring punishment down upon our heads.  We are so used to expecting punishment that we punish ourselves through cruel, critical inner dialogue.

We need to think of a new plan for our lives.  While we can’t change the western mind consciousness all at once…we can start changing the way we think, what we choose to believe, and what we choose to share.  Restorative justice means everyone is forgiven and allowed to begin again.  f2c793b49f2c477ebc950aaae5f2d847The Beauty Way is restorative justice.  The world above me is restored in beauty, the world below me is restored in beauty, the way before me is restored in beauty, and the way behind me is restored in beauty.  My voice is restored in beautyIt is finished in beauty.

So why remember negative incidents and characteristics about ourselves?  We don’t deserve it.  Let us throw out thinking errors!  Let’s not wait to see what life brings us.  Get a paddle or a motor and drive the boat upstream.  Only dead fish go with the flow.

An affirmative plan is to celebrate ourselves.
It forces us to remember the good.  Freed from guilt and blame it’s easier to make changes from the standpoint of infinite possibilities. Let’s challenge ourselves instead of punishing ourselves.

The path of Spirit is a dance of joy!
Make a daily plan to design a celebration of joy, laughter, love, happiness, and generosity.  Create something memorable that isn’t suffering!
Choose a sacred word of the day and make room in your life to express it.


A New Mission

This Covenant Prayer is a description of a way of life – a life of knowing and sharing love, joy, and peace with all beings.  The spirit path can be summed up in this phrase-I promise to put in lots of hard work to create love, joy, and peace for myself and all other beings.

 The Words of our Covenant with Great Spirit are:

In honor we hold ourselves because we are the children of Mother Earth.
We invoke the sensual wild so that all life is abundant.
May all the decisions we make bring wisdom. 
May we find the wisdom to become what is needed for others and ourselves.
We shall not begin what we cannot finish in love, joy, and peace.
We accept all people as our own (family) and open our hearts to share with them.
United in purpose, together, we are one.
We are makers and shapers of beauty in the world.
We sow the seeds of eternity and reap the harvest of love and joy,
over,and over, and over again.

We are willing to go into the dark to find the light of truth, so that our actions
take place in rightness and our passion leads to devotion.
May our changes bring healing to the world.
In the heart of the Wisdom Light we shall find comfort.
May our protection be guided by obedience to a Higher Power.
May our strength be supportive of the weak and helpless of the world.
May our joyous playfulness bring magical possibilities and laughter set us free.
It is in the heart of our mirror self that we shall find
unconditional love, so that love may truly lift up the world.

a720159d11d4487ce161cd8c935888eeThe mission of our time is to live by a set of ideas and ideals of consciousness whose very nature has the power and ability to transform hearts and minds.  It is a process of gathering friends and companions who are convinced of the truth that all life is precious and no one should be left out.  There have been many Missions of Consciousness throughout time; adopted for a while the teachings bring great change.  Then, one by one these statements of greatest of being lose the power to awaken hearts and direct lives.  It is time for a new Mission.  The Mission of the Metta.  This Mission requires each of us to focus on three things: Liberation, Obedience, and Release.


02fb413f32e2d99898239eefbd868117Liberation from suffering is a part of every mission.  The process of suffering is caused by what we have that we don’t want and what we want that we don’t have.  The path of freedom from suffering is gratitude, appreciation, and blessing.  In gratitude we focus on the people, places, experiences, and things in our lives that we have in such abundance.  With appreciation we speak our thanksgiving to those who have walked with us at different times thanking them for the gifts they have shared with us.  We acknowledge that we are part of a whole, not a separate being, independent and alone.  With blessing we speak Metta for others: May you be well and happy.  May you be at ease.  May you feel safe.  May you know you are loved.

To be a true seeker it is part of our job to bless, express appreciation, and count our gratitudes.  It is not enough for us to be happy, have love, and a peaceful life.  We are responsible to create the possibility of these gifts in the lives of others: humans, animals, and all living beings.  In this way we will know we are truly on the path of Freedom/Liberation.


2ade9f2fb20fd9b0b982de5a4698bda3A True Seeker is not self-employed, so obedience becomes important.  A True Seeker knows he or she is employed in life, in spirit, by a Higher Power- Divine Mother…Divine Father…Divine Weaver.

When we practice being obedient to Great Spirit we decide to be obedient to love, peace, compassion, healing, generosity, and joy.  We change our attitude, our interactions, and involvements so that the energy we express is in accordance with Divine Will.  It is the Will of Great Spirit that we practice love, joy, and peace with all beings.


ba6c4424174458bf1f6d7bf3fc22bd4eRelease is very difficult because we are afraid of what will happen if we are not in control; little realizing that we have never really been in control of anything other than our thoughts.  Even controlling our thought is a challenge for most of us.  So we learn to meditate, chant mantras, and focus with prayers hoping to gain a little peace from the experience of monkey mind.  When we release we are allowing ourselves to let go of the visions we have of being bad, unworthy, lazy, confused, disorganized, or unlovable.  We let go of the vision of our amazing gifts, accomplishments, and knowledge.  We allow the Ancient Wisdom of Great Mother- Great Father to guide our lives.  The voice of the Divine is audible within our hearts if we are truly seeking to practice love, joy, compassion, generosity, and peace for ourselves and for all other beings.

A New Mission, A New Consciousness is arising- May we join our voices,
our hearts, and our lives together for the benefit of all beings everywhere!

Living a Spirit-Centered Life

There are three important energies that must be expressed in order to live a Spirit-centered life.  These are difficult energies because they do not necessarily bring success in the world.  Those energies are a focus on: knowing, understanding, and manifesting– Great Spirit’s will for you each day.

To manifest Great Spirit’s will it is necessary that for every action, thought, or, especially, any words that comes out of our mouths we ask: How is this promoting love, joy, or peace?love_peace_joy Because the only true expressions of Divine Will results in more love, joy, and peace. If it is not promoting one of these truths of Spirit Grace, what we are about to do, think, or say, is not Great Spirit’s plan for us.  If we discover our intention is not in alignment with love, joy, and peace then we can practice silence, meditation, or non-action.

Anger and grief, even pain, are usually the result of thinking in terms of what others need to do in order for us to have love, joy, or peace.  What are we going to do to create love, joy, and peace?  It is not Great Spirit’s way to confront misbehavior. forgiveness Focus instead on forgiveness.  Listen to the voice of Spirit and we will hear Great Mother and Father Say-I do not remember that you have ever offended me.  This is Great Spirit’s forgiveness.  It is the only way we can find more love, joy, and peace when people and things upset us.

Some ideas that prevent us from promoting Great Spirit’s will in our lives are- thinking, obsessing, and retelling our favorite hell/pain/betrayal stories over and over again.  Pointing out the faults of others.  Worrying over imagined “what ifs” does not enhance happiness or peace.  Being upset because others “don’t get it” prevents us from the possibility of tranquility or friendship.  Counting our hardships instead of our blessings prevents us from feeling, knowing, understanding, and expressing our Divine Inheritance of love, joy, and peace.

Because the ability to desire, manifest, and hope for love, joy, and peace already exists inside us- all we need to do is take a quiet time out- a meditation time- and listen for what Great Mother and Father wish for us this day.  Meditation can be as simple as sitting quietly outside listening to the birds, floating peacefully in a pool of water, or sitting on a cushion focused on our breath.  Take a time out and listen- How can I love more today?  How can I practice bringing joy into life today?  How can I let go of my worries and enter into the promise of peace?

When we fail to express our inner divine nature of love, joy, and peace- and we will fail- wallowing in guilt will not help us.  Guilt is just the warning beep that we have gone against Spirit’s purpose; recognize it and try again.  Notice we have made a mistake and get on with trying to know, understand, and manifest love, joy and peace.  This is an obsession worth having!

Consider Others Before Yourself

To consider others before ourselves is not an invitation to martyrdom.  It’s an invitation to contribute to the lives of those around us and to make a difference in the world in whatever way we can.  It is the call of our soul as a human being.

journey-beginsWe knew when we came here what it would be like.  Great Spirit shared stories of what the world was like- and told us they knew that we could make a difference.  But after we were born, instead of holding to selfless intentions, we learned to be self-centeredness.  I need; I want; I must have.  And someone is preventing me from having it.

We have forgotten we are here to make the world a better place.  So-called peace talks often demonstrate how people believe life is about getting what they want and making demands on others to give it to them.  True peace talks would be about what there is to share together in the spirit of loving kindness and generosity.  Even marriage counseling is often about complaining.  He doesn’t give me what I need. / She doesn’t fulfill my needs.  Then the process often moves into negotiations- I’ll give you this if you’ll give me that.  This rarely works.  The other person would have already given what us what we felt we needed if s/he had the ability to share that energy with us.

The point of leading a spirit centered life is to get rid of selfishness and make a contribution.  69b36b5e82167110faa898868d98c1c7This takes time, maybe as much time as it would take for a bird’s wing feathers to wear down a mountain.  But if we align our lives with Great Mother and Father’s Grace- transformation into loving kindness, compassion, and peaceful joy may be only a surrender away.  Be willing to contribute without receiving thanks

True humility is to recognize when we are wrong, apologize, and make atonement, if necessary.    The battle of light and dark goes on inside us every day.  If we are not practicing love, joy, and peace then we are causing pain and suffering- even if only to ourselves.

Practice loving without return, happiness without a cause, and peace when it seems stupid.   Do this if others notice or not, if we receive praise or not- Practice even in difficult circumstances.  Our purpose isn’t to save the world but to be good spirit centered people contributing to the world.

To live Spirit’s life we must take sanctuary in beautiful places.  We must take refuge when hopelessness and helplessness overwhelms us.  Great Mother and Great Father are waiting to hold us, comfort us, and send us back to the world with renewed determination and hope.  The Spirit-centered life is hard, but not impossible- when we live it one thought, one, action, one word, and one day at a time.



Tranquility is a state of mind cultivated by fully entering into and enjoying what we are doing in the moment.  It can be restful to read, watch television, cook, talk with friends, or go for a walk with the dog.  Those same activities can just as easily be stressful if we are engaging in them unwillingly. Image Most days seem filled with clamoring voices even when we’re alone.  They speak of desire for this or angry tirades that life is unfair.  Sometimes the voices are sad with longing for what used to be or filled with scorn for the choices of others.

Often our mind is engaged in storytelling, a litany of past events, memories, and even fearful imaginings of the future.  So even though most people wish for serenity it remains an elusive, rare event in our lives.  Maybe that happens because we are unwilling to do the things that lead us to equanimity.  In order to have this uncommon treasure we need to do everything with a mind that lets go.

This is a release of clinging: to past stories, future fears, opinions, judgments, desires, attractions and aversions.  So then do we sit around with a blank stare on our faces?   No!  We fill up all the places those things occupy with Great Spirit’s words, creations, and gifts.  We watch carefully what we say and do, intending to please Great Spirit rather than others.  We desire only union with the Beloved Spirit and discard all other desires.  We drop our judgments and cease to meddle in things that do not concern us.  In this way we shall have inner stillness and composure.


May I cultivate your peace Beloved
that my soul may radiate stillness.
May I cultivate your peace, Beloved
that I may think, act, and speak harmoniously.
May I cultivate your peace, Beloved
that I may be content and thankful for your bountiful gifts.
May I cultivate your peace, Beloved
that amidst worldly strife I may still find joy.
May I cultivate your peace, Beloved
that I may endure all, tolerate all,
with compassion and mercy.
May I cultivate your peace, Beloved
that I may become a channel of hope
that the pain of others may vanish.
And may I cultivate your peace
so that my struggles within the world can come to an end.

More About The Path

Remember our true nature is Divine Light. Our true nature demands sharing, love, joy, laughter, healing, knowledge, and understanding. When we do not have these things we become miserable. We want to hide from or lash out at the world around us.

It is our true nature to be compassionate and loving.
It is our true nature to create beauty.
We are the beloved children of Great Spirit.
Children always partake of the nature of their parents.


Remember this when you think there is something wrong with you. Say, I am beauty. I am loved.  I am creative.  I am healing.  I am laughter.  I am the beloved child of Mama and Poppa Light- there is nothing wrong with me!


Nothing that has taken place in our life is wasted. We can learn from any experience but it is helpful to remember that Great Spirit is not experimenting on us, testing us, or doing something to us, or making us pay back our karma.  Bad things happen to even good and innocent people as well as evil, destructive people. 

It is our purpose as the children of Great Spirit to remember that love, joy, peace, and abundant life are always possible. We can learn from unpleasant challenging circumstances and then let them go.  We can transform our anger and hatred into peace and love.  We can transform our pain and grief into joy and peace.

Whatever we deny, whatever we cannot accept grows stronger every day.  Acceptance starts with the ability to know what we do not want and gracefully deal with it if it comes our way. Denial  means going to extraordinary lengths to justify clinging to pain, anger, grief, disapproval, and persecution. Let us decide to use denial to remove pain, grief, fear, and anger in our lives. Let us instead claim our true heritage of love, compassion, healing, wholeness, magic, joy, kindness, and beauty.

There is a divine purpose for our existence.
Nothing is impossible for a loving soul.


Blessed are they who hear The Master
speaking in their souls.
Blessed are they who take from her mouth
words of comfort.
Blessed are those ears that hear
the secret whisperings of spirit
and heed not the deceitful whining of the world.
Blessed are those eyes closed
to the distracting desires of the material world.
Blessed are those who daily perform
works of compassion, service, and sacrifice for others.
Blessed are those who seek to discover
and manifest only the Divine Will
of love, joy, and peace.
Blessed are those wholly committed to this service! 

May I do likewise,
this day and all the days that I shall live!


More About Love

“It is possible to love everyone.”

The path of love is service for and to the Light. When we practice love as a spiritual path we must cultivate the impersonal as well as the personal.  Impersonal love means non-attachment to the gifts, services, and possible devotions we will offer to our loved one or the gifts, devotions and services offered to us. It means knowing that love is working even when we do not see immediate results.

Personal love smiles and is hurt when the other does not smile back.  Impersonal love smiles, shares and smiles, and offers over and over and over again. It is necessary to learn to be loving rather than to simply act in loving ways.


Love is Habit Forming.  It does not take long to make anything a habit. We are told that it takes 21 days to make something a habit.  We are also told that it might take years to break ourselves of old habits. Today, let us to decide to make spiritual love a habit.  If love is the center of our life, how will we act around others?  How will we think about others?  If love is the center of our lives how will we treat ourselves?  How will we speak internally to ourselves? How will we think about ourselves?

Guilt is totally worthless if we are seeking to BECOME SPIRIT LOVE. Looking at ourselves with contempt and constantly worrying over our difficulties or mistakes leads to self- absorption.  Being worthless gives us an excuse not to try. Acceptance of our mistakes and ownership of the responsibility of having adopted bad habits allows us to find a way around, over, under, or through these obstacles.  Guilt and self-loathing stop us from imagining that life could be different.  Self-acceptance is the first step to self-improvement.  Self-improvement is the first step to becoming a being of love.


How to create true love

  1. Acceptance of self
  2. Acceptance of others as they currently are
  3. Willingness to understand another’s ways of expressing love
  4. Commitment to Compassionate Communication
  5. Being honest with yourself
  6. The ability to forgive
  7. The ability to appreciate
  8. The ability to take responsibility for your mistakes
  9. The ability to laugh at yourself and life


Great Spirit, with your help,
Your Blessing, and with your Grace-
I will become powerful with Love.
Through this power, which is Your power
Lives are healed-
Differences are forgotten-
Life becomes abundant-
Peace can truly have a chance to grow-
In the Power of Love
Children come to know Great Spirit as Real-
With Love Faith is easy-
In the power of love
All things seem possible.

Great Spirit make me a vessel of Healing Love.
May I see with the eyes of love-
Hear with the ears of love-
Give with the hands of love.
May I be a source of Your Love
in the lives of those around me.


The first law of Ahimsa is non-harm to self.  The second is non-harm to all living creatures.

Non-harm is using Great Spirit’s tools of love, compassion, forgiveness, and kindness to function in everyday life.  The usual reaction to uncomfortable interactions is anger, grief, pain, or fear.  Sometimes we recognize these emotions as symptoms and warning signs but mostly we just react based on those feelings. Rarely are the reactions of fear, anger, grief and pain expressed in a non-harm way.


The key to a life of non-harm is balance.  Balance is always appropriate. Even love and joy can be overdone and become harmful.  Moderation and common sense are as helpful on the spirit path as they are on the path of life.

Non-harm begins with the self.  What you feel about yourself is what you feel about other entities. What you believe is happening to you is what you perceive as the intent of others. Develop compassion and self-respect for yourself and it will be easier to accept and and respond compassionately to others.

Non-harm is a space of thanksgiving and appreciation for all life. When what we experience from our decisions is a sense of flourishing- comfort, safety, joy, compassion, love, and acceptance we can trust that our decisions are based in Ahimsa.  We know our decisions are harmful when we experience the need for secrecy, resentment, guilt, fear of disapproval, discomfort, and/or shame.

Peace is the active expression of non-harm. When we feel full of life we feel safe. There is no need to react to, with, for, or against the behavior of others.  We become centered in a place of life and have no need for either approval or disapproval.

On the path of spirit we come to understand, and have name for our longings.  We name them love, joy, peace, abundance, and enlightenment.  We know these things are desirable.  We feel it is only right to strive to make them happen.  Sometimes in this striving for what we know as good we may forget that Spirit Truth can only remain Spirit Truth if it is allowed to be true for everyone around us.  Does this mean we must become a martyr to the desires of others? Of course not.  It only means that a true child of Spirit will consider the needs and feelings of others as well as pursue good things for themselves.


As this new days dawns
May I know the desire to unfold in beauty.
It is my true wish to know love and share that with others.
May I be a light in the world
That will bring peace to all the hours of the day.
Nothing can keep me from my good!

I know that other beings love their life
May I refrain from harming them.
All creatures desire to live, not to die
Therefore I shall cause harm to no other being.
In this way I shall also be free of harm to myself.
I shall look upon all others
With the same love the Great Spirit looks upon all of us.
May this road lead me to enlightenment!


Meditation is the process of teaching your mind to think what you want to think.

Meditation and contemplation are two energies that we must begin over and over.  It is impossible to arrive at a place where we will no longer need to meditate.  It is even more impossible to become too enlightened to need contemplation.  There is always more to know.

The path of spirit is an endless journey into untold adventures, along often unexplored paths.

Thinking what you choose to think is the beginning of Enlightenment.
In beginning times there are two emotions: fear and enthusiasm.
Enthusiasm arises when we have an opportunity to do something
new and different.
Fear arises when we have the opportunity to do something
new and different.
Enthusiasm happens when we see the possibility of change.
Fear happens when we feel that nothings is ever going to really change..


I listen to the Voice of Spirit.
I know it is spirit’s voice because it echoes
with love, peace, and comfort.

My everyday mind is full of noise-
Full of voices from the past
who clamor for one thing or another.
Crowded with voices of the future
who demand attention
like unruly children crying for sweets.

In meditation I say to that intractable storm-
Peace, Be Still!

In that stillness, Beloved, you speak to me.
You teach me your will and your ways.
You make me a clear vessel for your Light.
You help me sing your song.

When I am still-
Peace is possible.
When I am still-
Love is true.
When I am still-
My heart is filled with Joy.

When I am Still-
When I am Still…

Being The Light

Light is always stronger than the darkness.  Our inner darkness wins when we are too afraid to choose from rightness.  Dwelling on failures, anger, betrayal, and challenges creates negativity.  Recognizing these things can be helpful, but exaggerating them and constantly thinking about them is self-indulgent.  Seeing them as compost for the soul allows us to return to being light.

  • Being the light we smile
  • Being the light we laugh
  • Being the light we forgive
  • Being the light we comfort those in need

It is important to remember that duality is a physical reality. There is day and night, cold and hot, soft and hard, etc.  So no matter how dark, ugly, and awful the circumstances of life seems right now – light, beauty, and grace reside on the other side.  Of course to get there we know there is work that must be done in order to make the shift.  Sometimes it is hard, dangerous work that requires all of our courage, endurance, and strength.

BUT- Darkness cannot overcome the light. It can temporarily block it, but it cannot eliminate light. Even a small amount of light, even one candle, dispels the deepest dark.

“Darkness and negativity are never imposed upon you.”

yoga-sunriseGreat Spirit Within
Help me to see what I can do to change
some of the world’s darkness.
Give me the courage to take action
and the wisdom to clearly see
what action to take.

As the sun rises,
I bask in the light of my Holy Spirit Within.
In fullness, may my light bring comfort.
May my laughter lift up hearts.
May I do the work of Love
wherever there is need.

May I learn to appreciate
instead of fear my shadows
and the shadows of others.
For not all shadows are evil.
Help me see that beauty is enhanced
when the world is more than one color.

Today I will practice letting go of fear
And instead look for the blessings
in all of the people, places
and things within my life.