Myths And You

Our lives are not created just from direct experience but also from our mental and emotion thoughts and fantasies. If we read a book and become involved in the story , or go to a movie and become totally a part of that experience, or become engrossed in a video game- the mind uses those emotions as though we have personally undergone those experiences with the characters in the stories.

storytelling7This can be both good and bad news.  Because we have grown up in a world with these fables informing our mind as well as having actual experiences, we have a deeper and richer unconscious than our ancestors.  In ancient times the storyteller was important because he or she told the stories that would strengthen the beliefs of a culture or a people thus informing tribal consciousness.   A hundred years ago few people owned books.  Now books, movies, and visual experiences are everywhere on electronic devices.

The brain cannot tell the difference between what happens in physical reality and what’s imagined from movies, books, or video games.  This is important to understand in our exploration of spiritual experiences.  Since we are constantly surrounded by story it constantly affects the way we perceive the world.  We need to visit the realm of our personal myths or we will encounter unexpected surprises in creating a spirit-based life and reality.  The more conscious we are of our internal myths, the more we are able to make wise decisions.

fa07fe630OfTwoMindsWe have two minds:  the waking, decision-making, interpretive mind and the unconscious, reactionary, storytelling mind.  Self-realization, self-awareness, or self-actualization means being aware of why, when, and how we are having an arising, an aversion to someone, something, or some idea.  We invest ourselves in examining our inner realms of psychological tensions, pain, and possible life trauma to determine how to move from a dreamlike interpretation of the world into a self-aware and awake decisiveness. We learn to make conscious, deliberate decisions instead of reactive, unconscious ones.  This process will be essential on our path of spirit.

We learn to respond to the world as a divine being through the practice of  meditation, contemplation, mantra, song, ceremony, and creative prayer.  In other words we recreate our lives through mythological and metaphysical means.  We learn to tell Divine Spirit’s story within our story.

A true spiritual experience is one we choose because of commitment and discipline rather than something we experience by chance.  Humans get bored easily.  When an emotional, inspiring, and uplifting experience is not always present in our chosen spirit path we may believe there is something wrong with the path or the teacher.   Having learned to be experience junkies from lots of movies, videos, and books we think the path of spirit should be one long joy ride.  When we decide to become a person of divine consciousness it will take work.  It’s not going to happen by chance, accident, or a weekend immersion.

challengesWhat about difficult circumstances?  Yes, challenges are going to arise in our lives.  We are going to react and sometimes we are going to regret that action.  Everyone has 100% accurate hindsight.  In creating our Divine Myth we can use that ability to discover what options we had that we didn’t see because we were busy reacting to the situation from a default emotion.  Some of default emotions are- anger, fear, frustration, depression, guilt, blame, self-recrimination, etc.  On the path of spirit we are attempting to reset out default response to- loving kindness, generosity, compassion, equanimity, or possibly sympathetic joy.

On examination of a past reactive circumstance we perceive that we could have make a different choice- walked away, asked a question, said no, offered assistance, or simply listened without speaking.  What we chose we chose.  Guilt is not going to help us here.  We look for possibilities so we might be able to choose one of those options next time.  Even if we use our default emotional reaction over and over and also look at options over and over we are still making progress.  One day the options having been repeated often enough will arise along with the usual reactive default thoughts.  Eureka!  We have begun to reprogram our mythological-emotional response into something we really want!

If we don’t discover our personal myths, they will trip us up when we try to decide for our Divine Nature.  Some ways to discover some of these hidden mythical tales is to rewatch movies or television from different ages in your life.  Start with age 5, then 10, then 15, then 20.  Do you recognize why you believe some of the things you believe?  Do you see what you grew up thinking was how life worked or should work?  Time to rethink.  Who do you really want to be?  How do you choose to live your life?  What will you do to become the hero you were destined to be?




Reality or Truth?

Reality is the story we tell ourselves about daily life, personal encounters, and why we are the way we are.  Most people believe in a past where certain things happened or didn’t happen and what happened or didn’t happen creates their ability to have a happy life or not.  But what if our belief in reality is inaccurate?  What if someone else who was present at that time, engaged in the same set of events, has a different interpretation of reality?

The people of the United States are among the most litigious individuals in the world running a close second to the Athenians of the 3rd century BCE.  courtroom-drama-1When others do not concur with our interpretation of events we sue them in a court of law, hoping to find others to agree with our position and justify our story and pay a penalty for being wrong.  While this might all be fine and admirable in certain circumstances this attitude will only cause trouble for the spiritual seeker.

A Great Being once said, “Most people would rather be justified than healed or enlightened.”

So what is “Spirit Truth”?  How can we know if a religion or spiritual teacher is revealing the “real” deal?  taktshang2The most tried and true method of discovery is seeing how those teachings, those religious truths change one’s life for the better.  Now, I don’t mean do you have more money, friends, sex, or influence.   I mean do you forgive more, love more; have less fear, less anxiety, and greater kindness, tolerance, and compassion toward yourself and the world? Can you let go of the stories of your past in order to create new stories that bring joy and peace?  Are you motivated to do something to help make a difference for those less fortunate than yourself?  Do you wake up in the morning and give thanks for a new day of blessings?

If these things are true than the teachings and teachers are true…regardless of doctrines, dogmas, traditions and creeds.  There is truth everywhere because we are meant to find it!  We are the beloved children of Great Mother, Father, and Weaver.  It is our destiny to free ourselves from a plethora of crazy stories about who did what and why…so that we can absolutely know Spirit’s Truths of Love, Joy, and Peace…not emotionally…but mystically.


Where there is love,
there I stand with you.
Where there is love,
joy is shining through.
The angels sing.
Spirit’s calling you.
Where there is love,
Spirit’s dream is true.

Where there is love,
Earth and Sky are one.
Where there is love,
Fairies dance and sing.
Sacred people come,
to the magic ring.
The heart fire calls.
Love’s the song we sing.