Metta for All Beings

For All Beings

May all beings have fresh air & water.
May all beings have food to eat.
May all beings have a home and someone to share love with.
May all beings know their true purpose.
May all beings be well and happy.
May all beings be free from suffering.
Today, I shall do what I can to make this so.

 For Women

We declare and vow that we shall learn
to accept and respect ourselves and our sisters.
As Daughters of the Earth we know we are sacred.
We shall proudly live our gender imperative
of nurturing, protecting, and honoring all life as precious.
May we learn to live from the heart
and act from the belly wisdom of Divine Mother.
May we come to understand
Life can only flourish in unity with our sisters.
Together, we declare and vow
that the wisdom light of Divine Mother,
her earth magic, and healing grace
shall shine through us for all the world to see.

For Men

We remember we are born from the Mother.
We are grateful for the gift of life.
We find the courage to take the sacred vow to transform
the needy boy into the True Man.
We shall have time alone to rest and be with the natural world
in order to reclaim our untamed nature.
We shall understand how to respect ourselves
and in honor act with respect for others and be loyal to their lives.
Men shall have a place to belong and contribute to all life on earth.
We expect of ourselves to rise to and act from our noble nature.
We inspire and foster this potential in our sons,
brothers, fathers, and grandfathers.
A whole, holy man knows woman as a blessing and shines
without reservation or expectation as the sun upon the earth.
We choose to take the Heroic Journey.
We allow the changes to occur that are required
and celebrate the adventure that comes.

For Children

May children have lots of hugs and kisses so they know they are loved.
May all children be safe from harm, have good food, and a secure home.
May children protect their little brothers and sisters
and be kind to them.
May children allow other children to join in
and not be mean to each other.
May children be able to play, have fun, and be outside in nature.
May adults listen to children so they can understand and nurture,
the beauty of their potential and abilities.
May all children remember, they are spirit beings with the power
to make things better for others through their prayers.

For Hayamoni (LGBT)

As Hayamoni, we vow to find the wisdom to know, honor,
and share our true self .
We let go of the rebellious child to unify as one heart,
as one people, for sacred purpose.
We allow Gay Spirit to tickle our hearts so we may share
laughter and inspire others to joy.
Hayamoni shall discover our unique inner beauty to create
the possibility of peace for all beings.
We are willing to take the heroic adventure into the dark
to find the light of truth so we can restore hope and joy.
We invoke the sensual wild so that all life is abundant.
We have the audacity to invite you to join us
in dancing the celebration of life.
Our Hayamoni heart shall grow great enough to embrace
the whole world in love.

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