The Society of the Compassionate Heart

The Society of the Compassionate Heart exists to help people lead a personal and communal life of prayer, pohwas (meditation), and peace. We have a daily focus on the recitation of The Metta for the benefit of all beings.  Special times are set aside to pray for the needs of the many people who request healing assistance.  Secondly we exist to care for and utilize the healing power of the Nashotah- a Prayer Chapel/ Wheel- linked through sacred geometry to other healing sites on the planet.

It is the intended purpose of the Society of the Compassionate Heart to pray for healing for individuals and the world.  We live in spiritual community and work together for the benefit of all beings through kindness, compassion, and generosity.


Our Prayer

In honor we hold ourselves because we are the children of Mother Earth.
We invoke the sensual wild so that all life may be abundant.
May all the decisions we make bring wisdom.
May we find the wisdom to become what is needed for others and ourselves.
We shall not begin what we cannot finish in love, joy, and peace.
We accept all people as our own and open our hearts to share with them.
We are makers and shapers of beauty in the world.
We sow the seeds of eternity and reap the harvest of love and joy over, and over, and over again.

We are willing to go into the dark to find the light of truth so that our actions can take place in rightness and our passions lead to devotion.
May our changes create healing in the world.
In the heart of the Wisdom Light we shall find comfort.
May our protection be guided by our obedience to a Higher Power.
May our strength be supportive of the weak and helpless of the world.
May our joyful playfulness create magical possibilities.
May laughter set us free and our love lift up the world.

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